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  1. dawho5

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    There is a modern homage to the Spidey/Torch relationship that recreates a lot of the funny/awesome moments and takes off on the way the whole relationship works. I am not overly a fan of Spidey or Johnny Storm, but when you put them together they are amazing beyond belief.
  2. Fun tag for sure. I liked the way that Hase and Kensuke actually worked the chinlocks instead of just sitting in them. The lariat/DDT transition basically guaranteed a Hash/Hoshu win, especially after Hash had DDTed Hase.
  3. So one of Watts' big moves when he comes on is to kill the heel group that is as hot as the Horsemen ever was (DA) because he didn't like Heyman's contract? Given the lack of credible heels he is facing it might have been wiser just to eat that and continue to push the DA.
  4. Great stunt from Barby with the bricks. I have no issue with him as a monster contending for the title. He would have made a good Hogan opponent with the right build.
  5. Probably should have waited until Watts had some better wrestling clips to show honestly.
  6. Horner looked really good here. Obviously he doesn't have the charisma to carry things himself, but with guys like DWB and Wright around all he has to do is hold up his end, which he does.
  7. Corny and the Bodies make this. Not sure I like the idea of insulting Corny's mom even if he's got a lot coming his way.
  8. So between this, the Bret interview and the time machine Backlund segment I am confused. Did this all air on the same show??? Every part of it seemed so different. And I know that you are supposed to have some variety on the show. It just seems like this segment is the more of-the-time WWF segment, Bret's interview was almost like a WCW babyface promo and the Backlund deal was trying to bring back the WWWF of the late 70s.
  9. Great interview from Bret. He plays the humble champ so well. And puts Flair over!
  10. Definitely out of place, but it fits Backlund.
  11. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. The timing on some of those spots with the Cowboys and Misionerios in the third caida was something to see. Very fluid and well-done!
  12. I enjoyed the opening a lot with Kikuchi showing some good offense beyond just the elbows. Sadly he is almost to the point to completely out of the main event picture. As is Ogawa, who has started to look better. Taue continues to shine and I love it. Kobashi is great and getting better, which is no surprise as 1993 is almost upon us. Misawa is good here, especially in that opening exchange with Jumbo. I thought it was a good sendoff for Jumbo. He wasn't a huge part of the match but got in all of the signature Jumbo stuff without anything feeling shoehorned in. Admittedly you might want something more spectacular, but I'm not sure he was up to a big singles match in the condition he was in.
  13. I really loved this match. Great meat-and-potatoes work with some great limb selling by Flair. Easily one of my top 10 WWF matches I've ever seen. Since when does a guy get a title win in his dad's hometown? That's crazy talk.
  14. I am not a fan of the whole "promoter pushing his son" deal as a general idea, unless the son is someone as talented as Dustin seems right away. That being said, it is hard to put any blame on Erik Watts for trying to play the role he has been put into. If he had seemed big-headed about it I would probably think differently.
  15. Loved Watts here, good stuff. Didn't know that Boris Malenko was the originator of the Russian chain match or that the coal miner's glove initially was done in Memphis. Very cool.