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  1. flyonthewall2983

    Grilling JR

    Conrad stopping JR during the middle of his Ahmad Rashad tangent was funny. I really really want to like that show, but how the hosts are marks for themselves (and have cultivated their own marks) is a little unbearable. I really got the impression they had a lot of sour grapes over the Von Erich episode of Dark Side Of The Ring because they basically did a day's worth of podcasts covering it all, like somehow two guys with a lot of basically second-hand knowledge (because they weren't of age during that time) and bad jokes somehow trumps a major television production with many of the actual people involved. I never saw a thread for their show here, and didn't go looking out for one so I don't know the room temperature on those guys here. Anyway... This week's show will be interesting for a number of obvious reasons, but I will be most interested in how Jim participates in a deep dive in perhaps the hardest moment of his professional life, and likely one of the top ones for him personally too. I don't think he'll walk on eggshells, but I think he'll employ some diplomacy with his words and be careful with what he'll try to say. He talked about it in this interview with Sam Roberts, and the way he describes being told that Owen was dead is obviously heartbreaking and it must have been extremely awkward given the circumstances he was in at the moment.
  2. flyonthewall2983

    WWE Hidden Gems

    Is there much footage of Studd and Flair as a tag team?
  3. flyonthewall2983

    Ric Flair (sigh)

    Well this should at least be good fodder for his roast
  4. flyonthewall2983

    Ric Flair (sigh)

  5. flyonthewall2983

    Ric Flair (sigh)

  6. flyonthewall2983

    All Elite Wrestling

  7. flyonthewall2983

    Wrestling in unusual contexts

    I've heard that characters on Billions made some rather inside references. Showrunner Brian Koppleman is a life-long fan, talks about WWE on his Twitter account and actually was going to create a show about the territories for HBO I think and even talked to Vince in that process.
  8. flyonthewall2983

    Grilling JR

    I suspected as much, not thinking much of his book. The full interview he did which that clips comes from is great, though. He said something about Vince Russo that really turned my head about what kind of person he is.
  9. flyonthewall2983

    Grilling JR

    It picks up a little interest for me towards the end when he talks about the heel promo he cut on Vince McMahon the night he introduced fake Razor and Diesel. I think it was a significant turn in his time in the company, as it helped shape the kind of announcer he would be for the company when the time came for him to be lead announcer. As is pointed out, a few things he actually said in the promo got cheers from the audience so in terms of turning him into a heel announcer it didn't work but it was a building block to who he would be in the WWF/E from then on. I've heard the Bischoff/JJ story before and it honestly doesn't surprise me that in the midst of all this ship-jumping he'd get a bit paranoid. He makes it sound as if he was on pins and needles every day for a certain time because of how low the company was considered in the company by everybody but Ted. Anyway, this is Dillon's response to those accusations, which given his stature in wrestling in terms of longevity and friendliness, I'll give more credence. I guess he has a podcast too (why not, everyone else is doing it). Can anyone vouch for it's quality?
  10. flyonthewall2983

    Grilling JR

    2nd episode was okay, mostly a lot of regurgitated points that have been well-covered in podcasts and other shoots and with Hall, Nash and all involved with "The Curtain Call".
  11. flyonthewall2983

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    Gino would have been a better Horseman than Lex Luger, he might not have been as great as the other three were in the ring but he had more experience than Lex certainly. I feel like the inaccuracies about the autopsy mentioned makes me think the fact that he "had enough coke in his system to kill an elephant" might be one too. I'm surprised they didn't mention the rumors of him being bisexual and would be essentially pimped out to rich, gay men at times (if I remember that right).
  12. flyonthewall2983

    [1995-03-11-WCW-Saturday Night] Steven Regal and Bobby Eaton

    No memory of this. Any video evidence?
  13. flyonthewall2983

    The Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

  14. flyonthewall2983

    Grilling JR

    The irony there is that Bischoff is a dyed-to-the-wool Republican . This week's episode is about Hall and Nash leaving and the fake Diesel/Razor.
  15. flyonthewall2983

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    I completely forgot he was in a tag team with Terry Funk for a little bit in 98.