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Katsumi Usuda vs Masanobu Kurisu-Big Mouth Loud 29.12.2005.


This is my kind of wrestling right here, I was coming in hoping for this to be a festival of ultraviolence but they chose to work the mat which I would have also accepted, I don't really ever remember watching Kurisu roll, he looked good here, doing neat stuff like using his knee to bend Usuda's ankle which you'd expect to see from Fujiwara. This "matwork" section also included Kurisu shoot headbutting Usuda like ten times. The crowd didn't seem to pick it up but I sure did. Just as I was accepting this match for what it was Kurisu fucking threw Usuda out of the ring and started blasting him chairshots, this culminated with him shoot chairshotting Usuda so hard you got one of those situations where you aren't sure if the guy bladed or he just hit him that hard, this was a blast, can't imagine a more fun way to spend six minutes.



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