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November 2007




Glory By Honor VI: Night 1


Out of the nine matches on the card, I found four to be standard for ROH. Nothing bad, nothing great, but everything was fine.


The top of the class trophy match between Ernie Osiris and Mitch Franklin wasn't good, but I didn't expect more. The other below average was Hero v. McGuinness since Nigel was working hurt. I just think they shouldn't have had the match at all.


The tag titles match (Briscoes v. No Remorse Corps), The Austin Aries v. Danielson match and the NOAH main event tag were great and worthy of a second look. Aries and Danielson have such great chemistry; they always put on a great showing. In its native setting, the NOAH tag would probably be average fair, but in the states with the ROHbots going crazy just made it fun. My favorite part of the match was when Misawa actually showed personality. He had KENTA in a headlock and motioned for the ref to check Morishima and he gave him an elbow to the nose and then gave the sssh motion to the crowd. I actually lol'ed.



Glory By Honor VI: Night 2


This was a loaded show with eleven matches and a lot of things happening. Two matches were squashes as Tyler Black and Austin Aries beat Alex Payne and Shane Hagadorn respectively. Aries disbanded his faction, the Resilience here saying he wants to concentrate on the ROH title.


Another quick match was a one minute DQ between the Briscoes and Age of the Fall where the crowd was super pissed, but this was just a setup for a street fight main event which actually was disappointing especially compared to the brawls between the Briscoes and Steen/Generico.


Chris Hero had two matches, a win over El Generico in the opener and a loss to Austin Aries. Both were disappointing. I'm not sure if I've seen a really good Chris Hero match yet. Two other standard ROH matches saw Hangmen 3 beat Steen and Delirious and the No Remorse Corps downing the Vulture Squad. One cool thing was the huge brawl/dive sequences here. I heard Gabe talk about after coming back from Vegas he had the idea of having this sequence like the fountains in Vegas, where each subsequent burst gets bigger and more spectacular.


The GHC title match between KENTA and Misawa was okay, but I was a bit let down by it. It didn't make my cut of matches to rewatch. However Claudio v. Marufuji and Morishima v. Danielson did. Even though I didn't like the finish of the Danielson match, it was still super fun. Danielson is just an amazing wrestler.





Abyss v. Black Reign in a shop of horrors match - SUCKED. Dustin as Black Reign is absolutely awful.


MCMG v. Team 3-D - I hate Team 3-D as they may be the most successful terrible tag team in history. Nothing special.

Gail Kim v. Angel Williams v. ODB v. Roxxi Leveaux - This wasn't good either, especially Angel Williams. I am looking forward to the Knockout division going forward though.


Jay Lethal v. Sonjay Dutt - Okay match.


Steiners v. Styles/Tomko - Tomko v. Rick Steiner? Ugh. Passable Match.


Samoa Joe v. Robert Roode - Pretty good Match, probably this or the ladder match was Best on the card. Tracy Brooks, OMG.


Kaz v. Christian - Ladder Match; Fight for the right Final - This was put on TNA's Best of 2007 DVD, but not sure it belongs. Cool, innovative spots, but a little too contrived, even for a ladder match.


Angle/Nash v. Sting/Mystery Partner - Booker T was the mystery partner. Typical TNA tag main event.

Nothing on the show worth a second look, IMO.





Since Cena has been out with the injury, they've had two PPV's and both were really good. This was no different with three matches worth a second look (Punk v. Miz v. Morrison, HBK v. Orton, and Undertaker v. Batista HITC)


The women's 10 man tag and Khali v. Hornswoggle were awful as one would expect. Cade/Murdoch v. Rhodes/Bob Holly was okay, but definitely nothing special. The Traditional Elimination Tag was good, but nothing memorable.



ROH Reckless Abandon


This seemed like a placeholder show. No big angles, nothing progressing and just one great match (Aries v. Strong Iron Man). Those guys wrestle each other so frequently it gets tiresome, but they work well and it's always going to be above average. The only thing notable story wise is the Vulture Squad pinning the Briscoes in the main event tag scramble to earn a title shot.


I was looking forward to Danielson v. Necro Butcher, but was let down.


All the other matches were typical ROH matches with nothing at all standing out.



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