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  1. Reel

    Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

    I'm tempted to say it might be better than the starrcade match, a legit hidden gem.
  2. Reel

    Daniel Bryan

    I think its in the Zellner/Dylan GWE podcast where Dylan talks about part of Cesaro's case being that we could have a good match on Main Event with Kofi and how daunting that was. Bryan went out there and had one of the best matches in WWE history on a WrestleMania card with the guy. It's as much as a signature match as pretty much anyone could have. That's not to knock Kofi, but his list of great singles matches up to that point is non-exsistant.
  3. Reel

    Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

    A thing I'm interested in for 2026 is seeing if there is any good Greg Valentine indie stuff. His 80s stuff is great and the bulk of his case, anybody who can get a good match out of Jay Strongbow in the era that Valentine did is nothing short of miracle worker. He's so great in that period, that I'm surprised that pretty much from 1992, and I think that might be generous, there isn't anything of note, even though he kept working for another 15 years in some capacity.
  4. Reel

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Johnny Valentine We don't have a ton of footage of Valentine, but every time he shows up, I can't help but think he's one of the best wrestlers I've ever seen. He's physical and can convincingly brutalize people like in the 1972 tag below, but when he has to sell, he's great at that too, stumbling around in a mad daze. The best matches we have from him, he's in his 40's and he's out there with guys like Wild Bill Curry basically inventing BattlArts in 1969. Matches: vs Wild Bull Curry - Houston 6/20/69 with Gene Kiniski vs Giant Baba/Antonio Inoki - JWA 2/1/70 with Dan Kroffat vs Kintaro Oki/Michiaki Yoshimura - JWA 5/29/1972
  5. Reel


    I think by the time 2026 comes around he'll have a pretty compelling case. Things can happen, but with the style he works and the way he's booked/carries himself, he seems like he's just going to keep putting on on these intense, physical, power struggle matches for as long as he wants to.
  6. Reel

    Ronda Rousey

    I thought she was one of the 3 or so best wrestles in 2018, and if she came back and had another 4 or 5 years on that level, I could see her getting on my ballot, but I don't know how likely her having a sustained run for that length of time is.
  7. Reel

    Sasha Banks

    We'll see how the next few years play out, but she has been one of the best BIG MATCH wrestlers since she got to WWE. The week-to-week stuff is fine, it's never objectionable but for the most part, I've never come away from a random TV match overly impressed, but when a match really needs to deliver, she delivers. The TakeOver match with Becky, The Bayley stuff in NXT, the Raw title matches with Charlotte, the cell matches the last two years. She was the glue for the first Woman's Royal Rumble. All great stuff.
  8. Reel

    Kazuyuki Fujita

    I'm not over the moon about the current NOAH run. I don't object to the idea of him like some people have lately, he has an aura and a presence, and sometimes that manifests itself in stuff I really like, and other times it's stuff I don't have time for. I thought him grabbing Masao Inoue and tapping him in ten seconds ruled and showed a sense of hierarchy that is rarely ever seen, but I thought the Shiozaki thing was overindulgent and had people placing a lot of meaning on it that it didn't earn. The NJPW run is sort of maligned because that whole era is maligned, and that whole debate has been run into the ground and not worth revisiting, but he was great. The 04 Shibata match is one of the best matches in that promotion in the decade. All that's to say, I'm going to rule him out, but I'm pretty sure there are 100 better wrestlers.
  9. Reel

    2026 Ideas

    I want to watch more Ray Gonzalez and just more 90s and 2000s PR guys in general.
  10. Reel

    2026 Ideas

    I admittedly haven't watched a ton of the french catch stuff yet, but from what I can glean there's only a handful of guys; Delaporte, Bollet, Labat are the ones who I have written down to watch, who we have a bunch of matches on tape, so I plan on starting with those guys and seeing where things stand.
  11. Reel

    2026 Ideas

    Agree with not viewing Cornette as a wrestler, and Heenan is trickier, but I'd be hesitant to include him unless there are some great matches from the WWA or something that I don't know about. I think the more interesting question is whether or not to factor in Harley's run as Vader's manager into his case.
  12. Reel

    2026 Ideas

    That's fair, there are probably better examples, but I think the point still stands. And, I plan on putting Johnny Valentine on my list somewhere based on his incredibly limited footage, so I don't even stand behind that point completely.
  13. Reel

    2026 Ideas

    At the end of the day, it's an art, not a science, right? Everybody's calculus is going to be different, and that's sort of the point of producing an aggregate list. I think the point to saying the list should be based on footage is not to emphasize technique or "workrate" as the only or main criteria, but to dissuade people from voting for the El Santos and Gorgeous Geroges of the world.
  14. Reel

    2026 Ideas

    I really like this idea. I don't know how feasible this would be, but I love the idea of getting all 538 and having crosstabs where you can filter out for certain things like if you hand-waved Lucha, you mark that when you submit your ballot, and then you could filter out non-Lucha ballots. The beauty of the GWE, to me anyway, is that it's a list for guys like Virus, who is generally inconsequential to the history of wrestling but has a litany of great matches on tape, and not for a guy like Frank Gotch, who no one alive has ever seen.
  15. These guys have at least 3 matches that made tape from Universal in 1990 and they're all good to great. The one on 3/5 is my favorite and this might be my least favorite of the bunch, but these guys have great chemistry.