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  1. Some great moments here. Vader taking that German from Rick is such a ridiculous and amazing visual at the same time. I am not a fan of Vader letting Rick run him over or Rick sandbagging the chokeslam, but that suplex made me pop. Rude was amazing, slinking away from any kind of trouble and letting the bigger men do the hard work then coming back in to reap the benefits. Vader murdering both Sting and Rude was just incredible. Jake taking advantage to DDT Sting was great too. Loved Vader's offense all the way through. And Sting looks like a force of nature. Gotta love that. On the bad side, way too short and the eliminations were stupid in a lot of cases. Hercules/Super Invader is way too plodding on offense for this match. Definitely a lot of fun stuff that is worth focusing on over the nonsense.
  2. I wouldn't say best produced WCW video for this. Second best easily. The best is that 91 black & white NWO style promo that Arn & BW did in a junkyard. This one is not far behind though. Simmons is more of a rock-solid upper midcard guy who you know exactly what you can get out of and is just miscast here. Your world champ is a guy who can carry the promotion and that's not Simmons. And I am not knocking Simmons at all here. You need more guys like that (read: Arn Anderson, Kevin Sullivan, RnR Express, Midnights, the list goes on) than you do the major superstars to make a wrestling show. Simmons has a good look and is athletic enough and big enough that you keep him pushed and only let the next superstars go over him as an achievement, but he's not gonna be the guy you rally the fans behind like a Flair or a Sting.
  3. This was really, really good. They were celebrating TBS specifically, so it would have been whatever promotions TBS was airing at the time. The Tony Atlas footage surprised me with that athletic jump kick he threw. Hadn't seen enough Tony Atlas in his younger years to know he did that kind of stuff.
  4. Not the best heel turn. I'll vote for an in-ring turn as well because Pillman was such an effective heel that he deserved a better turn.
  5. To garretta's point about announcers...how the fuck do you have Gordon Solie and Lance Russell hanging around and not on TV? That alone tells me that something is horribly wrong with WCW. Thunderbolt was a little off, but you could see the charisma for sure. Really liked Bullet Bob despite his forgetting the title Brad holds. I've seen Bruno badmouth Vince/the WWF a lot and it never comes off well. I get that he probably has a legitimate beef with how Vince does business and he would prefer the general WCW style. It does seem like beating a dead horse after a certain point though.
  6. Hard to top as a show opener. These two have had better matches, but this is a nice story with Steamboat overcoming the rib injury to beat Austin for the TV title. On top of that, it is short and they keep it moving late with a slower start to ease the crowd into it. Does exactly what it's supposed to do and everything makes sense within the confines of the match too. Steamer doesn't want to leave the ribs open so he slows it down and works a headlock. Everything doesn't have to be a classic.
  7. Vale throws great kicks and uses his range well. Takahashi is essentially Kikuchi here, but he seems to do well in that role. Vale's ground game is so different from all of the slick Japanese fighters. He is all power and trying to bull/strike his way out of everything.
  8. I liked the match, mostly for Savage. Flair is certainly more focused on the knee than normal, but something still seems off with what he is doing. I'd agree that Hall makes a good showing for himself here. Razor really comes off big.
  9. I definitely see the proto-ECW vibe here, down to Hat Guy. I did find myself wishing for a hot crowd or one that cared even a little. Fun brawl for what it was.
  10. Liked how they put over Foley here. Both as a dangerous competitor and a weird character without one getting in the way of the other. Hayes is great along with Ross, way better chemistry between the two than Jesse had with any WCW announcer. We got a Lance Russell mention, which always makes me sad. The greatest wrestling announcer ever and he is on non-TV duty?? Anyway, fun match with Dustin playing the babyface technician who gets goaded into a wild brawl. Wondering if anyone watching this in real time in '92 would have guessed the career trajectory of either guy.
  11. dawho5

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    As for Daredevil, if you read the Bendis run I would follow up with the Brubaker run. Not only because Brubaker is my favorite contemporary writer, it came right after and is also really good.
  12. dawho5

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I enjoyed Dimension Z. My favorite Cap run is Brubaker, but I tend to like the "familiar character in unfamiliar surroundings" stories too. I think it was OJ way back in this thread who said that Cap is a hard character to write interesting stories for and I agree. It's kinda the same deal as Superman where you have to really love the character (and I do in the case of Cap) to sit through a lot of the samey reactions he has to whatever it is the villains are doing. The villains do a lot of the heavy lifting in the morally upright hero stories. If you don't really get into those moments where the hero comes through and figures out how to fix things in a satisfactory way to them a lot of it will fall flat for you. Also, if taken wrong Cap will come across as super stuffy and authoritarian with some of the less law-abiding heroes when he makes appearances depending on the writer. Somebody on page 8 mentioned that a lot of the Astro City books were pulled from Kindle. I read that in late 2020 Busiek announced he was going to start releasing Astro City in graphic novel form with no monthly comics. No timeframe, but very exciting!
  13. Good promos going into SS. If you are going to run things the way they did this is the way to go. I will say having seen the match that turning the co-main event of your second biggest show of the year into a glorified angle seems like really shitty booking.
  14. Not a Manami Toyota fan. I am impressed by her ability, both athletically and executing wresting moves. Great dropkicks for sure. And she could run circles around just about anyone in a wrestling ring. I doubt it will surprise anyone that I'm not a huge fan of a wrestler who constantly has to be sprinting around the ring, even if it is an impressive thing to be able to do. She sucks the life out of this match for me by blowing off the legwork and going into the "look how impressive I am" offense. What impresses me is wrestling within the story of a match, not getting your shit in at the expense of it.