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[2022-01-08-Sendai Girls-Step and Go] DASH Chisako vs Maria


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From the outset, this match felt like a fight. Maria scrapped and clawed her way out of holds and took potshots at DASH by scraping her boot across the back of her head. Maria immediately went for the arm, which wouldn’t become a focus until later. DASH responded with forearms that sounded like gunshots, but Maria gave as good as she got. There was a certain combativeness to everything they did. Take, for example, DASH kicking at Maria while she was on the mat.

Maria caught DASH’s arm and kicked it while it was in-between the ropes. DASH did well to remind us of her injury, shaking feeling into the bad limb as she peppered Maria with strikes. DASH’s cut-offs were well-timed as well, as she checked Maria with a headbutt for good measure. Maria fought with all her might, but DASH added insult to injury by putting her away with not one but two Michinoku Drivers. A delightful, bite-sized banger full of hatred and spitefulness.

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