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  1. Al

    NXT talk

    According to an email blast, nxt will continue to air on the network (on demand) on thursdays.
  2. Al

    NXT talk

    I feel people are burnt out on WWE programming. The last year and a half they've built to several supershows like Saudi, Australia and the usual PPVs, while presenting 5 hours of programming a week on cable tv. It's good for the short term, but overexposure can kill interest long term. Doing another two hour show each week feels like insanity.
  3. Al

    NXT talk

    I feel like of all the WWE shows, NXT UK may actually be the best at utilizing their female talent.
  4. Al

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    I'm assuming King Kong Czaja doesn't count.
  5. Al

    RIP Harley Race

    An absolute legend. I’d be hard pressed to think of many others who could go on national tv and expose the business and get away with it. Race had so much respect that he didn’t need to answer to anyone.
  6. Al

    ECW on the Network

    Hardcore Heaven ‘94 still has the RFVideo.com bumper at the end The end of Funk/Cactus with fans burying the Public Enemy with chairs is every bit as batshit crazy in retrospect.
  7. How on earth does that rigging tip over so that the carts end up resting on it flat on their tops with the wheels up?
  8. Another man shows up wearing the 24/7 title with a sly smile.
  9. The Antonino Rocca mention is interesting because he absolutely was a spot monkey. Vince Sr. would tag him with Miguel Perez and newspapers noted that Perez would work 50 minutes of a 60 minute match.
  10. Al

    NXT talk

    Tegan would be perfect to knock off Baszler. I’d be hard pressed to think of a more sympathetic figure in wrestling right now.
  11. Started about 1990-91 in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre market. We had the WWF syndicated shows, Prime Time Wrestling on USA. TBS had wrestling on Saturday nights of course, and WCW had a syndicated show. MSG Network had the house shows but since they weren't in TV Guide it was really difficult to keep track of when it was actually on. Sportschannel 48 would occasionally carry things like IWCCW and Herb Abrams' shows and they had ECW in its infancy. Oh yeah, ESPN had Global.
  12. Al

    ECW on the Network

    The undercard really is pretty bad. It's interesting if you're a fan of the workers and promotion and looking for a bit of nostalgia. I wouldn't recommend it otherwise for anyone except someone curious about Joey Styles' early announcing style, or someone who can't believe Sandman wore trunks, or that the Original Sheik wrestled in the ECW Arena. The main event is probably polarizing. It was well received at the time by the crowd, but it's not great and it's maybe not even good. I was entertained enough but there are clear, glaring flaws. It's the kind of match where if someone asked me what ECW was about in 1994, I would show it to them. Warts and all, it's a good snapshot of the promotion.
  13. Al

    ECW on the Network

    The main event or the whole card?
  14. Al

    ECW on the Network

    I found them listed under ppvs on my Roku. I’m watching the Night the Line Was Crossed right now.
  15. Al

    Extreme Rules 2019

    I don’t mind Brock taking the title back, but again MITB cashed in in the most uninspiring way possible.