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[1998-06-29-WWF-Shotgun Saturday Night] Kaientai vs Papi Chulo & Sean Casey


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The definition of all killer, no filler. A wonderful little spot fest that fits a show like Shotgun Saturday Night perfectly. Things started hot with Teioh and Funaki attempting to double-team Papi. Their plan backfires, and Funaki eats a diving senton through the ropes. Casey dispatches of Teioh and assists Papi with a wild topé over the ropes. The action remains frantic, but it’s Kaientai’s stooging that puts everything over the top, with both constantly colliding with one another due to miscommunication. Casey gets a brief chance to shine, stacking Teioh and Funaki up in the corner and hitting a monkey flip. Eventually, the Kaientai duo rallies and dumps Casey on his head with a DDT for the win. Five minutes of pure, C-show goodness.

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