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  1. Reel

    Ron Simmons

    Has to be Vader title change, right? Maybe the Luger Clash match. Other than that, is it the WrestleMania 13 6-man or is there some standout APA match I can't remember?
  2. Reel

    Mick Foley

    This point came up in the 2016 GWE podcasts, I think it is one of the Hales brothers' talking points, but I like it a lot so I'm going to borrow it for this thread. Foley because of his look and physical ability, basically invented a style outside of anything you would call traditionally good wrestling, where he could be a great wrestler. It's part of the reason, most of it really, that I think he's a tough guy to rank. He's got a lot of great matches and a ton of huge moments, but then I think back to what stands out about them and it stuff like the time one of the Nasty Boys hit him in the head with a shovel really hard. That's not to discount the way he constructs his matches, which is the real thing that separates him from guys who came later and tried to replicate his style, but the thing that makes most Foley match stand out is usually that he got hit real hard or hit something really hard. I think he'll probably make my top 100, but he's one of the guys who has a huge range of where he could fall.
  3. Reel

    Serena Deeb

    I didn't really mean to shit on Deeb or Cap for nominating her. I am totally fine with nominating people you don't even plan to vote for, because in the process of how these discussions play out, they could gain steam and end up on ballots. I also think that nominating somebody because they've impressed you recently and want to check out more of their back catalog. I'm less fine with nominating people because it seems like they might deserve a vote in 5 years, but that's a personal thing more than a way I think this should go, so I'm still fine with that. This one, maybe because it was the most recent thread that fit this description, just seemed very emblematic of what I perceived as a trend of nominating people based on what is a small sample of recent matches in currently hyped promotions. So my comment is more of a comment on that trend. Here's a bit of an over simple hypothetical. If there was 1996 GWE, I'm sure Public Enemy would get votes, and for my small part in however this process plays out, I would like to argue against that kind of vote. I'm a big supporter of this process, so I don't want to dissuade anyone from nominating anyone, and I don't want anyone to think I'm coming after them for their picks.
  4. Reel

    Serena Deeb

    i think were riding the aew wave a little too high if having 3 good matches there is enough for someone to say this person might be one of the 100 greatest wrestlers ever
  5. Reel

    Orange Cassidy

    I would say, for me anyway, for any of the stuff you mentioned: integrating his character, his offense, his selling, to matter, you have to have a certain amount of buy-in, that I just don't have because I don't like the presentation at all.
  6. Reel

    Orange Cassidy

    I liked Fire Ant, one of my favorite guys on the indies during his run, but I'm much more interested in GOOD wrestlers than FUN wrestlers, and OC is probably the most glaring example of a FUN wrestler ever.
  7. Reel

    Dominic Garrini

    I like Dom, I've seen pretty much his entire career from the very beginning. He was good pretty early, the ZSJ match from his first year was his first big opportunity, and he delivered in a tough spot for AIW that night. The Bishop match is one of my favorite moments in wrestling over the last few years, and he's good for a couple of matches I really like every year. But him being one of the best guys working indies right now is more indictment of current indie wrestling than a feather in his cap, and I can't really get behind "guy who is familiar with Kazushi Sakuraba" gimmick. 5 years is a long time, but he's gonna have to really hit another gear for me to seriously consider him.
  8. Reel

    Larry Zbyszko

    Larry rules, and I think his reputation, at least generally, that he's some stalling Memphis heel to the Nth degree, is mostly bullshit and makes people write him off. He is good in 1970s WWWF, he has a good match with that sack of flour Stan Stasiak in 77, he's good in his tags with Garea after that, good in squashes with the likes of Rodz and Rivera, and the the Bruno feud is godhead. His Georgia stuff has some praise in this thread, which I haven't seen, but I'm sure it is at least good. He has the Bockwinkel feud, the stuff with Saito, good matches with Slaughter. The WCW run has standout stuff pre and post Dangerous Alliance, the Regal stuff of course, and even when he comes off the golf course to wrestle Scott Hall in 1997, he's still good. Criminally underrated in my view.
  9. Reel

    Triple H

    The 1997 MSG match against Cactus is the one that comes to mind for me.
  10. Reel

    Negro Casas

    Catching up on some current CMLL, and this isn't an all-timer or anywhere close and it's somehow sub-Real Player video quality, but Casas is still doing standout stuff in trios at 60 in an empty arena. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yEN4aTGgLaz6xtQC7NnfEiPy_fH47FpP/view?usp=sharing
  11. Reel

    Rey Mysterio Jr.

    The 2009 Elimination Chamber probably won't show up in a greatest Rey matches list, but he practically wills that match into being great. Also, he and Kidman have a couple of matches with Haas/Benjamin that I think are really great.
  12. Reel

    Tech troubleshooting

    seems like everything between may 9 and now is gone
  13. Reel

    'Super Porky' Brazo de Plata

    the rey escorpion match linked above should put him on everybody's list
  14. Reel

    Carl Oullet

    he went from "awesome old guy taking stupid bumps on random shows" to "meme wrestler" very quickly
  15. Reel

    Comic books and Manga Thread

    come for the banter, stay for the Fancy Dan appreciation