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[2004-06-18-CMLL] Shocker vs Negro Casas vs El Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs Tarzan Boy vs Vampiro vs Pierroth (Cage Match, Hair vs Hair)

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Typical Lucha cage match. There’s a certain novelty in seeing these guys inside a cage, but as with most American adopted ideas, they don’t fully commit to it. The only time I can remember seeing a proper cage match in lucha was the classic Infernales Infierno en el Ring match, which is the closest Mexico has come to producing its own equivalent of a Hell in the Cell match. I’m not sure why luchadores struggle with the gimmick so much given the country’s storied tradition of bloody brawls, but they do. Of course, it doesn’t help when the booker gets cute with the eliminations. I won’t spoil the result, but the match basically replaces violence with cheap heat.

This is the match where they start turning Perro rudo. If you ask me, they did it too soon. They could have gotten far more mileage out of his tecno run than they did. I can’t be bothered looking up whether business was down at this point. Perro may not have been moving the needle as a baby face, or perhaps they felt like they needed a stronger draw on the rudo side. I still think they could have gotten some big singles matches out of him as a tecnico. 

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