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  1. Flyin' Brian

    PWO Appreciation Thread

    I love this place. Don't post much because of life and work but I love coming here and reading when I have some free time. I enjoyed the heck out of the 1983 project before my job got in the way of everything. I have definitely met some cool people and enjoy several things that have come out of this place including podcasts. All the best to all of you.
  2. Flyin' Brian

    WWE TV 03/16 - 03/22 This is the rhythm of the night virus

    Still working here. Grocery stores will probably be the last thing to close, and I'm grocery store tech support so there you go. Should be an interesting night from the WWE PC with Stone Cold and company.
  3. Flyin' Brian

    WWE TV 01/20 - 01/26 Lost 10 pounds in two days AMA

    They do say the best gimmicks are being yourself turned up to 11.
  4. Flyin' Brian

    AEW Full Gear

    I enjoyed the Bucks match. Pretty good opener. Ricky Morton is a crazy old man but I love it.
  5. Flyin' Brian

    AEW Full Gear

    Anybody down in the Jacksonville area? Here for two weeks for work, watching the PPV at a bar/arcade downtown called the rec room. Britt and Bea was kind of sloppy. Brandi and Kong coming down afterwards was cool though.
  6. Flyin' Brian

    Dory Funk Jr on the Amarillo schedule - help needed

    Found this post on Dory Funk's website when I was looking for some info on the Amarillo Territory. Hope it's what you were looking for. http://www.dory-funk.com/amarillo.html
  7. Flyin' Brian

    WWE TV 08/19 - 08/25 The Return of the King of the Ring

    Heyman can pull it off I think. He would just have to turn his vocal skills on the right people. Everybody loves a good trash talker.
  8. Flyin' Brian

    All Elite Wrestling

    Yes please.
  9. Flyin' Brian

    WWE TV 7/1 - 7/7 The Return of the Return of Heyman and Bischoff

    I'd love to see a Vince McMahon impersonator call the show, or maybe John Cena as Lance Catamaran from Southpaw Regional Wrestling.
  10. Flyin' Brian

    WWE TV 7/1 - 7/7 The Return of the Return of Heyman and Bischoff

    Still not a fan of the name, but I like the team. Should be good. I'm almost always happy to see tag team wrestling get a spotlight.
  11. Announced for tonight: Strowman vs Lashley Falls Count Anywhere match The New Day vs The Viking Raiders
  12. Interesting. Wonder how long it will last or how much creative input they will actually have?
  13. Downloaded this to check it out and I love the intro with the piano. That is epic.
  14. Flyin' Brian


    I wonder if she isn't pregnant by the time Smackdown moves to Fox will WWE push for her to be there?
  15. Flyin' Brian


    I'm a casual viewer/lapsed fan at this point, but I really didn't remember him being that bad. That's exactly what he sound like though.