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    Wrestling Games

    I honestly can't bring myself to recommend Battlegrounds to be honest. You start out with about five or so wrestlers and have to unlock the rest by either grinding or resorting to microtransactions. In terms of gameplay, the move sets are unbelievably lacking to the point where there's only about two or three moves at best that separate one wrestler from the next - don't expect to be having any classic matches with this one. I've always preferred the simulation games over the arcadey ones, but the only reason I have this in my collection is due to the fact that I'm a schmuck for wrestling games. It's certainly no All-Stars.
  2. This thread has made me realise that a lot of the WrestleManias I thoroughly enjoyed at the time were actually pretty meh shows. The hype around WrestleMania and the notion that it's "the Granddaddy of them all!" certainly consumes me when watching live but there's only a select few I could go back to now and come away with the opinion that it still holds up well. When it comes to reviewing the more recent shows, I can't say that I envy you at all to be honest man; while there's some good stuff here and there, the thought alone of having to endure 20+ hours over four shows is enough to drive me insane.