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A buddy of mine used to always talk about how great it was to watch old WWF PPVs via the watch instantly feature on Netflix. I recently signed up for Netflix, but don't see any WWF/WWE content avalaible to watch instantly.


Anyone know the story of why it got pulled? Or was my buddy just full of shit and WWF/WWE never was avalaible on Netflix to watch instantly?

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I don't know if they were ever on the "Watch Instantly" program (I never managed to look for WWE stuff there), but it is possible that they were at one point. With "Watch Instantly", they cycle in and out of different programming. If they were on there and they were pulled, there isn't any major story behind it, as a lot of programming on "Watch Instantly" ends up only being there for a limited time.

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I don't remember WWE ever being on the isntant watch, but if it was and got pulled it was mos tlikely due to WWE>COM's version of WWE 24/7 which allows people to stream a bunch of stuff online for a monthly subscription.


The only wrestling I ever saw on the instant queue was some stuff from the early 90's that i beleive was caleld gold classics and owned by Jim Cornette. Cornette and Metzler announced. It featured an early match of Jericho and Lance storm as the serial thrillers, but i dont think its on instant anymore.

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