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  1. fxnj

    Wrestling before or after 1996?

    I'd say the pre-96 choice has actually been made easier over time. It's going to hurt a lot losing late-90's AJPW, RINGS, BattlArts, and 2000's WWE, but not nearly as much as it hurts losing the rest of Baba's AJPW, 80's NJPW, UWF, WoS, 50's US, French catch, etc. I understand some people here dig AEW and NJPW, but I consistently find myself far more excited about the prospect of newer matches pre-96 being discovered than I do by any wrestling taking place in current day. I find older matches to be both far more in line with my tastes and much more rewarding to revisit than most new shit. That Bert Royal vs. Tony Oliver French match that just showed up, for example, blows away anything from the 2010's for me.
  2. Pretty damn sad JvK can't make a point without people bringing up unrelated political bullshit and lobbing insults at him. And I agree it's ridiculous for WWE to structure their contracts as those of employees while treating their wrestlers as independent contractors.
  3. I honestly see no issues with the label of "sports entertainment" that WWE uses to describe wrestling. Yes, they are trying to entertain people through matches with predetermined outcomes, but there's an undeniably huge influence in presentation from spectator sports (and, conversely, from wrestling onto competitive sports like MMA and boxing). I can absolutely sympathise with people who want wrestling to strive towards "realism." By that, I don't mean bringing back kayfabe but instead doing so through gritty struggle over moves, displaying raw emotion, and being produced as a sports broadcast would be. It's still ridiculous for Cornette to present himself as someone leading the charge for "realism" given the cartoony shit that was all over the Memphis and Crockett he idolizes.
  4. People are underrating the fuck out of this. The narrative even from mainstream news outlets seems to be this happened a few years too late, but I'd argue it happening so late actually enhanced it. It has a different feel even from other dream matches by the fact that it is two of the most powerful characters in wrestling history finally meeting when both are in their 50's. Awesome entrances from both guys, especially Goldberg busting himself open by headbutting the door before coming out. The beginning of this is absolutely perfect: They do an epic staredown, Goldberg mocks Taker, Taker responds by rocking him with a stiff right hand, and Goldberg uses the rebound momentum from the ropes to his a surprise spear. How cool is it to see Goldberg not only establishing he doesn't fear Taker, but actually lulling him into leaving himself open for a spear? I love the rest of Goldberg's control segment between the second spear and the sloppy old man kneebar/heel hook as him trying to turn this into another squash match. Taker coming back and doing a nasty murder death tombstone early was fitting given how deep he was in the hole and the fact that he's in there with a guy known for finishing opponents early. The rest of Taker's control was him running through his standard offense (punches, Old School, Snake Eyes, chokeslam), but between the hot crowd, Taker working snug, and Goldberg's gassed out old man selling, it works pretty damn well. Goldberg later opens up the hardway cut he created during his entrance by hitting the ringpost, further adding to the carnage. I'd agree Goldberg botching the Jackhammer into a shoot brainbuster added to the match. I think I rewound that like 5 times, as it felt surreal seeing Taker get murdered like that. The tombstone botch didn't bother me, but I'll admit the sloppy chokeslam finish was a tad disappointing. Hindsight being 20/20 it probably would have worked better for Taker to just go for a Hell's Gate. Not sure how to feel about Taker looking pissed off during the post-match. I thought this was headed for **** territory before the ending botch. Even with it, it might still be **** as it's a pretty badass combination of legit first-time-ever dream match formula with old men maiming each other.
  5. fxnj

    RIP Ashley Massaro

    Buried in all the hoopla about WWE’s response, here’s WWE’s lawyers themselves acknowledging in court filings that some sort of incident was reported using classic misleading lawyer speak
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  7. fxnj

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    To be fair, the Impact/TNA name has a pretty fair amount of ill-will associated with it from the Dixie Carter years. Networks aren't entirely unjustified in being cautious about wanting to associate themselves with such a thing. Impact would probably be better served at this point by focusing on online distribution over bouncing between obscure cable networks.
  8. fxnj

    WON HOF 2018

    That's as good an argument as any that people take this way too seriously. How much is it really worth stressing out over if Omega makes it in when the people actually going in get nothing in return, if they're even aware of it in the first place? The comparisons with the baseball and WWE HOF's end with the fact that those have actual ceremonies attended by the inductees and others besides a small niche of newsletter voters.
  9. fxnj

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    I agree that Dave's hot takes seem to be his main method of keeping himself relevant, but I see things a bit differently in getting there. If anything, WWE's pivot towards appealing to hardcore fans has created a larger market than ever for dirtsheet writers and the situation with social media has made it so that, reliability notwithstanding, virtually anyone with an internet connection can make a name for themselves reporting and speculating on rumors. I recall the news of John Cena and Bryan getting pulled from Crown Jewel being broken by a virtual no-name, for example. This has created a situation where Meltzer is slowly getting crowded out of the game, so playing up his status as a historian and inciting controversy is the best he can do to keep his name out there. I personally haven't been subscribed to the Observer for close to a decade, as it's made pointless by the sheer number of dirtsheets out there posting and analyzing anything Dave writes within hours of it going up.
  10. fxnj

    Joshi Wrestling Dates Back to The 1930s

    Really interesting. I'm surprised that any sort of wrestling was popular in Japan back then. I always accepted the narrative that wrestling didn't catch on in Japan until some guys came over from America during the occupation and Rikidozan ran with it. Makes me interested in if we could find anything interesting looking through old Japanese newspapers.
  11. fxnj

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    Agreed. It’s impossible to argue with a statement like that since he fails to back it up with any specific examples. It’s just another Twitter Dave hot take designed to incite controversy and little else. If you’re getting triggered into going on a message board and bitching about how he only likes “CrossFit wrestling” then you’re doing exactly what he wants you to do.
  12. fxnj

    WWE Crown Jewel: No Girlz ALLOWED~!

    Let's be real, WWE is a very small fish in the grand scheme of this situation. Yeah, it is disappointing to see them just shutting up and taking the money, but cancelling the event at this stage wouldn't have any effect beyond disappointing the fans who already bought tickets before this shit went down. Not worth getting so worked up over.
  13. fxnj

    UFC is a Solid Heel Territory Right Now

    Yeah, this is definitely setting a bad precedent. Not sure if UFC can even claim to be safer than boxing anymore if they're gonna keep putting guys fighting on short notice after taking beatings.
  14. fxnj

    WON HOF 2018

    How does one go about getting a ballot? I’d always thought you had to be some industry insider to vote, but that doesn’t seem to be the case if there’s folks here voting.
  15. The Brie kick botch is some pretty puzzling stuff. She starts off with a regular chest kick and then suddenly changes her angle to hit Liv right in the face not once but twice for no apparent reason. Doesn’t even look like she was distracted or something. Seems possible it could have been intentional and she applied excessive force.