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  1. Reel

    Stock Rising/Stock Falling

    I like Kingston, but he's a guy, and there are a handful of these guys across a number of circles like this, where you read a glowing review of a match or see a ton of hype, and you just never see where that level of praise is coming from, despite repeated viewings. Like Segunda Caida will drop an EPIC on some Eddie AIW match, and I'll get around to watching it and it just seems like a fine match, and it seems to happen a lot, for me anyway.
  2. Reel

    La Sombra/Andrade

    I'd say he was actually one of the best guys they had on TV for his run, the stuff with Rey especially is some of the best TV matches in the history of the company. Here's his matches from the main roster that I dug: vs Rey Mysterio - Raw 1/20/20 vs Ricochet - Main Event 6/18/20 vs Rey Mysterio - Smackdown 1/15/19 vs Rey Mysterio - Smackdown 1/22/19 vs Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe, and R-Truth - Fastlane 2019 vs Rey Mysterio - Raw 8/5/19 vs Chad Gable - Smackdown 9/3/19 vs Humberto Carillo - TLC 2019
  3. Reel

    Current Lucha Talk

    My understanding was that CMLL was pretty much being run to sell tickets to tourists, and because there's a healthy appetite for that and they own the arenas, pre-pandemic it was basically just a license to print money and the wrestling really didn't matter, probably less than wrestling has mattered at any point in WWE history. I don't think it's a dying promotion, but it is an increasingly less relevant one.
  4. Reel

    What's the Best Steiners match ever?

    If WarGames '91 doesn't count, and I suppose for the purposes of a question like this it probably shouldn't, then I'd say vs Sting/Luger from SuperBrawl '91. Are they still regarded as a great team? I'd say yes, but that reputation seems to be diminishing over time. I think that in some ways the Big Poppa Pump thing, and really more so the Steiner Math thing, has overshadowed pretty much everything that came before it for the vast majority of fans, so if you asked people for the greatest tag teams of all time, they might not mention the Steiners, but if you asked them if the Steiners were a great tag team, they'd say yes.
  5. Reel

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    Someone recommended one of his other current titles, The Many Deaths of Laila Starr, and it didn't really grab me, but I heard this run of Swamp Thing was good and was pleasantly surprised to see it was the same guy.
  6. Reel

    Hideki Suzuki

    He's a guy who has, in certain circles, a reputation as being one of the best wrestlers in the world, and I think if you find yourself in those circles and you check out a Suzuki match, you'll more than likely be disappointed. If for whatever reason you're really invested in Billy Robinson and Karl Gotch's vision of wrestling being the be-all-end-all of wrestling, then he's your dude. But, if you're not, then it's mostly just generally kind of boring. There's a lot of hand fighting early in matches that really doesn't work for me and rarely has much of a purpose, a lot of working of holds that isn't all that compelling to me, and just generally not a lot to sink your teeth into. There is some good stuff, like I think all 3 of the nominated matches are good, but his hit rate is infinitesimal in my view.
  7. Reel

    Not Yet

    I don't think I'm the person to nominate her because I'm a sporadic Joshi viewer at best, but I think Chihiro Hashimoto deserves some discussion. She debuted in 2015, so she didn't have a shot at 2016's list, but in my limited viewing she's been one of the best workers in Japan almost from her first match.
  8. Reel

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    I read the Gaiman/Wagner Sandman Midnight Theatre collab recently and really liked it. I'm planning on checking out the Wagner stuff later, so I'm glad to hear it's worth checking out. On the Sandman tip, I read the first issue of Ordinary Gods from Image, based almost entirely because I like the cover, and I thought it was pretty good. It has a sort of Endless sort of conceit. And while I'm here, the new Swamp Thing by Ram V has been pretty great so far.
  9. I just finished the 80s Other Japan set, and despite the general thought that Takada didn't come out of that project looking great, outside of Fujiwara, he's the standout guy for me. His stuff with Maeda is on the same level as Fujiwara's, he's Yamazaki's best opponent, and he has the best matches with Sayama. Also considering Masashi Aoyagi for a bottom 5 spot for being the best bleeding guy in a karate gi.
  10. Reel

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    The Hanged Man story early on in the second run might be the best comic I've ever read.
  11. Reel

    Daniel Bryan

    There are the small sample size guys, like Han and Tamura, who were always great, but they are both very much outliers in almost every sense. Outside of that, even the guys like Regal and Finlay, who have a rep for always being good at the very least, have fallow periods.
  12. Reel

    Chris Hero vs Cesaro

    I think that the biggest difference is that Hero is more willing to venture into the epic and grandiose side of things, which is where you get some of his high-end stuff, which Cesaro has virtually none of, but some of his worst stuff too, like every almost every indie tag match Hero has ever had. I think you can see it in Cesaro's recent match with Roman, his first big main event shot, and its good, but you don't ever get a sense that Cesaro, the in-ring character, is reacting to the moment in a way that he should be, like he fights through the pain of the arm by continuing with the match, but his face doesn't really tell that story, his reactions don't really tell that story. Hero, for all his faults, in that sort of situation, would have gotten that element across.
  13. Reel

    Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

    I'd rank Walter higher than Drew, so I agree, but I'd say he is much more an exception that proves the rule rather than a template to replicate. I think Walter's offense is certainly more suited for his presentation than almost anyone in the modern era, and his getting people to buy into a chop being a finish is a credit to him, but he has plenty of matches working 50/50 with guys a lot smaller, it's just that they're structured better than most. Like a guy like Mark Haskins being competitive with Walter for example, is that any less egregious than Drew and a Zack Sabre, for example. On paper, I'd say no, it's just that Walter is better at putting the match together, and his offense is so physical and visible it lends itself to matches feeling more like a struggle than Claymores and DDTs.
  14. Reel

    Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

    The same criticism gets lobbed at Chris Hero, during pretty much exactly the same time period and against the same people, and I sort of agree, but at the same time, I feel like wrestling, especially indie wrestling, hasn't been the place where there are clear delineations of level and status for a long time, if ever, so how much can we blame Drew, or anyone else, for not fitting our idealized versions of wrestling when nearly every incentive is for them to have these 50/50, excessive, indie-rific matches.
  15. Reel

    Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

    I like Drew, and I think if he's going to a main event guy for the next 5 years, he'll have an opportunity to have some good matches and maybe have a shot at getting on the bottom of some ballots, but I don't know if there is any time in their respective runs were Sheamus hasn't been having better matches than Drew. Like, Drew's run on the indies where he got to do pretty much whatever he wanted had some good stuff, but it probably wasn't ever close to being as good as what Sheamus was doing on TV at the time.