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[1994-04-09-AJW-Super Hurricane] Yumiko Hotta & Toshiyo Yamada vs Shinobu Kandori & Harley Saito

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This looked tasty on paper, but it was more of a hate-filled sprint than a shoot style match. Yamada took a backseat to Hotta, which kind of bugged me, but we did get to see moments of Yamada vs. Kandori, and the Hotta/Kandori matchup itself wasn't too bad. Poor Harley was there to play whipping boy. If the hierarchy established Yamada as being below Hotta and Kandori, then Harley was even lower on the totem pole. Personally, I think they should have been pushing Harley as LLPW's #2, or close to it, or at least giving her the credibility that Mayumi Ozaki was afforded. If they wanted a whipping boy, LLPW had plenty of other talent to choose from. It would have made more sense to split Hotta and Yamada as well, rather than make Toshiyo look like a second stringer. Choose one or the other and pair them with a weaker girl. Then you've got an even dynamic. The way around all this was to work an epic match where everyone looks good, but they never got close. It's strange that Harley was given such a solid run in the '93 Japan Grand Prix but is the weak link here. I've pretty much talked myself into preferring the Big Egg match over this. 

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