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  1. If they can pay off a wrestler getting an eye ripped out, why the hell would I ever want to watch that?
  2. Al

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    You're not wrong, but most teams are holding Spring Training (Summer Camp?) in their home cities.
  3. One of the biggest concerns for me as a fan is going to a local show and not knowing if the local promoter acts ethically towards the talent. I mean, I know the answer is usually "no," but still.
  4. A few months ago I watched some 1993 ECW and Angel caught my eye. Read up on her backstory, she alleged quite a bit of abuse a year or two ago. She really got a raw deal for it all. In naming so many names I’m not certain she’s 100% accurate, but everything she said is entirely plausible.
  5. That whole thing misses the best part. The first version the lawyer posted was printed on a sheet of labels.
  6. Razor Ramon was way ahead of his time.
  7. Al

    RIP Johnny Walker, aka Mr Wrestling II

    Growing up with PWI he was always talked about as a national star as it was.
  8. Al


    Ditto. Gargano is too small to credibly move Lee.
  9. Al

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Could honestly do a real interesting Hogan piece if you collected all of his media appearances.
  10. Hillsborough was April of '89 and certainly had an effect on how stadiums operate in Britain. Don't know if or how that carried over to Japan though.
  11. Al

    WWE TV 05/25 - 05/31 I dunno I just feel sad

    I wouldn't make it five minutes. But the logical end is a wrestler breaking the spirit of the match. Ala Kirschner/Volkoff's "Peace Match" on SNME.
  12. Al

    1970s Apter Mag Match of the Year winners

    One I've been curious about before, one of the 1977 runners up. Andre the Giant vs. Ric Flair. When was that match, and why was that hyped up?
  13. Al

    AEW Double or Nothing 2020

    The only thing I didn’t like about the stadium brawl is the logic that you can beat someone down well enough to roll a chalk liner over him, but you don’t bother to pin him. Cinematic stuff, I think until normalcy returns wrestling is in a bizarro world where everyone needs to scrape the barrel. I don’t mind if the normal rules are bent because we’re kind of in uncharted territory.