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  1. Kadaveri

    WWE Clash of Champions

    Dave Meltzer is gonna get hassled for ages for reporting Vince never wants Luke Harper on TV again literally the day before he returned in a main-event angle. Becky vs. Sasha turned into a great brawl after an awkward first few minutes. Loved Becky chasing Sasha through the concession stands shooting mustard at her, and the crowd was so into it! Really looking forward to their next match (assume it's Hell In A Cell).
  2. Interesting you said this as Meltzer reported in the Observer today that Bayley's promo was "the old bullet points style and going for it" rather than scripted word-for-word like usual.
  3. I watched the Sasha promo. It's a good microcosm for why I cannot get into WWE nowadays. They had months to write a compelling angle for her coming back, and we get the same stale promo in the same cadence as every other WWE heel with the weird slow-talking, worked-shoot stylings and nonsensical character motivations. Didn't advance any storyline and everyone knows she didn't believe anything she said she's just reciting from a script anyway, so even the 'character' stuff doesn't achieve anything. Urgh.
  4. Kofi is over as a babyface and has never been a good heel though. How about, it was Big E who did it acting alone. This creates tension in the New Day as we learn Big E has been secretly using 'off the books' methods to protect Kofi's spot, but his intentions were good, maybe?
  5. Kadaveri

    Greatest Career Rehabs

    Don't think this was a big deal. Triple H's biggest leap forward was when he got paired with Stephanie. She was a total heat magnet, and eventually it rubbed off onto him.
  6. Kadaveri

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    Nah Big Show beat Brock once at Survivor Series 2002, Brock won all the other matches. Kurt also beat Brock at Summerslam 2003 but lost at Wrestlemania and the iron match match on Smackdown afterwards. But if you want to be really technical, Kurt has two pinfall wins over Brock actually because he once beat him in Inoki's promotion. So there you go
  7. Kadaveri

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    I'm pretty sure it's just Seth and Goldberg who've pinned Brock more than once.
  8. Kadaveri

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    Man. Imagine if Trish was given the chance to have matches like this in 2003-06 rather than have her second match to go longer than 10 minutes be in 2019 (and the other one was against Lita).
  9. Kadaveri

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    It's alarming to me how totally dead this crowd is to anything that isn't someone hitting their finisher.
  10. Kadaveri

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I need to know how that video has hacked YouTube's algorithm. I even had a friend who doesn't even watch wrestling say they saw that video.
  11. You people are so silly. This match is great and one of my favourites from this era of the WWF. I can see it doesn't get as over with the live crowd as it did with me at home in 2019, but whatever I was loving it. I guess the style was not what they were expecting. It's slow to start and Austin fought from underneath way more than usual, but that's fine, he's up against The Undertaker who "outweights him about 70 pounds" according to JR and is way taller. I popped for Austin doing that drop toehold on Taker. He's trying to avoid getting into a strikefest with Taker if he can help it and take away that leverage advantage. See how for example when they get into an arm-tanking battle Austin seems to hurt Taker a little bit with it, whereas Taker is able to knock Austin to the ground almost with each yank. The size/strength disparity is constantly apparent. Taker really controls the vast majority of the match after that opening segment. Austin only really gets significant offence in after Taker makes an error. For example he goes for Old School too early and Austin hurls him back into the ring like a slam. That moment near the beginning of the match ends up being significant as the finish is Taker going for that move again, like it's a pride thing that he can't let Austin get away with not taking it, but in his hubris he just repeats the mistake and this time Austin manages to hit him on the way down and then takes him out with a Stunner. Boom. Austin's comebacks in this are so good in that they barely ever work. This isn't the usual WWF match where they just go back and forth exchanging who's on offence. Austin's been taking such a beating that even when he manages to hit Taker back he's not capable of capitalising and turning the tide, he's just weathering the storm. See for example when he's in the corner and boots Taker in the head to counter his charging attack, but then just falls back into the corner unable to get up in the meanwhile Taker gathers himself and goes back on offence again. Lots of little moments like this. Austin truly had to fight for and really EARNED that comeback by the end. I was cheering "COME ON AUSTIN!" by the final minutes as I watched him finally managing to get together a string of moves. And yeah that leg drop off the top turnrope to the announce table was awesome. Surprised that spot isn't more famous, how many times have we seen a guy Taker's size pull off something like that? ****1/4
  12. What a lovely match this is. The pace and intensity at which the run the ropes is astounding to me, it just looks so forceful even if this isn't meant to be a particularly violent match it still makes more modern stuff look soft in comparison. Also what a spectacular bump out of the ring this is. ****1/4
  13. Kadaveri

    Who is a better in ring performer?

    Of course Bryan's WWE run is part of his GWE case. He's had some of his greatest ever matches there and became the most universally over babyface since Steve Austin with not even half the booking advantages. It's only fair to rank Bryan higher for succeeding/adapting where Hero stagnated.
  14. Kadaveri

    WWE TV 08/05 - 08/11 Comedy can truly help in dark times

    WWE doesn't cover the expenses either, wrestlers just pay for their travel costs out of their salaries. It's pretty standard in TV for the company to cover the travel of their stars. Bayley was interviewed on Fox recently and the host was astonished to find out that she has to cover her own travel between shows
  15. Kadaveri

    Who is a better in ring performer?

    Other than "they came after" what evidence is there that Richards/Rollins are offshoots of Bryan like the Pillars were of Jumbo? Rollins always talks about Shawn Michaels being his influence, never heard him ever mention Bryan like that. Plus at least the Pillars are a logical sequel to Jumbo, whereas Bryan's "successors" really don't have the same style as his at all. Richards and Rollins are all about athleticism and workrate above everything else, something that was already becoming a trend independently of anything Bryan was doing. Bryan's not even a particularly great athlete, his greatness comes from his psychology and phenomenal ability to structure matches, something Richards/Rollins are both useless at. When have you ever seen them do a 4 minute waistlock segment like Bryan did at Mania this year and get super heat out of it?