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My Pro Wrestling Entrance Music Database (Mostly AEW and Indies)


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Earlier this month, I mentioned that I made a post showing my (old) pro wrestling entrance music database but I deleted the post due to not getting any kind of attention (habit from the past, if I didn't get any reaction, I'd simply deleted but nowadays, I just leave it as it is) and said I'd post it again if there's some interested but I thought "screw that", preservation of history and personal research needs to be archieved in some kind of way so I'll put it here.

Basically, what I do is very simple. I check the shows, list all of the songs used per show and compile them into one huge list. I mostly do indie promotions from around the world (except Japan) and AEW. Since August 2021, I have been rebuilding my website because the former service I was using (Google Sites) didn't allow me to migrate +1200 pages so I moved operations to WordPress.

Without further ado, here's the link to my database (here's the old backup). I normally post updates on Twitter and Threads under the account @thewemdb, where outside of wrestling music related stuff, I share custom graphics/artwork and custom MVs/highlights.

In addition, I add wrestling music related to a Discogs-style website called WrestlingMedia.ws - I normally add wrestler's custom themes, wrestling inspired music and/or wrestlers in musical projects.

Hope everyone enjoys this project as much as I do.

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