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  1. paul sosnowski

    [1951-05-30-Southwest Sports] Lou Thesz vs Ray Gunkel

    So....it turns out that WWE has the wrong info for this match. It is actually from Dallas, September 16, 1952
  2. paul sosnowski

    RIP Killer Tim Brooks

    Tim Brooks has passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was 72
  3. paul sosnowski

    [2020-06-12-WWE-Smackdown] Daniel Bryan vs A.J. Styles

    Definitely wasn't blaming you, Man. Its cool
  4. paul sosnowski

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Two days ago, Bullet Bob Armstrong and his wife Gail celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. Today she passed away. Condolences to the entire Armstrong family
  5. paul sosnowski

    The End Of CHIKARA

  6. paul sosnowski

    The End Of CHIKARA

    I cried when Manami Toyota came out to the ring in Baltimore on September 18, 2010. I got so nervous I had a minor panic attack when Aja Kong walked past me in Philly before the show on December 3, 2011. Chikara was a very emotional experience at times, mostly all good ones
  7. paul sosnowski

    [2020-06-12-WWE-Smackdown] Daniel Bryan vs A.J. Styles

    I loved this match. It is a great match. But there is no way in hell that this match went over 38 minutes. This match was taped 4 days in advance. There are four commercial breaks, without picture-in-picture on any of them, at least not in the NY/NJ area.. I see a match that goes 24:26. In the June 22, 2020 Wrestling Observer, Meltzer has it going 26:36. I don't know where he got the extra two minutes and ten seconds from, unless he got PIP during one commercial break.
  8. This match was voted the 2001 Wrestling Observer match of the year
  9. Holy crap..... https://www.amazon.com/Searching-Samantha-Fiddler-Matthew-Brown/dp/1674934548
  10. Does anyone have a copy of this article? It mysteriously got deleted tonight while my wife was reading it!!! A Professional Wrestler and His Mysterious Connection to a Missing ... Feb 14, 2020 · Samantha fiddler meets Teddy Hart. Samantha Louise Michelle Fiddler was a mother of three from Edmonton, Alberta. You visited this
  11. paul sosnowski

    The End Of CHIKARA

    Yes I would agree with that. I started going around November 2007. I went to a few shows post-shutdown, but for me the company died on June 2, 2013. Any connections I had were gone after that disaster.
  12. paul sosnowski

    The End Of CHIKARA

    I have a lot of fond memories of going to Chikara shows from around 2007-2013. This is sad what has happened to this company and what the people in charge may have done behind the scenes. Anybody else want to talk about this? From the Wrestling Observer Website Following accusations including both inappropriate language and misconduct with students that emerged due to the #SpeakingOut movement, Chikara founder Mike Quackenbush announced on Wednesday he is shutting down the company and resigning as head trainer of Philadelphia's Wrestle Factory. The statement read: “I have been made aware of recent allegations about myself, and people in my employ. I take all allegations seriously – whether they are about me, or members of my team. Addressing these with openness and transparency is of the utmost importance to me. So these matters can be given the proper time and attention, I am discontinuing CHIKARA and resigning as head trainer at the Wrestle Factory. I’ll make a full statement on these matters in the near future.” Quackenbush (Mike Spillane) has also been a regular guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center. The news follows several wrestlers announcing they were leaving the company including Hallowicked, Kimber Lee, and Dasher Hatfield. Chikara had been in operation since 2002 following Quackenbush and Reckless Youth (Thomas Carter) opening the Wrestle Factory school. Last Friday, Chikara announced that wrestler Kobald (Anthony Wilson) was done with the company after claims from several women that he was both physically and verbally abusive
  13. Someone needs to isolate the clip of Big Dave on Monday night's radio show at the 37:55 mark He says "I have been with guys, when I was young" .... at Denny's...whatever, whatever
  14. paul sosnowski

    Holy Grails

    Yes I saw the Costas clip. It must exist!!!