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[2003-09-21-WWE] Chris Jericho vs Christian vs Rob Van Dam

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This was so uninspired. You look at the listing and think, "Ugh, three way match." Then you watch it and think, "Ugh, three way match." JR was strangely subdued in this match. I don't know if he was trying to sell the gravity of Kane sending Shane McMahon to the hospital, or he was meant to be nervous about his upcoming tag match against Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman, OR because he was still recovering from Kane setting on fire, but he seemed bored. So you've got a bored Jim Ross commentating over a boring match that barely rises above the level of a television match. I didn't realize that 2003 WWE was this meh. Such stupid booking. If they had ran the Christian vs. RVD ladder match on this PPV, the effect would have been much greater. Avoid this. Nothing interesting happens in this match. 

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