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[2004-01-16-CMLL] L.A. Park & Shocker & Vampiro Canadiense vs Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero & Super Crazy

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This was disappointing given the talent involved. I mean look at that tecnico lineup -- they should have kicked some serious ass. The match was clipped and severely disjointed, and it looked as though the workers didn't have a lot of experience working with Parka. It wasn't really clear who the top dog was meant to be, and they never really settled into roles. None of the wrestlers paired off, and there was no through line. I wasn't a huge fan of Parka getting his masked ripped so badly in a regular trios match, as it ruins the imagery of the skeleton mask and the overall impact of Parka being in CMLL, but that's a personal quibble. It seemed as though they were setting up Shocker and Parka vs. Ultimo and Rey for some future date. I'm not sure what spare parts Vampiro and Super Crazy were meant to do in that case. Not exactly the most natural pairing in the world.  

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