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[2022-03-31-GCW-Josh Barnett's Bloodsport 8] Timothy Thatcher vs JR Kratos


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It doesn't take long for things to get scrappy, as Thatcher lights up the larger competitor with knee strikes, and Kratos responds with a slap. Kratos is deceptively quick on the mat, but Thatcher softens him up for the Half Crab by kicking at his knee. Thatcher's as expressive as ever, looking as if he's enjoying inflicting pain on Kratos with a cheesy grin on his face.

Kratos hits a deadlift suplex on a downed Thatcher and tries to wear him down with a chokehold. The ever-valiant babyface, Tim, tries to trade strikes with Kratos, and it proves beneficial. At this point in the match, Thatcher's dazed, on his feet selling shines. A shot from Thatcher busts Kratos open, and the behemoth levels him with a clothesline. Thatcher goes for the arm, but gets caught flush by a diving Superman Punch, and Kratos picks up the win. The crowd is livid, and what a giving match for Thatcher to return with. Every offensive flurry was designed to make Kratos look like a monster. Mission accomplished.

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