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[1994-11-20-AJW-Big Egg Universe] Cuty Suzuki & Takako Inoue vs Megumi Kudo & Hikari Fukuoka


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This match was a part of the greatest event in joshi history, 10 hours of wrestling in the Tokyo Dome something I think will never happen again, a stack card full of big names from start to finish headlined by the final of the VTOP Woman Tournament that ended up being Akira Hokuto vs Aja Kong, supposedly Hokuto’s retirement match. You know how retirements in wrestling usually work, she wrestled regularly until 2002 when she retired this time for real, that match was better than the one I’m about to review today a tag match that involved two of the biggest personalities in the history of joshi in one side ( Takako Inoue & Cuty Suzuki) against the biggest name FMW had to offer ( Megumi Kudo) and JWP’s copycat of Manami Toyota ( Hikari Fukuoka).

The match was much better than I expected going into it, the level of intensity is amazing but that’s expected out of this four, it’s an awesome joshi spotfest with lots of piledrivers, kickouts and headrops. Takako Inoue is one of the most badass wrestlers ever in the history of joshi so everything she did during the match was incredible, the standout wrestler of the match without a shadow of a doubt is Megumi Kudo, her performance during the finishing stretch of the match was absolutely jaw-dropping. Cuty Suzuki is more of the same, charismatic and hard-hitting, there’s nobody like her on any joshi roster at the time, everytime she wrestled you noticed her, something that I don’t feel when I watch Hikari Fukuoka wrestle, she was fine in this match but nothing if it wasn’t for the title of the video I wouldn’t have noticed that she was involved in this match, she had some good matches in 1993 against Manami Toyota and she was the weakest member of the JWP team in the Thunder Queen Battle 8 woman 60-minute ironman match. The finish of this match was wild, Megumi hit 3 Tiger Drivers in a row to put Takako away.

I recommend you watch the entire show not just this match, this event is legendary.

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