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[2020-12-27-WAVE] Hibiki & Sareee vs Mio Momono & Yumi Ohka


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WAVE is a frustrating promotion because it books so many talented wrestlers but frankly most of the time they’ll just half-ass it because it’s only WAVE. But it does mean that occasionally said talented wrestlers will wake up feeling motivated one day and you’ll get something great. This was one of these days. Getting to see Sareee & Mio Momono square off was special, but Hibiki upped her game more than anyone else here. Her opening salvo with the repeated attempted flash pins was fantastic and gave a frantic feel to everything else going forward. Yumi Ohka is past her prime, being a big grumpy tall woman just kicking everyone in the head is the best she’s looked all year. ****1/4

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