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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/JRsBBQ/status/1451940807833964550?t=O3iKsNVa-nZcNE_5KI1x6A&s=19 Not the nicest news to see, hoping he comes through it alright
  2. kas

    Current New Japan

    Maybe this could be a blessing in disguise for him. People's reaction to his 4th straight G1 final was negative. However I have no doubt people will miss him. For now though, to lose both him and Naito to injury is a heavy blow for New Japan, I can forsee them making zsj and possibly SANADA a more permanent fixture in the main event scene at least until they come back
  3. kas

    Current New Japan

    Fuck, that's so sad
  4. kas

    Current New Japan

  5. kas

    Current New Japan

    I really think it's down to oversaturation as well - this year they've only increased the number of shows they're putting on and have run multiple stadium shows. And now the three-night WK is gonna make it worse...
  6. kas

    Current New Japan

    Thought that Cobb Vs Okada was the best of their three matches.
  7. First time diving into this trilogy. Punk wrestles a smart match based around headlocks and overall keeping the pace slow and did some really entertaining heeling, and I thought Joe's selling and overall mannerisms were awesome. A few dead stretches and some stalling keep this from being in the upper echelon of 60-minute draws, but it's a great start to a famous trilogy. Side note, who was on commentary for this? Because it was awful, the lead guy kept talking about how much these guys were sweating and did his absolute best to telegraph that they were going for a 60-minute draw.
  8. kas

    The Shield

    I'm a lot higher on Seth than others here but I'd still put him at the bottom of the 3. As Dav'oh says, has all the tools but can't put it together. It doesn't help him that his best matches lack variety and that he favours a style that is significantly neutered in WWE, but when I compare it to Roman and Moxley's output it's not even close. Great TV worker though. As for Roman vs Mox, I'd confidently go Mox. I think Roman's big matches are slightly better, but he doesn't have the nearly volume that Moxley has.
  9. kas

    Bison Kimura

    Her match against Aja Kong at Destiny 1995 is awesome.
  10. kas

    Current New Japan

    Agree with the sentiment of GOK. He's really proven that beneath the shitty gimmick there lies a good wrestler. As for the whole Ibushi vs Bryan vs Kenny thing, I think that he is the most creative in his matches of the 3 and is equal in terms of work rate. I think the big thing is that he lacks the narrative that both Kenny and Bryan have had in their careers where they felt like the hottest thing in pro-wrestling (Kenny's rise to the top from 2016-2018 and current title run, Bryan's ROH title run and road to WMXXX). Had he won the title at WK 2020 things might be different.
  11. kas

    Mercedes Martinez

    If anyone has the time/patience for it, check out the Martinez Vs Blanchard 75-minute iron woman match. For my money the 2nd best US Women's match ever.
  12. kas

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    I'd argue Ambrose was by far the most over of the SHIELD guys in WWE. The reactions he would get from 2014-early 2016 were insane, and I can only remember him being booed as a babyface once (his match with AJ Styles at Backlash 2016)
  13. kas

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Really fascinating looks into a promotion I am basically completely blind on. Sabu is even crazier than I thought.