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  1. Strictly in terms of matches I was in live in the building for, it'd be Bryan/Lesnar from Survivor Series. However, I got really far away seats and was stuck watching on the big screen, so it was kind of disappointing and I enjoyed it a lot more when I watched the PPV broadcast at home. In terms of matches I enjoyed a lot live, it'd be either Shiozaki/Miyahara vs. Akiyama/Omori for the AJPW tag titles from 8/2015 or Shiozaki/Miyahara vs. Akiyama/Kanemaru from a house show the next month, in what ended up Shiozaki's last AJPW match. I remember thinking the tag titles match was a little better overall, but the atmosphere in the building was incredible for the house show match and Akiyama/Shiozaki really went at it hard in their exchanges. Most I ever marked out live was the finish of Akiyama/Akebono for the Triple Crown, again in 2015. I was living in Japan at the time and decided to travel to the other end of the country to see the match as I had a feeling Akiyama was gonna be winning the title and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to see it live. I was not disappointed.
  2. fxnj

    WWE Network... It's Here

    I'm digging the idea of giving Bret the win. That really seems the way to establish him as a big player in the company after his rocky start, similar to how WWE used the Undertaker's streak to re-establish Lesnar.
  3. fxnj

    Microstatistics' 2019-20 Top 100 matches of all time

    God damn, OJ, these reviews are a riot.
  4. G+ has been airing full 90's AJPW/2000's NOAH cards for a while now. Recently they also aired the full 7/93 Budokan, which is the first time we've gotten the Hansen/Kobashi match in good quality and I think also the first time the Destroyer retirement has been shown in full. Here's the listing for what's in the pipeline (includes some repeats of older airings) https://www.ntv.co.jp/G/prowrestling/memories/
  5. fxnj

    Rusev says he's done with wrestling

    Pretty happy for him if it's not a work. His streams seem to be doing decent numbers and he looked the be enjoying himself in the clips I've seen.
  6. The matwork in the Dick Shikat match is pretty strong.
  7. Biden is running the most progressive campaign of a main party nominee in recent history, support for progressive ideas is at an all-time high, and Trump's approval/poll numbers are very poor. It definitely seems the pendulum is swinging to the left. I'd also argue the Republican party under Trump hasn't actually gone further to the right so much as it has embraced corporate cronyism and science denial. It's now about socialism for the rich.
  8. fxnj

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    I'm not really seeing why fans who complain about promotions classifying wrestlers as independent contractors would get on Tessa for exercising her natural right as an independent contractor. I guess treating independent contractors as employees is only bad until someone actually goes against it, and it leads to those same independent contractors not allowing themselves to be pressured into wrestling hyped matches.
  9. fxnj

    Billy Goelz and other 50s finds

    The Thesz/Silverstein match was uploaded before but got blocked by WWE because some indy dude named Ruffy Silverstein had a WWE tryout once. Well worth a watch for anyone that hasn't seen it before. Steve Yohe did an excellent write-up on it.
  10. fxnj

    Backlash 2020 - The one with the GREATEST MATCH EVER

    There have been countless matches edited for Smackdown and whatnot over the years, and I'm pretty confident some of those involved the wrestlers redoing moves after botches that got edited out. I can't get onboard with the idea that a match being edited before it airs disqualifies it from being a wrestling match.
  11. fxnj

    Best worker of the last 20 years

    I definitely don't think Bryan and Tanahashi are the runaway winners here. I'm not as high on 2000's ROH and 2010's NJPW as others seem to be, but Akiyama seems to have every bit as prolific a run of great matches as people say those guys have and I'm much more into the style he works. When doing watching for GME last year, I came away thinking the 2/27/00 Misawa was still the best match of the new millennium. Other names deserving of a shout-out would be KENTA, Daisuke Ikeda, Minoru Suzuki, Yoshihiro Takayama, Kana/Asuka and Negro Navarro.
  12. fxnj

    Hana Kimura passes away

    Absolutely tragic. My heart is really with Kyoko Kimura and her husband right now. So horrible losing your daughter like that.
  13. fxnj

    Best of the Decade 2010s

    In addition to the matches already mentioned, I'd add these Miz vs. Daniel Bryan (Night of Champions) 2010 Miz vs. Lawler TLC (Raw) 2010 Undertaker vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania 27) Orton vs. Christian (Over the Limit) 2011 Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton (Night of Champions) 2011 Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan Cage (Smackdown) 2011 Undertaker vs. Triple H HIAC (Wrestlemania 28) Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus (Extreme Rules) 2012 CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan (Over the Limit) 2012 Regal vs. Ambrose (FCW) 2012 Hell No vs. Shield (TLC) 2012 Undertaker vs. CM Punk (Wrestlemania 29) Sheamus vs. Cesaro (Main Event) 6/2013 Regal vs. Ohno (NXT) 2013 Goldust/Cody vs. Shield (Battleground) 2013 Regal vs. Cesaro (NXT) 2013 Cena vs. Cesaro (Raw) 2/2014 Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania 30) Brock Lesnar vs. Cena (Summerslam) 2014 Team Cena vs. Authority (Survivor Series) 2014 Neville vs. Sami Zayn (NXT) 12/2014 Roman Reigns vs. Big Show (Extreme Rules) 2015 Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch (NXT) 5/2015 Undertaker vs. Lesnar (SummerSlam) 2015 Sasha Banks vs. Bayley (NXT) 10/2015 Undertaker vs. Lesnar (HIAC) 2015 Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte (HIAC) 2016 Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Falls Count Anywhere (Raw) 11/2016 DIY vs. The Revival (NXT) 11/2016 Goldberg vs. Lesnar (Wrestlemania 33) Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns (Wrestlemania 33) Asuka vs. Ember Moon (NXT) 8/2017 Usos vs. New Day (HIAC) 2017 Gargano vs. Almas (NXT) 1/2018 Ronda Rousey/Kurt Angle vs. H/Steph (Wrestlemania 34) Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch (Evolution) 2018 Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks (Royal Rumble) 2019 Bryan vs. Kofi (Wrestlemania 35) Undertaker vs. Goldberg (Super Showdown) 2019 Low-key pretty sweet decade in terms of top matches. Despite the stereotype of WWE's formulaic/repetitive nature, there's a really good variety in workers and styles represented. I'd call it the best promotion of the decade in terms of great matches, since I'm not a fan of NJPW Okada main events.
  14. fxnj

    Wrestling before or after 1996?

    I'd say the pre-96 choice has actually been made easier over time. It's going to hurt a lot losing late-90's AJPW, RINGS, BattlArts, and 2000's WWE, but not nearly as much as it hurts losing the rest of Baba's AJPW, 80's NJPW, UWF, WoS, 50's US, French catch, etc. I understand some people here dig AEW and NJPW, but I consistently find myself far more excited about the prospect of newer matches pre-96 being discovered than I do by any wrestling taking place in current day. I find older matches to be both far more in line with my tastes and much more rewarding to revisit than most new shit. That Bert Royal vs. Tony Oliver French match that just showed up, for example, blows away anything from the 2010's for me.
  15. Pretty damn sad JvK can't make a point without people bringing up unrelated political bullshit and lobbing insults at him. And I agree it's ridiculous for WWE to structure their contracts as those of employees while treating their wrestlers as independent contractors.