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Funtime USA!


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Crash Holly vs. Headbanger Mosh vs. Headbanger Thrasher

Funtime USA!

Smackdown! - 3/16/2000


In this match we see quite possibly the defining moment of Crash Holly's 24/7 reign with the WWE Hardcore Championship. Mosh starts the match assaulting Crash Holly and gets the pin, except Referee Earl Hebner is missing. Crash counters by throwing plastic balls at Mosh, and escapes down the slide. At the end of the slide, Thrasher hits Crash with the garbage can, but Mosh breaks up the pin.


The Headbangers beat up Crash downstairs. Mosh sets up Crash at a mallet strength game, and while Thrasher grabs the mallet, Mosh attempts to sneak in a quick pinfall. Crash runs into the playplace to escape, while Mosh and Thrasher get tied up in pursuit. The Headbangers run into the ball pool, where Crash hits a clothesline off the monkey bars. Crash runs to the zip line, where he hits a huracanrana onto the other Headbanger. Afterwards, Crash runs out of the building with his title.


While far from a traditional wrestling match, this was tremendous fun. Crash made innovative use of the environment, and the Headbangers played the foil well, as tag team partners who could not jealousy aside long enough to defeat their opponent. Crash played up his role well, as he survived just long enough to escape, as usual.

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