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[2004-02-29-LLA] Satanico & Volador Jr & Gitano del Norte vs Averno & Mephisto & Super Parka

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I had my hopes up for this one and it didn't disappoint. It wasn't a great match or anything, but it delivered exactly what I wanted to see, which was Averno and Mephisto taking their time beating up Satanico and Satanico having a few badass moments. Footage of Averno and Mephisto falling out with Satanico has been spotty and CMLL TV is clipped to shit anyway. This was a better look at the feud than you were bound to get on Televisa. Satanico is clearly entering the "maestro" phase of his career here and isn't the worker he once was, and Averno and Mephisto are cast as rudo thugs instead of skilled workers, but it was a ton of fun, and we even got a glimpse of what Satanico vs. Super Parka would have looked like. During the early going, you're left wondering why Satanico brought the two tecnicos to the fight, but once they're on offense they're pretty spectacular. Gitano del Norte is a goofy looking bugger, but he has an awesome exchange with Mephisto where he pulls out all the tecnico stops. Super Parka ends up squaring off with his boy and his reluctance to wrestle his son leads to friction with Averno and Mephisto. Eventually, they square off, but it's too clean for the rudo pair. I assume this was the beginning of a Super Parka tecnico turn. I am absolutely loving Super Parka atm. He's been the single biggest revelation of the Monterrey footage to date. He's a guy I never thought much of before, but now I find myself loving everything about him from his ring attire to his classic long hair and moustache. I guess it was always the plan to turn him technico after he unmasked, but it's awesome that we get to actually follow it. I've bitched and moaned about Monterrey in the past, but watching this, it struck me that it's awesome old-school territory lucha. This was a lot of fun and the best Satanico match in a while. 

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