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  1. Al

    WWE Hidden Gems

    There was a Dirty Dick Raines who was a star of the 1930s-40s. His real name according to wrestlingdata.com was Charles Richard Raines. Close enough. As an aside, I just spent way too much time down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out when the meaning of dick shifted to something primarily sexual.
  2. No thoughts on the show, but I hope better health finds your way.
  3. Al

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Isn't Black Bart notoriously full of shit though?
  4. We agree 100% here though. I stan her and Mandy so damn much I don't even want to see Mandy and Sonya compete. I just want them to watch them be best friends.
  5. Al

    Money In The Bank 2019

    Spot on. When Van Dam won it in 2006 he used it to set up the match with Cena at Extreme Rules. That was logical. Having a face cash in as a cheapshot makes the face look bad for taking advantage, and makes the heel look bad for not skirting the rules and taking a cheap DQ or something.
  6. Al

    All Elite Wrestling

    I find that true in a lot of entertainment. People bitch about the high cost of concessions and tickets, yet you still have to wait in long lines for them. People grumble, but they pay.
  7. Honestly, I just chuckle that he's the challenger for Rollins for the Jeddah show. Let the Saudi government deal with the ramifications of using government money to present Baron Corbin in a featured match. It will probably spark revolution.
  8. Al

    RIP Ashley Massaro

    I could be overthinking it but that’s an awfully specific set of denials.
  9. Al

    RIP Ashley Massaro

    It's not really a hospital though. The affidavit notes a sickbay on a military base. I don't know how elaborate that is but it sounds closer to a nurse's office than a real hospital.
  10. Al

    RIP Ashley Massaro

    The affidavits aren't new, they've been out a couple years. Why did this get glossed over and missed so badly while she was still alive?
  11. Al

    Shoots Review and Preview thread

    Ron has a podcast where he does a deep, DEEP dive on his and his family's wrestling career. A few annoyances but he's a fantastic storyteller.
  12. Al

    Wrestling Programs and Magazines

    He looks like someone took the Yeti and decided he needed to look more like The Juicer Art Barr.
  13. Al

    Wrestling Programs and Magazines

    Just spent ten minutes down a Prince Kharis wormhole
  14. Al

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    I highly recommend Pat Laprade and Dan Murphy's book, "Sisterhood of the Squared Circle." I don't remember if they covered Shade, but they wrote about many of her contemporaries like Evelyn Stevens, Ann Casey, etc. These women had real careers and fascinating stories to tell.
  15. Al

    Ric Flair (sigh)

    It seems to me that if part of your inside knowledge is having medical information about someone's close family member, that's the kind of thing you should keep to yourself. It's a massive invasion of their personal privacy.