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  1. I wanted more out of this. So few times this kind of talent has been in the ring together and it just...fizzled.
  2. I LOVED this. Flair is sounding more and more like the old Flair and it is great.
  3. Nice beatdown by some guys who look like they've done it a few times before. SMW just keeps getting better and better.
  4. Cornette throwing the tantrum was incredible. Bob and Corny really work well together and i am looking forward to watching them squabble.
  5. I liked Morton's promo a lot. He was so much more than the ultimate FIP that he is remembered for. Not a guy who would carry your promotion, but definitely somebody you would want around. I LOVED Eddie's promo. He has been on fire of late.
  6. I loved using the "cock-a-roach" line. And the way he delivered the "kick your face in the sand!" Great stuff.
  7. Wembley sold out in 10 hours? That's pretty damn impressive if true.
  8. Loved the promo. I am in agreement with Loss that Bossman was too good for the way he was treated. Was it because he wasn't a bit-time superstar, just a mid-level guy who could make anything work for guys on the way up? I'd figure that was a valuable thing to have.
  9. Not great wrestling. But that crowd...wow.
  10. dawho5

    [1992-07-17-CMLL] Lizmark vs El Satanico

    It looked like the ref was saying that Lizmark's arm was keeping Satanico's shoulders off the mat. Too bad the slow mo replay showed him counting Lizmark out when his shoulder was up well before the ref's hand hit. Satanico is amazing and I liked this match a lot. I really dug the focus on Satanico's back as a way to stay ahead by Lizmark.
  11. Not great match, but three things stood out positively for me. Hansen has a brutal running crossbody. They did make Ace look smart in not eating the Hansen lariat. If you are in front of it you are in the danger zone and him knowing that is a positive. And that look Hansen got on his face after the first lariat missed was amazing.
  12. This is right up my alley. The legwork makes a ton of sense as the one thing your opponent leaves open when going after your legs are their own. Please tell me there are more matches from these 2 on tape?
  13. I think a part of the problem is MVC going for restholds right in the middle of the big finishing sequence. Then again, they seem to like their restholds.
  14. Crowd was not super into Vader right away. I like Sting giving Vader a bunch of offense to make him credible before the shine. I loved this match as David vs. Goliath, with David getting a little too ambitious for his own good when he had Goliath on the ropes. Awesome stuff and probably my MOTY so far.