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[2003-02-28-CMLL] Emilio Charles Jr & Pierroth & Tarzan Boy vs Shocker & Vampiro & Rayo de Jalisco Jr

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This was more of an angle than a match. Tarzan Boy jumped Shocker as Shocker was entering the ring, and when Vampiro arrived to pull Tarzan Boy off Shocker, Shocker shoved Vampiro out of the way and began attacking Tarzan Boy with punches. He tore Tarzan Boy's tights off to reveal a knee brace and began stomping away at the knee. The refs DQ'ed Shocker for using excessive violence, and Shocker and Vampiro got into a heated confrontation. There was a lot of pushing, and shoving and swiping at each other. Tarzan Boy had to be carried away on a stretcher. I'm not sure if the knee problem was real or not, but in any event, this was how they wrote him out of the Vampiro feud. It seemed that Shocker turned rudo based on the crowd support for Vampiro. Vampiro was in disbelief for most of the angle. To be fair, things did escalate quickly. I'm not sure if turning Shocker rudo was the right move for the company, but I am interested in how he performs in the feud. 

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