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  1. NYou can listen to a baseball game from the 1930s and it really doesn’t come off much different. Boxing kind of modernized in the 1920s. You watch Jack Johnson and he’s fighting a very different style. I actually watched Thesz/Longson earlier today. Thesz is signing autographs before the match. Thirty years later with the Von Erich boys kids are still trying for autographs before matches. I don’t think that was an exclusive rite of the Sportatorium but it’s a neat little bit of tradition. Even if it looked like the wrestler was capable of one autograph every two minutes.
  2. Al

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Usually the episodes end up on YouTube through the official vice channel. Might take a few days.
  3. Fish is the kind of wrestler who should stand in the corner while his jobber partner gets annihilated by the British Bulldogs or whoever.
  4. Al

    WWE Saudimoney Bloodmania, Saudimania Bloodmoney

    If there’s one redeeming qualities to these shows it’s Bill Goldberg, Jewish mega-baby face in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Al

    All Elite Wrestling

    You can't push everyone to the world championship and eventually someone from AEW will have a better opportunity with WWE. And that's not a bad thing. Wrestlers routinely switching companies makes everything more interesting.
  6. You sure you weren’t watching a Sylvester Terkay match?
  7. Al

    AEW Rampage (and The Buy In) - October 15 2021

    I’m not adept enough to know when guys are working well, and I think these later strikes are just worked well. But Bryan at this stage in his career doesn’t need to prove himself taking real shots. You can entertain crowds and protect yourself at the same time. Will say when they go to the mat it’s absolutely superb. These kind of nuances working holds is sorely missed and Taz is great explaining it to the audience.
  8. In studio wrestling and at the Hamburg/AG Hall tapings, wrestlers and their managers are going out and cutting promos in front of a live audience. In AWA and syndicated WWE you've got guys doing promos in studios where you can take multiple takes and Mean Gene Okerlund directing traffic as well. A better environment for promos.
  9. Al

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    I've known about Luna being adopted but that's always a huge WOAH because she really had the Vachon voice down.
  10. Netflix's GLOW was the corniest, most embarrassing take on wrestling you could find and its incredibly popular. I'm a fan of Penn & Teller's Fool Us, it's a great show. Magicians come up with weird acts all the time. I honestly dug this, and I HATE mentalism acts.
  11. Slamovich did sign. Met her at the Reel Rumble, super happy for her.
  12. Al

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    The floor is Dick Hutton. Or perhaps in this era, Jason Jordan? There’s a ton of wrestlers who couldn’t quite grasp the professional game. It requires different skills. The biggest advantage amateur wrestlers have is they’ve shown the training discipline already. If Steveson turned into Kurt Angle I’d be thrilled honestly. He could be better than that but you probably can’t project anyone to be a bigger star.
  13. Fit in some lucha matches. The junkyard match as well as Santo/Park. My wife's comment, "you don't like action movies but you watch this shit?" She is NOT a fan of blood in wrestling matches. Some weeks ago I watched Santo/Espanto. Santo recovering outside the ring while kids literally run up to him and urge him on. THAT'S a babyface. The Headhunters match I encountered through ICP's "Stranglemania" video, which I hesitate to say I enjoyed. No way the commentary holds up today. Twenty five years of growth is probably a good thing.
  14. Al

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    I thought this was a fun show. Almost not even a Dark Side type show, just a promotion that had its moment in the sun. It was nice to see Hayabusa and Arai's daughters on the show, that people can emerge from tragedy. Mick Foley has told the story of (I assume) Megumi Kudo's burn. Is there a source for the story apart from Foley?
  15. Here I am assuming this means some WWE game is going to have either Repoman or Khrusher Khruschev as DLC.