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  1. Childs

    Shinya Hashimoto

    I'm right there with you. Had Hash at 10 in 2016, and he isn't budging. When I need to give a little spark to my wrestling jones, he's the guy I watch. His combination of spectacle (contender for best entrance music and gear of all time) and no-bullshit fire is ageless. There's a moment in every good Hash match when he ups the ante on his opponent and that "oh shit" feeling settles over the building. I was watching that 6/5/98 match against Fujinami recently, and Fujinami lured him into a little trap where he snared Hash's leg for a second. But that just pissed Hash off, and it was like, "Congrats, old man. You caught your grizzly. Now, what're you going to do?" Love that shit.
  2. Childs

    Bret Hart

    Yes, to our detriment.
  3. Childs

    Buddy Rose

    I could see Buddy taking a bit of a tumble in the overall ranking; he had a lot of momentum going into 2016 with people giving fresh looks to the Portland and AWA footage. I hope that's not the case, because he was magnificent. He might be a one of one (I guess Lawler is his chief rival) in terms of keeping territorial TV entertaining week after week.
  4. Childs

    Lou Thesz

    I've read OJ's Thesz thread and watched the most pimped matches (which are great). But I don't have a feel for how complete a picture we have of Thesz the worker. I'd be interested in hearing from OJ or anyone else on that particular point. If there are big gaps in our ability to assess him, what are they?
  5. Childs

    Ric Flair

    This 100%. People remember preening, stooging, cartoon bumping Flair, but he always had a core of steel when truly challenged.
  6. Childs

    Rey Mysterio Jr.

    Rey cranked out a vintage performance in that Backlash tag for anyone wondering if he could still go at the highest level. He obviously doesn't do it every week now, but his crispness and timing at age 46 are quite something. I had him in the teens in 2016, and he certainly isn't going any lower than that in 2026.
  7. Childs

    Shawn Michaels

    Could you expound on this? I think I know what you mean, but I'm not sure and it's interesting. edit: I messed up the quoting there but I was referring to the end of what you posted above, about Shawn's destructive impact on wrestling as a whole.
  8. Childs

    Andre Bollet

    Haven't gotten to that later stuff yet. What turned for you?
  9. Childs

    Mr. Pogo

    I mean, anytime you whip out the term "debased reprobates," we're on the right track.
  10. Childs

    Andre Bollet

    I love this guy. He carried himself like a big star and he could go, either technically or as a brawler. As with many of the French catch standouts, it's going to be hard to decide how to rank him based on a relatively small sample (though we have more of him than a lot of others). But he was a blast.
  11. Childs

    Negro Navarro

    Watching Navarro wrestle against Solar and the Chikara guys in a Delaware banquet hall remains one of my absolute favorite live wrestling experiences. He just came off as such a badass, even in middle age. The mat wizard part, we know, but this was not a man you'd fuck with in any context. I find him difficult to place, because we have limited footage from the first part of career with the Misioneros, and what we have is a mixed bag as I recall. But I'd feel wrong leaving him off.
  12. Childs

    Samoa Joe

    It was an awesome bit of chaos. The ROH vs. CZW feud hit some high peaks. The Cage of Death blowoff is also worth watching if you've never seen it, though it's much more heavily booked than the six-man and lacking Super Dragon.
  13. Childs

    Tully Blanchard

    Tully vs. Garvin was nearly as fun a match-up as Flair vs. Garvin, because Tully could throw hands when the situation demanded it. Such a talented all-around pro wrestler. I'll probably rank Arn higher because of versatility and consistency, but I prefer Tully at his best to Arn at his best.
  14. Childs

    Mitsuharu Misawa

    So perhaps he should have put the mask back on? Fat Tiger.
  15. Childs

    Mitsuharu Misawa

    Though I agree Misawa's case is carried by his sublime peak, he was good enough often enough during his brokedown phase that I don't hold that against him. I have more trouble with his Tiger Mask period, because it wasn't short, and he really never figured it out. Injuries played a part in it, but for somebody who was understood to have vast potential, he delivered precious few memorable performances. It is a trouble spot when I compare him to the small group of guys who were in his league overall.