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Nick Lutze & Tiny Roebuck vs Vincent Lopes & El Pulpo

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Went with this date after finding a newspaper clipping advertising this match presumably for later that night. Anyway, here's a rare early tag from before they even had tags and it was just a tornado match. Watching this, it's not hard to see why they stopped working team matches this way regularly. The deal with having 4 guys in the ring all the time just going back and forth pretty much prevents any heat from building and it just feels like a clusterfuck as a result. Too bad, since the last few minutes where it's just 1 guy in the ring desperately trying to fight off 2 people seems like it would be pretty compelling on a match with a better build.


Edit: Just noticed I fucked up the title by accident. Would be nice to get it changed to "Nick Lutze & Tiny Roebuck vs. Vincent Lopez & El Pulpo (3/1/1940)"

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