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  1. It's interesting that the 2006 list was far more female-heavy, and in the 2016 discussions there was a lot of talk of how Joshi had just gone out of fashion since then. Feels like the pendulum has swung back again now with WWE pushing women's wrestling seriously and there's been such a surge in interest. I can't see Meiko Satomura or Chigusa Nagayo ranking outside the Top 100 if we did this now, and it's not like they've really added to their case since.
  2. Yes and I think weekly national TV is where the NWA model started to break. Eventually people got sick of Flair beating their favourites over and over again so went to watch Hulk Hogan win instead.
  3. And an important context people miss out is the reason why the travelling World Champion was usually a heel is the local top star they'd wrestle was usually a babyface. But it was the latter who people would actually watch regularly.
  4. Zack Sabre Jr is billed as 6'0 by New Japan, here he is with Adam Cole.
  5. Asuka vs. Bayley banged hard in more ways than one. Shocked they actually got 25 minutes for a TV match.
  6. Kadaveri

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    The only wrestling-related dream I remember is I got into a fight and put the guy in a rear-naked choke (obvs dreaming I can't fight for shit) and heard a bell ring then suddenly realised I was in the octagon and the referee raised my hand and I was announced as the new UFC Heavyweight Champion. I went along with it. Then I got told I had to go to a press conference for my next fight, and Brock Lesnar was sitting there saying I'd be fighting him next. I panicked and told my real life friend Sean I'm gonna get killed. Then the day of the fight I heard that Brock had been found dead at Sean's house. I asked Sean what happened, he said he'd invited Brock round for drinks and poisoned it, but he was only trying to make Brock ill so he'd lose the fight but he must have miscalculated and put too much in so it killed him. I promised Sean I wouldn't tell anyone what he did, I know he was just trying to help. It was then announced that the United Nations would be leading an investigation into Brock's death. I woke up around this point so don't know what happened next.
  7. Looks like a miscommunication. Sasha is flipping backwards like she's trying 'block' the suplex by rotating 360 degrees and landing on her feet, but Io has her arms locked around her like it's a proper German suplex when she should release her hands if she knew what Sasha was intending that, so Sasha gets tangled up.
  8. Kadaveri

    [2018-09-17-Oz Academy] Aja Kong vs Hikaru Shida

    This was fantastic. I think the limbwork makes sense throughout. Aja is going for Shida's knee to take away her knee strikes, and Shida retaliates by going after the arm. They only go away from this because Aja is getting her arm worked over on the outside and counters it into a brutal brainbuster on the ramp. She did that more because that's the only counter she had available. At this point, Shida's knocked silly from the blow to the head, so it makes sense for Aja to focus on that now, so she follows up with another brainbuster and a suplex to the back of the head as Shida's looking barely conscious. Aja then makes her mistake of the match as she goes for an elbow drop from the top rope right onto Shida's face! But Shida rolls out of the way just in time, and on recovering throws a knee strike at Aja's head. This is the first time she's been able to utilise her knees once Aja started gunning for it, as Aja had switched to focusing on her head for a while so her knee had some time to recover. And this flows into the finishing stretch. ****1/2
  9. Kadaveri

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    I don't think that logic works in this era where drawing a live crowd isn't the main goal like it used to be. There's also the much larger audience watching on TV/Network to consider, and what do you do when your data shows what's over with them isn't necessarily reflected by fans who buy tickets for big shows? I think this has been a big issue for WWE for a while now, the fans who buy tickets to TV tapings/PPVs are increasingly a small subset of the overall fandom. You could see that when John Cena was getting overwhelmingly booed on every big show, while at the same time pulling all the biggest TV ratings, selling the most merchandise and never got booed at house shows. You have to choose which set of fans to cater to.
  10. Kadaveri

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    I'm very sceptical of the notion that a Brooklyn PPV crowd is representative of the general WWE audience however.
  11. Kadaveri

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    It was a work wasn't it.
  12. Kadaveri

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    This is gonna sound a bit tinhat, but I suspect Drake Maverick being released is a work. He's really playing up how heartbroken he is at losing his dream job and him still being included in the tournament seems like it's set up for a storyline of him doing so well WWE can't go through with firing him.
  13. Watching the build to Wrestlemania 17 and was surprised at how good this was. The Big Show just returned at the Royal Rumble the night previously where he chokeslamed Rock through a table. It's suggested by commentary that this may have cost Rock the Rumble match as he still made it to the final 3 despite being hurt. So these two are to clash again meanwhile Benoit and Jericho are back from their ladder match. Jericho is hurt from the ladder match and soon has to be taken backstage for medical help after being brutalised by Show. This forces Rock to fight in a handicap situation. There's a wonderful part where Rock gradually takes down an increasingly dazed Big Show with running punches, but the best parts of the match are the Rock vs. Benoit exchanges. Eventually Jericho heroically returns to save Rock who looks like the odds were about to overwhelm him, and we get a load of big moves for an exciting finishing stretch. Really good match. ***1/2
  14. Kadaveri

    WWE TV 03/02 - 03/08 I know how to fix Bray Wyatt

    Byron Saxton needs to come out of retirement to lay the smackdown on Orton.