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  1. flyonthewall2983

    Zac Efron and director Sean Durkin to film a movie about the Von Erichs

    Framed within the context of Reagan’s America, and the ascension of cultural conservatism of which one could argue that in many ways helped the wrestling boom of the 80’s, it could make any retelling of that saga all the more interesting and infuriating all the same. I’m guessing Efron is going to play Kevin but I’m really interested in who’s going to play Doris. From what I’ve seen, and this is probably just down to her rightfully turning away people who wanted to exploit the boys’ downfall (including at some point her own husband I would think it’s fair to say), the story from her point of view has never really been told. Besides that I really wonder how this can all be boiled down to something presumably under 2 hours. It will have to acknowledge Gino Hernandez, maybe Bruiser Brody too. Maybe a longer movie could put all of those pieces in the right places but I’ve always felt this is a story needing to be told as completely as possible to understand the depth of tragedy at play.
  2. flyonthewall2983

    Zac Efron and director Sean Durkin to film a movie about the Von Erichs

    I’ve heard lots of praise for the director’s work, Martha Marcy May Marlene in particular. And yeah it being the same company that put out Uncut Gems and Moonlight tells me more about the aims of the project then if it was any of the major studios or streamers.
  3. https://deadline.com/2022/06/zac-efron-the-iron-claw-a24-sean-durkin-1235046496/ Beyond it being a press release and on a site such as Deadline, that info is thin and nonexistent as to the involvement of the family as such, is in this production. I hope it is being done with their, and Kevin especially, approval.
  4. flyonthewall2983

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    I’m just learning about this now
  5. flyonthewall2983

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    The good old non-denial denial
  6. flyonthewall2983

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Website now says this isn’t true and links to a retraction
  7. flyonthewall2983

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

  8. flyonthewall2983

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Regardless if Vince is forever crucified in the court of public opinion the fact there isn’t a united front among the family on this, means there is an instability they may not recover from unless they cash out entirely.
  9. flyonthewall2983

    Ric Flair (sigh)

    I heard Buddy wanted to do this to steal Lou Thesz’s thunder after the match with Chono.
  10. flyonthewall2983

    Ric Flair (sigh)

  11. flyonthewall2983

    WWE TV 04/04 - 04/10 VEER IS HERE

    I’m getting close reading this
  12. flyonthewall2983

    WWE Wrestlemania 38 the Mania of Wrestling

    You know who his dad is, right? I’m watching the scrum now. Obviously time will tell how this goes but I get why he did it, and the fact he can talk proud about what he did during the time off tells me he is being as sincere as he can about at least how fatherhood has changed his priorities, and the bonds he made during his last run over the difficulties he had as he left. I will say the whole “don’t want to be AEW champ because I still want to be WWE champ” is a nice bit of carn.
  13. flyonthewall2983

    RIP Scott Hall

    I love the story he told about working MSG for the first time as Razor, against Randy Savage, and how Vince told him to hold off on coming out to his music, to the point that he was making Vince wait and tell him to get out there. If professional wrestling is an art, which I believe it is, he defined the aspect of both psychology and his spot on the card as art. He probably would have been a decent guy on top, but it was better when you weren’t sure if he was going to win and lose but it never affected the reliability he brought to what he did. Knowing now just how fragile he was inside with everything from his childhood, that terrible incident referenced above, and of course his addictions, really brings home how good he was at hiding it all when the cameras went on and the bright lights hit. A demon in and of itself at times, as it turns out it was the blanket he himself needed from those pains.
  14. flyonthewall2983

    Rhodes to the Top Megathread

    So I take it the show is canceled, or will it move to USA? One thing I know for sure, if Dusty were still alive he’d probably be the best thing on the show.
  15. flyonthewall2983

    HHH officially announces end of in ring career

    DX was always better when it was just Shawn and Hunter, even in the middle 00’s when they were just being goofy. If Hall, Nash and Waltman stayed, and they really did the Kliq as a real group they would have been the WWF’s true equivalent to the Four Horsemen. That said in hindsight it’s kind of cool that they copied that formula more directly with Evolution, complete with Flair in the JJ/Ole spot. The booking often did them no favors in being as entertaining as the original Horsemen or even DX before Montreal, but it gave Ric some new life as a heel in the company and it let Orton and Batista shine.