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  1. kas

    Current New Japan

    EVIL just cannot go long. He's at his best going short and fast, something their G1 matches absolutely nail. And yeah Okada needs to get better at it or drop it. Red Ink is a much better-looking submission.
  2. kas

    Current New Japan

    Okada vs EVIL wasn't bad, but far and away their worst match together. These two work so much better together in the G1. The BC run-in was also really weird, unless it's going to lead to something bigger. EDIT: Literally five minutes later. I should be more patient.
  3. kas

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Not only are they three of the best in the world, but they also wrestle completely different styles as well.
  4. kas

    GME Project: Greatest Match Ever 2020 Ballot

    This is an excellent project with a lot of representation of any style you could think of. It's definitely helped me find some of my favourite matches of all time.
  5. kas

    Current New Japan

    Shingo vs SHO was great, not quite on the level of their BOSJ match from last year, but their NEVER match should be fireworks.
  6. kas

    Current New Japan

    Yeah, Gedo has earned my trust at this point with how Jay White and Okada were almost instantly rehabilitated after slow starts so I am definitely willing to give it a chance. And yeah, Okada has been disappointing this tournament, especially the Nagata match. His matches with the New Japan oldies are some of the more underrated in recent years so I was so hyped for it, but he was so dull. Thankfully he was great against Hiromu.
  7. kas

    Current New Japan

    Really hoping for some kind of swerve. He was really promising as a Young Lion but apparently floundered in Mexico. Being punked by DOUKI of all people is not a good sign.
  8. kas

    Current New Japan

    SANADA vs EVIL was a genuinely surprising result, while Okada vs Takahashi is fighting with Takahashi vs Ishii for MOTT. Okada finally put in something good this tournament.
  9. It's like that in England as well, you go out for a walk and see very few people wearing masks. And the only thing surprising about the Aries and Low-Ki statements is that they didn't say anything sooner.
  10. Does there exist a full version of this match? Because the 12 minutes we get here is sensational.
  11. Looks like they will be getting the police involved. As far as the expose wrestling list twitter account it looks like they're trying to distance themselves from it. They keep deleting and re-making accounts.
  12. Nothing outside of Twitter, but a lot of people seem to be corroborating stories
  13. Scurll is someone I'd heard some things about. Jim Cornette has been accused now as well
  14. I can only hope this leads to a major clean-up of the industry.