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December 2007




So I finally finished* 2007 PPV's and big shows. Now I'm finishing 2007 TV surprisingly quick.


So my copy of ROH Unscripted III from 12.1.07 is unwatchable so I had to skip it for now and am actively looking for another source.


TNA Turning Point 12.2.07


Such a bad PPV. The tables match opener was terrible despite having MCMG's and Black Machismo involved. This just strengthened my case that Team 3-D does and has always sucked. Johnny Devine is right there with them.


The Knockouts tag was sloppy, but short.


Next was Eric Young v. James Storm. Now, due to the absolute absurdity of this angle (Young beat Storm in a drinking contest last PPV and got his "belt") I wanted to hate this. However, even though I started at about a -3, by the end I was thoroughly entertained. That is what a match should do and so that's why I've pegged it as a match to re-watch. Normally, I wouldn't expect it to hold up, but since this is TNA 2007 it may sneak through the next cut as well.


The "Feast or Fired" match was a complete cluster fuck.


I loved Gail Kim v. Amazing Kong, but strongly disliked the DQ even though it built to a rematch and made sense. I tabbed it for a re-watch in my women's category.


OMG. The 10,000 thumbtack match may have been the worst thing on the PPV. Fat, useless Raven teaming with "You do thumbtacks every match so I'm numb to it" Abyss vs. Black Reign (Dustin Rhodes at his absolute worst) and Rellik (a/k/a Johnny The Bull). So, they fell in tacks.


Booker T/Kaz v. Christian Cage/Robert Roode laid an egg.


Angle/Tomko/Styles v. Nash/Samoa "I shootz~! now" Joe/ and Sco..... err, Eric Young. Hall no-showed. Joe tried to get fired on the mic which went way to long and was repetitive as fuck. They had a bad, short match.


WWE Armageddon 12.16.07


Really liked Rey Mysterio v. MVP, but this is during MVP's "Fuck it. I'll get counted out" phase which brought it down considerably.


Big Daddy V/Mark Henry v. CM Punk/Kane - Big Daddy V pinned Punk. Focus was V using his fat to smash Punk


HBK v. Kennedy - THE best match of KENNEDY's career by far. Miles above the Matt Hardy/Kennedy Smackdown match I recently saw. Very good.


Jeff Hardy v. HHH - This was like the big brother trying to toughen up the little brother only for the little brother to come out on top. That's what happened here and HHH took the loss as a joke.


Finlay v. Khali was awesome for the six or so minutes it lasted. If it would have went about five more minutes I may have noted it for a second look.


Jericho's return to PPV v. Orton was good, but fell short of me noting for a second look due to finish.


Beth Phoenix v. Mickie James was short and tolerable.


Edge v. Undertaker v. Batista was nothing special with Hawkins and Ryder making their debuts as fake Edge's to help him win the strap.


ROH Rising Above 12.28.07


Typical ROH with most matches just being "there" with nothing to set them apart. The boring Delirious vs. Hangm3n feud, Claudio v. Hero feud both fit in that category.


Just for the cool spots, Generico/Steen v. Age of the Fall v. Hangm3n v. Vulture Squad tag scramble was fun, but technically not "good."


The Shimmer tag was good and I noted to rewatch it for the women's side of things for the decade.


Davey Richards beating Erick Stevens with a Kimura after Stevens is distracted by Daniel Puder in the audience was a snooze fest as well.


Briscoes v. No Remorse Corps 2/3 Falls was solid, but they've had better.


Danielson v. Takeshi Morishima had their usual sub 10 minute DQ match. I'll have to watch all of these to see if they hold up to the big two.


Finally was Nigel v. Austin for the belt. OUTSTANDING match and a strong contender for ROH MOTY.


ROH Final Battle 2007


The worst Final Battle since probably 2003.


Three generic or squash matches (Vulture Squad v. Matt Cross/Bobby Fish, Claudio v. Larry Sweeney, and Rocky Romero v. Ernie Osiris)


Two exciting matches while they lasted, but forgotten about when I turned the show off (Necro Butcher v. Jack Evans, Roderick Strong v. Erick Stevens)


Two matches that should have been very good, but left me underwhelmed (Davey Richards v. Naomichi Marufuji, and Morishima v. Dragon v. Aries v. Hero)


One match that made no fucking sense (hangm3n vs. delirious/steen/generico - tables legal) So, when are tables not legal? I'm not sure in the entire history of ROH I've ever seen a DQ due to the use of a table. I will say this match was crazy and fun to watch, just not over and over.


Only one match made my cut which was the Briscoes v. Age of the Fall with the Briscoes FINALLY losing the straps.




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