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  1. blackholesun

    Best of Japan 2000-2009 vote

    Great stuff @Superstar Sleezehave you given up on the pro wrestling love podcast?
  2. blackholesun

    Official AJPW & NJPW DVD releases?

    Does anyone have a complete list of all the officially released NJPW & AJPW compilation DVD's such as Mitsuharu Misawa Midori No Hakobune?
  3. blackholesun

    Best of Japan 2000-2009 vote

    Does anyone have the results to the Best of Japan 2000-2009 vote? I've been revisiting this decade and I'm sure others would like to see them too?
  4. blackholesun

    AJPW 90's classics list?

    Hi does anyone have a complete match list of the 90's AJPW classics that re-aired on TV after 2005? I'm specifically looking for the top tier matches such as the famous four pillars tags & singles etc from 1990 - 2000. I know they've been uploaded to the classicpuro83 youtube channel i just want to know what source they originate from as they're in perfect picture quality? Thanks
  5. blackholesun

    Dave Meltzer on...

    Thanks very much
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  7. blackholesun

    Dave Meltzer on...

    Hi does anyone have the Dave Meltzer quote from 2009 claiming that Bryan Danielson vs Naruki Doi from DGUSA was better than Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker at wrestlemania 25?
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  9. blackholesun

    1990s All Japan

    This has been an awesome read and I can't wait to work my through these matches myself. Do you plan on posting a top 10/20 AJPW matches of the 90's list at all because I'd be interested to hear your thoughts? Plus do you plan on covering 90's NJPW or even 80'S AJPW in a similar fashion in the near future? Could be a fun read.
  10. blackholesun

    Top 10/20 favourites:

    So I was reading JDW's awesome AJPW & NJPW ballots from the original DVDR best of 90's forum found here: http://web.archive.org/web/20050406061328/http://www.deathvalleydriver.com/Bestof90s/bestof90s.html These posts got me thinking along with this forum in particular that it's nice to find a group of people that seem so passionate about wrestling and infact seem to be providing the IWC with a sort of revisionist forum. What I mean is we're all so used to seeing the same cookie cutter opinions and lists on other sites that you almost know what someones going to post about a certain match before they've even written it, but that really doesn't seem to be the case here as I've seen numerous highly regarded matches heavily critized here. So I thought it'd be interesting for people to start posting their favourite matches on here in a similar vein to the jdw ballots with a little piece about why they've chosen each match. The list can be about anything you like basically but it'd be nice for example to see peoples top 10/20 matches on polarizing wrestlers such as John Cena, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Chris Benoit or top AJPW, NJPW 90's or 00's matches or basically whatever favourite top 10/20 type of matches you fancy posting. If you submitted a ballot over on Ditch's site for the top AJPW matches of the 90's then you could even post your ballots here listing your reasons for each of the matches. So in short, share your love for whatever you love and why?
  11. My question is simple just how well does everyone think that american pro wrestling/lucha measures up to puroresu on a match quality basis? It's pretty much widely accepted that 90's puro easily outclasses it's American/lucha counterparts (or does it?) so I was just wondering if people felt that this was also the case with the following decade and the current wrestling scene? Are there any American/lucha matches that people hold in the same high regard as the top puroresu matches or perhaps in some cases even better? I know plenty of people that think the best Ring of Honor matches do but then ROH was probably the nearest America has gotten to wrestling a similar style to the puro scene anyway so this kind of makes sense. The WWE on the other is a different matter entirely, as we all know that American pro wrestling offers us something that puro and lucha simply cannot and that there are many different factors that affect your enjoyment of wrestling so please feel free to share your thoughts...
  12. Perfect summary there Alan! I've been dying to rewatch this match again for ages as I remember being slightly disappointed first time around as this was a pretty highly pimped match in Powerslam magazine. I actually think this might be a step up from the nifty Kondo vs Hayashi match from '06 as it had better selling, less overkill and an awesome crowd. Man that Northern Lights Bomb and finishing sequence made this feel like a really special ascension moment for Nakajima but alas as Alan said twas not to be.
  13. blackholesun

    DVDVR Purotopia Results?

    Thanks very much this is so helpful as these are hard to find online especially the 2004 & 2012 results as they seem to have gone awol. Cheers anyway
  14. blackholesun

    DVDVR Purotopia Results?

    Hey just wondered if anyone has the death valley driver forums purotopia results from 2000-2013 at all. If anyone has the top 20 or at least top 10 for each year it'd be much appreciated