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  1. Hernan

    All Elite Wrestling

    I can understand that PAC and/or Dragon Gate don't want their Open the Dream Gate Champion (PAC) to lose but I found it a little unprofessional when they cancelled it after months of building the match up. Plus, they shouldn't worry about since the title is not on the line.
  2. Hernan

    RIP Ashley Massaro

    I was pretty shocked when I heard the news. This was totally unexpected.
  3. Hernan

    RIP Silver King

    I was shocked when I heard the news. My condolences for his family.
  4. Hello everyone, I just wanted to show you something I have been working on since April 2016. It is a site I have made, compiling all of the entrance themes used in the independent circuit during the years. The themes are classified in events (where you can watch all of the songs used per event) and a list (a short list where it states when each song debuted for "x" guy/team). Since this is a one man work, I cannot fullfil most of the promotions for the time being. I only work in the European area and the North American one. Anyways, without further ado. Here's the link. Hope you enjoy it. Greetings from Argentina.