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Before going on I'd just like to state for lack of better knowledge as to where place this thread, I'm doing so here. I guess I'll let Loss rule this thread's placement upon the different boards.


Ok, cut to the deal, no bullshit around. Remember EWR? That freeware wrestling simulator? Well, it's creator Adam Ryland went next-gen with a payware(or how ever you'd label it) simulator called TEW. Current version is 2007, 2008 is in development. TEW default world is a fantasy wrestling world called the Cornellverse. TEW 2007's demo could be found here: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/downloads.php?id=66


Now, why should I bring up such a subject(which ultimately would lead one to think me plugging, which couldn't be further from the truth as I have no relation to the game developers whatsoever)? Well, TEW has a fantastic world mod by the name of Death Of The Territories, DOTT for short. DOTT starts a game world in April 1983(although it doesn't do so with the demo, demos automatically start at January 2007, probably next year 2008). DOTT comes packed with all the data of the era(that'd mean matches, workers, etc...), including some of the eras storylines(Want the Rat Pack/JYD feud? It's there).

Well, eversince I heard of the author of this mod making a revised version of the mod for the 2008 version of the game, I offered my assistance. The 2008 version wants not only to cover the world DOTT is depicting at it's present, but also the world it enters(new Workers, new Promotions, all are part of the game so they can join in).


http://www.bobinc.net/TEWDownloads/Mods/TEWDOTT07.exe - A full installation of the DOTT mod once the demo has been installed.

http://www.bobinc.net/TEWDownloads/Mods/DOTT135Data.zip - DOTT Data just in case.

http://www.bobinc.net/TEWDownloads/Mods/DOTT07_Pics.zip - The DOTT photos(workers, belts, logos) just in case.


Now basically I put it to myself like this, why not just consult guys who know a lot regarding the subject? Well, if people who're reading this would like to help out, the demo and mod are a click away from you. If you'd take the time to get to know TEW's system a bit(like how worker popularity works, storylines, etc...), I'd be more than thankful if some of you guys could help me out regarding questions of the wrestling world from 1983 and on that are supposed to fit the mod world's terminology and mechanics. I personally would like to pass to the original author as much information and opinions as I can, for there are quite a bit stats in the world which are beyond my knowledge or that I'm not in full agreement with the author, and would like to back it up in some way with people who have extensive knowledge or viewing of the era(and eras forward, as formerly mentioned, but the "present" will be an immediate target).


I'd first like to see some feedback before I post specifics(like if people have any interest in helping), but to anyone with any undistincted view upon this request, I might as well suggest you may look at it as some sort of 1983 project or something.


P.S: Non-game relying help would be welcome also, I could just post explanations on how a certain game aspect works for people who're interested, and just try to translate a piece of advice from that.

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See Bix, in general, this is the kind of stuff I'm looking for to transfer to him, but in details, so they could be translated to game mod, which on the one hand the author wants balanced, on the other, realism is recommended.

BTW, Memphis is one of the areas that could use the most help. :)


If someone can please, give a rough sense of drawing for NJPW & AJPW main eventers of the time. I'm not even getting into the headache that is Mexico(seriously, Mexico is a fucking mess) and beyond yet. Midcarders and any additions would also do.

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While this idea hasn't been a revered success, I'd be very grateful if someone could give me some template booking to Mexican feuds. By that I mean matches or angles that build to the blow-offs. I'm talking about different templates for Title feuds, Mask feuds, Hair feuds, just anything one can think off. It's just that from limited viewing I usually have the sense of what happens in the blow-offs, but never what really leads to them. Verbal challenges or random bookings(no such a thing as random bookings in wrestling, at least usually, but you get the idea)? These are the kind of questions I need answered. Also, if there's a difference between the ways feuds are performed over time(as in year spans) a mentioning of that would be great too. For instance, if that's how it was booked in the 70's, 80's or 90's, just a mention of it.


Any help would win my full gratitude.

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