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[2003-02-21-CMLL] Shocker & Mascara Magica & Vampiro Canadiense vs Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero & Tarzan Boy

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This was business as usual with no signs of any Vampiro & Shocker dissension yet. In fact, it seemed like they were testing the waters for a Tarzan Boy/Vampiro feud. Vampiro had defeated Tarzan Boy for the NWA World Light Heavyweight title on a Coliseo show, and Vampiro came to the ring flaunting the belt. This match served as a return bout for that result plus Tarzan Boy's interference in the Shocker/Ultimo bout the week before, and it basically saw Vampiro toss Tarzan Boy around like an absolute rag doll. The Infernales held Vampiro down in a Jesus Christ pose while Tarzan Boy got his licks in, which you know Vampiro sold for all he was worth. The ref DQ'ed the rudos, as they usually do in these situations, and Vampiro spent the rest of the bout chucking Tarzan Boy around the ring. It was cool looking, but I was legit worried for TB's safety at times. The match ended with Vampiro issuing a title vs. hair challenge. Not sure how that works, or how or why they transition to Vampiro vs. Shocker, but it's nice to have a storyline to follow. 

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