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  1. Reel

    Kazuyuki Fujita

    Should I nominate Kevin Randleman?
  2. Reel

    WWE TV 01/17 - 01/23 Estoy en Uruguay amigos

    Chad Gable rules
  3. Reel

    2021 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    I meant major more in terms of the popular view of the territories, not as an identifier of business or size, like the map in a WWE documentary is divided into x number of territories, Portland would be on there.
  4. Reel

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    At some point, based on the mountains of evidence over decades, you have to stop expecting wwe to be intellectually honest or think they'll do anything not in their own best interest.
  5. I think the NHL on TNT has proven that this isn't entirely the case.
  6. Reel

    2021 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Owen is in because he ran a territory people know about and have seen and we're getting to a point where that is enough for a good chunk of people. How many major territory promoters aren't in at this point?
  7. Reel

    2021 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    Longevity and owning the building aren't negatives, but they're pretty much his entire argument.
  8. Reel

    2021 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame

    If Don Owen is in the Hall of Fame for promoting Portland, shouldn't Buddy Rose be getting reconsidered for being the best wrestler and biggest star of that territory? He won't and I don't really think he should, but I also don't think Don Owen should be in the hall for longevity and the foresight to own the building they shot TV in.
  9. Reel

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I'm sure MLW will settle out of court and end up with some cash and the rights to battlebowl.
  10. Reel

    Daniel Bryan

    The Kofi match. for me, is the crowning achievement of his career. He convinced people that they had wanted Kofi to be world champ for years and then it culminated in a great match on Wrestlemania. Also, not sure why Miz is taking so much heat in this thread. In terms of being a good wrestler, he's closer to Bryan than he is to Bray Wyatt.
  11. I watched a ton of 205 Live from last year in the past few weeks, it's a fun show. It's mostly indie vet vs PC recruit, and some of them can get rough, but generally, its a good show. It's also a showcase for a lot of the new people that are gonna show up in NXT. The Grayson Waller thing sort of came out of nowhere, but having watched his stuff on 205 Live, it's, like, oh this dude is good and now I can see why they went with him.
  12. Reel

    Daniel Bryan

    I do think there's a bit of a "Public Enemy is the best tag team in the world" stuff that goes along with a lot of the AEW stuff, but the stuff Bryan did with Roman in WWE before he left was also great. So it's not all hype and sure he's being given opportunities to have the sorts of matches that no one else is, but he's been on a pretty incredible run.
  13. Reel


    I thought it was Arisa Nakajima, pretty handily.
  14. Reel

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I don't know what these NCAA athletes are thinking or how they're going to work out, and I have no clue if WWE's plans will work out, but if you look at who they want to sign and the things Nick Khan says publically, they see the PC as a recruitment tool for the sort of athletes they want. Brookside and Smiley teach the beginner classes, I believe.
  15. Reel

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I think the idea of WWE not signing indie guys is overblown, if you look at the video from the recent tryouts, there are for sure indie wrestlers there, Josh Bishop sticks out to me, but these NIL programs and the recent classes at the PC, are full of NCAA athletes who they want to turn into wrestlers, and whether the athletes actually want to be wrestlers or are there just to take the money, I don't know. But, WWE is signing them because they want them to be wrestlers, and if you've seen the sort of facilities NCAA sports teams have, they'll have no chance of recruiting anyone from those programs with a ring and some free weights in the warehouse and some territory wrestler pontificating at them.