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  1. Boss Rock

    All Elite Wrestling

    Dynamite beat Raw in the demo.
  2. Boss Rock

    Genichiro Tenryu

    It's definitely a good match. Fitting conclusion to their rivalry.
  3. Boss Rock

    Bryan Danielson vs Mitsuharu Misawa

    Seems pretty spot-on. My biggest criticism against Misawa is that he doesn't have that huge laundry list of great matches with different opponents that Bryan does, but his peaks still outshine Bryan by quite a bit. Bryan is more versatile, but Misawa was still better on his best day.
  4. Boss Rock

    Kazuyuki Fujita

    Hell yeah.
  5. Boss Rock

    Kazuyuki Fujita

    He almost KO'd Fedor. I liken Fujita to Goldberg if he could work longer matches.
  6. Boss Rock

    Kazuchika Okada

    Pretty much all that has been said. 2020 was just an odd year due to his back injury, feuding with Yujiro, and insisting on centering his game around the Money Clip (which is indeed a bad submission). From WK 15 onward, he's been back in business. It seems like every time he has an off-performance or does something different there's concerns that he's hurt or in decline. The same thing happened with Tanahashi all the time.
  7. Boss Rock


    Bryan I think takes 2006-2009.
  8. Boss Rock

    Daniel Bryan

    I think if anything it's a "this guy was already really good in 2002". Also, when it comes to Miz and Bray Wyatt, the Royal Rumble 2014 and Summerslam 2018 matches were great. And while the Fiend strap match wasn't really good, it certainly was better than it had any right to be and that's because Bryan busted his ass.
  9. Boss Rock


    Probably Bryan. Honestly, 2006-2009 is probably Bryan.
  10. Boss Rock

    AEW Battle of the Belts

    Still need to watch the main, but the first two matches were solid. I agree that as a show it was pretty good, but not exactly what you would expect for a special. Felt like another episode of Rampage. I do like that they set up angles/matches for a lot of the talent that haven't got much screen time.
  11. Boss Rock


    Stan Hansen or Genichiro Tenryu, primarily because their series was so awesome and featured the classic World Tag League final.
  12. Boss Rock

    Akira Taue

    It is and yeah, it rocks.
  13. Boss Rock

    Adam Page

    I agree that 2026 is still way too early for Page, but these next 4-5 years will be a lot of fun to watch.
  14. Boss Rock


    I've heard great things about Roderick Strong's 2015, but I think I gotta go with A.J. Excellent G1 against a myriad of opponents (Tanahashi, Ibushi, Shibata, Fale, Yano, Naito) and awesome title matches against Okada and Ibushi. Was also a lot of fun in trios matches with the Young Bucks.
  15. Boss Rock


    This was Tanahashi's year. Helped make Okada, had a classic with Suzuki, and gave Yujiro Takahashi of all people a really good title match.