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[1993-07-04-AJW] Toshiyo Yamada vs Harley Saito

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My latest obsession is watching any Toshiyo Yamada match that sounds remotely stiff. This wasn't worked under combat rules, but these were two like minded workers and brought a significant amount of striking and stiffness to their bouts. Yamada was a chameleon in that she could blend between shoot style and the AJW Joshi style, and you get a little bit of both here. This is a tournament bout that goes the distance. It's not as dramatic as Yamada vs Hasegawa, but that's to be expected. Saito's a LLPW worker, and they don't know each other as well. There's a ton of action to sink your teeth into, and the work is generally of a high standard. I was impressed by how much energy they exerted. 

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