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  1. Kadaveri

    My New Year's Revolution: The Rewatchening

    They're really not the same as Aja generally plays fair when she feels her opponent is respectful of her. See the Kudo match for example. Dump always relentlessly cheated no matter what.
  2. Bryan/Punk's influence isn't really about them being smaller workrate guys (and Punk isn't even that small), it's that they came from the indies to being WWE main-eventers when WWE didn't see indies as a place where stars could ever come from. Being a pushed act on WCW TV for years is a much easier sell.
  3. Gonna be a nerd here. Bryan debuted on October 4th 1999.
  4. You'll probably never find another match like this outside of Marvelous. There's not much 'action', the dynamic is all about two youngsters being hopelessly outmatched against the Ace Takumi and their trainer Chigusa. It's really compelling and there's a few big moments where Mei fires up and manages to get the advantage, if but for a few moments. Not sure how to rate this but strongly recommend checking it out.
  5. Kadaveri

    WWE TV 11/09 - 11/15 Luis Arce is Bolivia's president-elected!

    The story is she's been (less publicly) speaking in favour of unionisation for several weeks now. That's what Dave's referring to, not saying she got fired for that tweet.
  6. Kadaveri

    WWE TV 11/09 - 11/15 Luis Arce is Bolivia's president-elected!

    The first hint that NXT Bayley wasn't gonna be on the main roster is when she came to Raw wearing a tiny backpack asking people for directions. Turned her NXT youthful optimist character into "literal child." 
  7. Kadaveri

    WWE TV 11/09 - 11/15 Luis Arce is Bolivia's president-elected!

    Bayley didn't say anything remotely similar last year. She just factually stated what the situtation was, she didn't criticise anyone.
  8. Kadaveri

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 - Family Feud

    Bayley vs. Sasha was the best match of the COVID era. Closest I've been to forgetting there's no crowd.
  9. Kadaveri

    WWE TV 10/19 - 10/25 No NBA, no happiness

    Alright so the QAnon conspiracy theory is that there's an anonymous member of the Trump Administration (known as "Q") leaking information about a Satan-worshipping pedophile child-trafficking gang who rule the USA and are trying to overthrow Donald Trump as he's about to expose them. To convert people into being true believers, they never tell you the whole thing from the beginning, because it's obviously crazy, so they just put out non-controversial memes about "end human trafficking" and stuff to lead you down the rabbit hole.
  10. Kadaveri

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    From the Twitter lamenting The Ditch went down October 3rd.
  11. Kadaveri

    Help me get into joshi

    Haha OJ, his main obstacle getting into Joshi is being squeamish about female violence and you direct him to Aja Kong vs. Bull Nakano matches. If you want to avoid the blood and guts stuff (or at least to start with) I'd start watching the best of the early 80s stuff first. The AJW style was a bit slower and more mat-orientated back then. You'll see it gradually move towards the "classic" Joshi style (or at least from the typical Western fan viewpoint) over time. The Ace of the promotion in 1980 is Jackie Sato, formerly one half of the Beauty Pair. Tomi Aoyoma is one half of the 'Queen Angels' with Lucy Kamaya, who had two long tag title reigns in 1978-80. Rimi Yokota (later known as Jaguar Yokota) is the 18/19 year old challenger pushing up the ranks. The top heel is Yumi Ikeshita who is part of the 'Black Pair', Devil Masami is one of her proteges who'd also be a big name later on. Check out these matches and see what you think: Chino Sato vs. Rimi Yokota - 01/04/80 Jackie Sato vs. Tomi Aoyama - 01/04/80 Devil Masami vs. Jackie Sato - 11/27/80 Jackie Sato vs. Rimi Yokota - 12/16/80
  12. Kadaveri

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    He's eligible to be voted in now because he's 35 years old and has been wrestling 10+ years. It's been remarked on before that Dave's criteria for eligibility is a bit outdated as wrestlers are older than they used to be.
  13. Kadaveri

    WWE TV 09/14 - 09/20 Nearly all of our biomes are burning

    It wasn't that he thought she tapped out. According to Mike Johnson it's that she was selling so realistically she fooled the ref into thinking she was genuinely injured so he stopped the match.
  14. Kadaveri

    WWE TV 09/07 - 09/13 Brazilian Independence Day!

    He's two years younger than Vince.
  15. Kadaveri

    WWE TV 08/24 - 08/30 HUGE News!

    That's not a plausible explanation. The famous Sasha vs. Bayley Takeover matches were nothing like their previous matches (none of which went more than 8 minutes), had way too much reacting to the crowd and playing off their current storylines to have just been them going through spots they'd practiced in the PC/previous matches. The idea they'd practiced stuff like poison frankensteiners off the top rope in the PC is absurd. They'd be banned from doing it. The Observer may have been right about Takeover matches generally being practiced beforehand, but Sasha wasn't even in NXT anymore when the Bayley vs. Sasha Takeover matches happened or even announced. She'd been working full-time on the main roster house shows 6 weeks before the Brooklyn match and 3 months before the Ironman match. So really the facts available is that Bayley was able to have really great matches on Takeover shows without getting to practice them. Plus her performances on the main roster don't show this being any sort of problem for her. Just watch her Raw debut against Charlotte where you can see Bayley physically dragging Charlotte around/putting her feet into the correct positions etc... that's the kind of wrestler she is. There's also the impromptu match with Ronda Rousey where Ronda was completely botching what was meant to be a long promo and Bayley was just sent out to salvage the situation by having a match and totally carries Ronda through it. Steve Austin spots stuff like this and he talked about being a ring general when she was on his podcast. There's an amusing segment where he forces her to admit that when her opponents aren't able to think on their feet fast enough she just physically takes them over even if they get roughed up in the process. Anyway, whenever this 'Takeover matches are practised beforehand' thing gets brought up it's always directed at the women's matches for some reason, when there's no evidence this applied to them any more than the men. Yet getting to practice matches didn't stop Finn Balor/Samoa Joe etc having loads of subpar matches on those shows. Maybe practicing matches beforehand doesn't necessarily create great results.