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So I'm watching OVW for the first time...


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Guest Hunter's Torn Quad

I think the ring looks big because the Davis Arena is small. I'm pretty sure it's a WWE size ring.

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Guest teke184

and I'm loving it. Jim Cornette on commentary is gold! Talking about Melina: "If that dress was any shorter, it'd be a necklace."


Why does the ring look so big though?

If you like Cornette on commentary, consider picking up the Wrestling Gold series of DVDs.


Each one has the original match soundtrack as well as an optional Cornette and Dave Meltzer commentary track.



There's an original set of 5 that covers Memphis, Southwest Championship Wrestling (Joe Blanchard's promotion), and several other unidentified territories. This one is available at Wal Mart for about $15.



There are also 4-5 other ones that cover Smokey Mountain Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling. These run about $15-20 each, depending where you get them. Highspots has run promotions in the past where they'll give you a discount if you buy all of them at the same time.

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