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  1. flyonthewall2983

    WWE Hall of Fame 2020

    Batista and the NWO (Hall, Nash, Hogan, Waltman) were announced this morning as being the first inductees of the 2020 class.
  2. flyonthewall2983

    WCW Saturday Night on the Network

    To my surprise they added more episodes from 1993 up to the one the night before Slamboree. And they kept in the theme music.
  3. flyonthewall2983

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    It confirmed that the only time him and Tully faced the Bulldogs was at that Survivor Series match. I also didn't know that their first WWF match was where the whole shenanigans between the Bulldogs and Rougeaus took place. It's too bad the Brainbusters didn't work some of the heel teams they had at the time, I'm particularly thinking of the Rougeaus who they would have matched up perfectly with.
  4. flyonthewall2983

    The Toys That Made Us - Professional Wrestling (Netflix)

    Me and my brother had Hogan, Warrior, Beefcake, and Bossman from that group. Macho King, Bushwhackers, Rockers, Tatanka, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, Mountie, Rick Martel, El Matador were the other Hasbros. Had the ring, of course. And had the Hogan talking doll which sounds much less audible now than the one they used in the show.
  5. flyonthewall2983

    The Toys That Made Us - Professional Wrestling (Netflix)

    It's so brief I forgot he was even in it. I bet the guy who named himself "Jewish Lightning" would be good for a shoot interview or podcast about his time as a fan and dealing with both companies. I either forgot or just never knew that ECW (annoyingly referred to as "Eastern Championship Wrestling" on the show) had a line of their own. They even did commercials.
  6. Watched this last night. Admittedly I have not seen the other episodes so I went into the series cold by going straight to this. Funny intro, annoying voice-over guy, silly editing and overall a childish approach which I guess is appropriate. It gives the briefest overview of wrestling's popularity before settling in during the Rock & Wrestling era, and the first WWF toys. Someone referred to those big bulky things as dog toys which made me laugh. I recognized Cody Rhodes (who only has one line in the whole thing), Justin Roberts and that's it. Zack Ryder was interviewed and his collection was shown off, but his stuff didn't make the cut.
  7. flyonthewall2983

    Best Arn Anderson Match

    Probably harder to determine a bad AA match than a good one.
  8. flyonthewall2983

    The Self Destruction of Jim Cornette

    No matter how out of step he gets, or how many times people 'cancel' him, we need his perspective. If just to provide a balance and a sense of history to everything, he's maybe better at it than someone like Meltzer who has always been on the sidelines, no matter how close he got he was never in it.
  9. I haven't listened to it in quite awhile frankly. Last one I remember was the Hogan episode. Nice to see him going from has-beens to a real, genuine never-was.
  10. flyonthewall2983

    Sean Oliver's Kayfabe Podcast

    He had a non-wrestling guest this week, name escapes me but he wrote a book about Miami in the Cocaine Cowboys days. I like the idea of him mixing it up a bit and not being a purely wrestling show, because as I said this format is perfect for his conversational style.
  11. flyonthewall2983

    The XFL is returning?

    Where do things stand now?
  12. flyonthewall2983

    WWE Presents Crown Jewel: Halloween Pumpkin Spice Edition

    If it's true, and forgetting about everything else for a moment, but Vince showed some real balls by cutting off the feed.
  13. flyonthewall2983

    The Arn Anderson podcast

    Today's episode is about his neck injuries and retirement, including the NWO parody of his retirement speech and all of the fallout from that.
  14. flyonthewall2983


    Edi Patterson on HBO's The Righteous Gemstones would be a perfect model for a Sherri/Sunny-type female valet character today.
  15. flyonthewall2983

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    I think my favorite quote from the show's entirety (from what I have heard at least) is when talking about how brave TNA was for going head-to-head on Monday nights, that "he respects the balls". It's actually him repeating what Conrad says first, but the exchange is like something out of Seinfeld.