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  1. Also many victims are not eager to prosecute as the experience can be exposing and traumatic. Without the participation of the victim courts have trouble garnering a conviction.
  2. Al

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    I think Moolah's greatest contribution may actually be as a trainer. But I wouldn't be in a hurry to relitigate her case.
  3. Al

    2020 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Quick initial thoughts. HISTORICAL ERA: First, weird to see the Fabs listed here. A lot of candidates I look at and say "sure, they could be a Hall of Famer." But none of them really stand out. If you HAD to induct one (and only one), who would it be? MODERN ERA: Some intriguing candidates. I wonder if Goldberg, Edge will get boosts from being in high profile spots over the past year. Nash is long overdue for a look. He dropped off the ballot before he even won the WCW World title. Yes or no, it seems silly that candidates like him, Luger, etc. never even got their entire careers voted on. Which is a problem of combining the RnR style eligibility rules with the Baseball drop off the ballot rule. You can be ineligible while still building your resume. One thing I note in general. There are about 31 wrestlers born in the '50s who are in, 30-31 from the '60s. There are nine from the '70s, two from the '80s. So I tend to grade candidates like CM Punk, Edge, Randy Orton higher than others on this board. I'm grading on a curve. JAPAN: The sentiment here is Jun Akiyama. It seems early yet for Kenny Omega and Tetsuya Naito. MEXICO: Huracan Ramirez should've gone in years ago. EUROPE, ETC: Curious to see what Adrian Street pulls. NON WRESTLERS: When you can pick five and there's 20 on the ballot, how do you form a consensus around anyone on this list. Go back to the historical era question. If you had to pick one, who?
  4. Was Dory working in the AJPW office at the time?
  5. Al

    Leilani Kai

    I watched Leilani Kai vs Vicki Williams on Youtube. Sounds like it was from the NWA Classics collection, the year given as 1979. Leilani was 19 at the time, she strikes me as a tremendous worker for someone that young. Though she was certainly a seasoned veteran even by then. She got more big matches than most American women of her era, but she still is really unappreciated.
  6. From the magazine (writer Al Castle): "...we chose to consider each accused wrestler on a case-by-case basis...eliminating those left in limbo by terminations or suspensions."
  7. The belief that sex with a minor can not by definition be “consensual.”
  8. Some of the PWI 500 blurbs. Matt Riddle: "Prior to his Smackdown debut, Riddle was accused of sexual assault by a former partner during the #Speaking-Out movement...He's since denied the accusation." (Ellipses their's) Velveteen Dream: "Derailed by #SpeakingOut accusations in June." Jordan Devlin: "Was stripped of title and released by PROGRESS after being accused of assault." Austin Theory: "Largely absent from TV over the summer following a #SpeakingOut allegation in June." Jay Lethal: "The subject of new and old accusations of harassment, which he denied in a tweet dated July 6." Others didn't make the list. They did not rank Jack Gallagher, Joey Ryan, Michael Elgin, David Starr, Jimmy Havoc, Dave Crist, Joe Coffey, Travis Banks, El Ligero. Personally I think they dropped the ball on the Scurll bio. But I think a genuine effort was made.
  9. Al

    WWE TV 08/24 - 08/30 HUGE News!

    Cachorro Grande sounds like a 1940s era Mexican wrestler.
  10. Al

    NWA Powerrr

    In 2002 WWE was the only other game in town and streaming wasn’t a realistic option. There’s so much free wrestling out there right now that I don’t know what kind of demand this possibly has.
  11. The biggest crime bust since Steve Sax.
  12. Al

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    I’m through three chapters and I’m convinced.
  13. Al

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    The Laprade authored Andre bio is $4.99 as well on Kindle.
  14. https://twitter.com/realkingregal/status/1289160535892729856?s=21
  15. Bobby Eaton had to team with George Gulas. No one is touching him historically.