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  1. I haven't listened to the one that came out today yet, but the past two weeks (Halloween Havoc '98, which Conrad thought would be fun to shit on for some reason, and the Fabulous Moolah) may be the new low point of the show for me. The Moolah episode in particular was maybe the worst episode he's ever done. Both guys seemed tired (guessing this was released right before the fiasco that was the Saudi Arabia trip), Bruce wasn't there for most of Moolah's 80's Rock 'n' Wrestling heyday so he had little to add there, so most of the show was devoted to her Attitude Era shenanigans with Mae Young, when there was not nearly enough meat on that bone to devote a full episode. And of course, at the end was Bruce trying to cover up all of the Moolah shady stuff and pass her off as a sweet old grandmother. Everything that is bad about current Something to Wrestle was in full display here, even moreso than on the Halloween Havoc episode that Bruce and Conrad were shitting on. To be honest, this show has become a total "noise while I do other things" podcast for me. Every week, while I am meal prepping for the week and then cleaning up afterwards, that's when I listen to this show. It's not out of the rotation for me completely yet, like Cornette now is (I don't care about Jim Cornette's opinion of current wrestling), but I can see this show turning into a "only if I think the subject is interesting" show for me soon.
  2. They have done so many shows of late about bad late 90's WWF storylines that I think I'm just immune to them at this point. I'd really prefer that they not do a show about every bad 1998 PPV that took place every month. I mean, I don't think any fan was clamoring for the 20 year anniversary recap of Breakdown or Judgment Day, though this is just a personal preference.
  3. The Rikishi episode was fine, I guess. I kinda wish they had spent more time on the Headshrinkers, but this is the week of Conrad's wedding so I can understand if this episode wasn't exactly a priority. But this is at least six weeks now of lackluster shows, so it would be nice if business started to pick up on this show at some point soon.
  4. Cox

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    I think Cornette's shows tend to be topic driven, so if it's a good topic, it's worth the full listen, and if it's not a good topic, it's probably best to skip. His best shows of late have been the deep dives with Ohio Valley, Smoky Mountain, and his various territory runs, but he hasn't done these in a few weeks so the shows have mostly been skippable of late.
  5. I think they're going back to the 1998 well way too often. Did we really need a show devoted to Breakdown: In Your House? I can see doing the Big 4 PPVs from 1998, but a lot of these shows were inconsequential at best, especially with Russo booking where half the shit that happened on that show was undone within a week or two between turns, not observing stipulations, etc. I usually like the PPV shows but not if they're going to keep going back to 1998 every month. September PPVs in particular tend to be quite inconsequential, so I can see why shows devoted to September PPVs have been bummers.
  6. Quietly, they've really started to cut down on the run times of these podcasts. They used to go over three hours every week, and would sometimes bump up against four hours, but they've generally been in the 2 to 2 and a half hour range the last few months, which is one of the reasons I put this back in my rotation, because it's easier to fit in a 2 hour weekly podcast than a 3-4 hour podcast. It was probably a necessity when they were also doing the WWE Network show, and then when Conrad was organizing Starrcast, but I think it works better as a tighter show.
  7. The SummerSlam '88 show is nothing to write home about, but I'm not going to blame Conrad for half-assing it with Starrcast this past weekend and a million other things going on. I don't think Bruce is a great fit for the watch along format. It works for Schiavone, but I think it's maybe too unfocused for Prichard.
  8. Cox

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    He's been tweeting a lot about Izzy wrestling this week, so be warned that there will probably be a lot of Izzy talk tomorrow. I don't think she should be wrestling either but I've heard enough of this incredibly obvious take already that I'm already dreading that part of the pod tomorrow.
  9. Cox

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    Cornette not understanding how Randy Orton shaking his dick at a writer (who was Court Bauer, his old boss when the show was on MLW) was sexual harassment is one of the weirder wrestling bubble things I've heard in a while.
  10. Cox

    What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

    Hearing Conrad and Tony discuss the Scenic City Invitational and Nick Gage on this week’s show was surreal.
  11. I think when it comes to the period where Bruce was on the creative team, the shows tend to be more miss than hit, because Bruce often feels compelled to defend some of his more questionable booking decisions. He could have easily said he didn't get the DDP character and moved on, but I don't know that he has enough self-awareness to realize that, and just blames DDP for not being able to get the Sara Undertaker stalker angle over, when it would have been a tough one to get over even in the best of situations. It also feels like a copout for Bruce to say that nobody cared about WCW and that WCW had died and nobody cared anymore, when Invasion did the best non-Wrestlemania buyrate in company history. That was really something Conrad should have pushed Bruce on further. Clearly, there was interest in WWF and WCW finally facing off, even with the largely midcarders + DDP and Booker T crew that WWF brought in to represent WCW. There was meat on the bone and WWF creative squandered it, and that's something I wish Conrad had questioned Bruce on more than the DDP stuff, which is more of symptom than disease. On a personal note, I remember being on vacation in Jamaica when the Booker T/Buff Bagwell match took place in Atlanta in 2001, and this was before the days where the internet was everywhere, so I had no idea it happened until I came back the following weekend and my friends told me "Yeah, WCW had their first match on Raw and it was this huge disaster." It was kind of hard to fathom at the time that WCW popped up out of nowhere, with no buildup, and had a match that was so bad and so disastrous that it killed the whole thing. I couldn't believe it at the time. I know Bruce tried to pooh pooh it, but they really should have waited until they got to Atlanta for the first WCW match, and I think that's at least partially because I don't think Vince quite understood the history of what WCW meant to Atlanta in the 90's. Bruce kind of illustrated that with this episode, at least indirectly.
  12. Cox

    The Jim Cornette Experience

    I just wish there were time stamps available for his shows so I could skip past the politics. I consider myself to be fairly left of center so Cornette and I share similar opinions of the current administration, but I hear enough about that stuff in my daily life, I'd prefer to avoid it on my wrestling podcasts.
  13. I thought it was funny that on Cornette's podcast this week that he mentioned that it was Bruce's idea to bring in Mero and Sable. That was conveniently left out of Bruce's podcast.
  14. I wonder if Mero is one of those situations where a guy can be entertaining to watch as fans, but has a poor reputation as a worker among the boys, either because he doesn't know how to call a match or because he's out of position, or any one of a number of reasons that may not be perceptible to fans watching a match, but would be known by wrestlers. Could just be a situation where he has matches that look fine to us, but other wrestlers just don't want to work with him.
  15. I'll follow what's going on with this podcast here. Jerry Jarrett has become unfollowable on Twitter very quickly since he spends all of his time basically quote tweeting Bruce Prichard trolls. If I wanted to follow a Twitter account that quote tweeted Bruce Prichard trolls all day, I wouldn't have unfollowed Dave Meltzer.