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  1. thebrainfollower2

    John Tenta-Koji Kitao infamous shoot

    Oddly enough the next to last episode of my podcast covered this. The new school fans I work with described it as a bad UFC prelim match.
  2. Join us for a just recorded episode looking at the WWF/New Japan/All Japan summit of April 1990. We discuss the history of WWF/NJPW relations, Kobash's early career, Greg Valentine trolling Japan, AWA champs collide in a great tag match, the differences working heel in Japan and the US, Sherri having a career highlight managing the Macho Man, Baba and Andre's last hurrah (except it isn't) and the most boring "shoot" in wrestling history. Then Jushin Thunder Liger debuts in WWE to take on Tyler Breeze back in 2015. Also note - Dave was using an 80's Fisher Price walkie talkie to do the show. He's currently on special assignment for the podcast covering several critical championship tournaments in Rio De Janeiro. Feedback and comments always welcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1M-bub3b7s
  3. The podcast with old school fans seeing new and newbies seeing the old continues as we take a look at one of the most famous outlaw promotions of all time, International Championship Wrestling. The history of this company, starting from the Poffos to Plan B, from the glory days to the Jarrett buy out is all covered. Along the way Rob provides bios for Pez Whatley, including the weekend he worked almost 3 out of 24 hours in the ring and George Weingeroff, the greatest legally blind wrestler in history. Also up is the secret origin of Dr. Britt Baker, and the role Ronnie Garvin played in her career, Bob Orton Jr, the Poffos, Liz, a heck of a cage match and more. Then it's time for All In's Hangman Page vs. Joey Janela. Feedback and comments always appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJleSzSaRZs&t=4156s
  4. thebrainfollower2

    Global and SMW primers - help sought

    Which Kid-Lynn match is the best one to show and is it on the network or online elsewhere?
  5. thebrainfollower2

    Global and SMW primers - help sought

    Trying to put together about 60-75 minutes of samplers for both Global and SMW for my pod/videocast. Any suggestions?
  6. Wrestling with a Generation Gap returns with an episode recorded months ago, just to whet your appetite till our proper return next month. It's a look at the greatest of all time, the Nature Boy Ric Flair in his early years, 1973-1977. On the docked Flair does battle with Chris Taylor, Swede Hansen, Paul Jones, Wahoo McDaniel and teams up with Greg Valentine to battle the Andersons. Then an early match of modern favorite Kenny Omega as he does battle with The Amazing Red. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HWXbz1vgPk&t=5s
  7. Is this the one with the line "Savage you one legged punk"? For whatever reason my oldest friend and I found that beyond funny and work it into conversations to this day.
  8. thebrainfollower2

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    Great review of a meh show but I feel you guys sort of missed the truly hilarious spot of the Warrior murdering a poor cameraman on the way to the ring. The match was on Supertape 3 and an endless rewind of funny for my friends.
  9. thebrainfollower2

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    I have a question I think worth exploring soon on the podcast, at what point do you guys think Vince wanted the belt off Warrior and back on Hogan? I would argue it was within a few days of WM VI, just based on this SNME alone, never mind Hogan getting the hot new heel Earthquake based on Hogan getting Perfect right at the start and Warrior getting Haku towards the end, and an anemic reaction to boot. It almost seems to me like Vince realized as soon as he saw WM VI that Hogan was again the top guy and maybe that was the plan all along, to simply give Hogan that one defeat to make give his character more depth and shake things up.
  10. thebrainfollower2

    Best episodes of Georgia

    Was wondering what people viewed as the best surviving episodes of Georgia Championship Wrestling?
  11. thebrainfollower2

    Magnum vs. Tully - help sought

    SO I want to introduce my fellow podcasters to the legendary Magnum vs. Tully feud, culminating with the Starrcade 85 match. What other stuff is out there that I should include, matches, angles and promos, to help it all make sense?
  12. A project two years in the making finishes as Wrestling with a Generation Gap concludes a look at the WWE Unreleased DVD set. Dave, Nick and Rob cover a plethora of dark matches and tryouts from 1993-1995, though they mostly ignore the Smoking Gunns bout. Topics covered include Undertaker being stuck with a plethora of freaks during the mid 90's, the bush league Tazmaniac gimmick, the night Rob changed Lex Luger's life for the better, Ludvig Borga - enemy of pollution, Bret Hart goodness and a beyond awful Diesel vs. Yokozuna cage match. Please note that a bunch of podcasts were recorded near each other and the audio levels issue will be addressed after the next one (already in the can, it's Ric Flair - The Rookie Years). Feedback, comments and ideas for future episodes are always welcome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqgda_FWQ-Q&feature=youtu.be
  13. thebrainfollower2

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    As for the 3/23/90 the main event is whatever match Hogan had, rarely the last match. Depending on who you ask this was due to curfew in some buildings, the need to have it happen midway so as to announce next month's card and get max impact or because Hogan didn't want to miss room service at the hotel.
  14. thebrainfollower2

    Place to Be Podcast Thread

    That Main Event was the very first wrestling show I ever recorded. My dad "failed" each and every time to record SNME on our Betamax (he admitted years later he never tried because he couldn't understand it and didn't want to admit that) but this one was on early enough I was able to stay up and record it. To this day I can do the commentary word for word I watched those two matches so many darn times as a kid. It was the only wrestling I had recorded (I never thought to tape the weekly shows as tapes were too hard to get for me) until Summerslam 1990, the first PPV I saw (some of) live.
  15. Wrestling with a Generation Gap, a podcast with video that looks at wrestling old and new from the eyes of 2 generations of fans returns for its' 37th episode (Rob got the number wrong as the original 36 was missing at the time of recording but then found). This time out Dave, Nick and Rob look at Amarillo, with the only footage in Rob's collection from it featuring such stars as Dory Funk Jr., Tito Santana, Ted Dibiase, Stan Lane and a whole lot more. Then we go to today's NWA for a match with an old school flavor as Nick Aldis defends his title against Tim Storm. Feedback is always welcome!