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  1. flyonthewall2983

    Store Horsemen

    Anyone listen to this show? I got a little into it recently after hearing Joe Rogan mention it on his interview with DDP.
  2. flyonthewall2983

    Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    What was Bruce's response to the whole thing of Stephanie saying 9/11 was like living through the federal trial?
  3. flyonthewall2983

    WWF Ongoing Thread

    He was getting old too
  4. flyonthewall2983

    World Class Championship Wrestling on the WWE Network

    It's opposite the problem a few of these promotions had in the wake of the WWF getting huge, running in places like New York or Chicago and not keeping things at home to where the demand can meet the supply. Flair always says running Chicago instead of Greensboro for Starrcade was the beginning of the end. In the case of the Von Erichs they had the demand because they were drawing such good ratings with their syndicated show. It would have at least made sense of something like breaking away from the NWA.
  5. flyonthewall2983

    WWF Ongoing Thread

    I think at the end of one of his MSG matches, Gorilla refers to him as "Ricky The Dragon Steamboat". That's about it I'm sure.
  6. I would have liked to have seen a guy lose a haircut match, but eventually come around to the idea that he looks better bald. I think Bobby Heenan should have won at least one weasel suit match. Preferably against the Ultimate Warrior.
  7. flyonthewall2983

    Your opinion on Roman Reigns

    From my limited perspective I feel kind of sorry for him. He's good in the ring and not as bad on the mic as some guys who were in his same spot. Fans do turn on everyone when they're on top, and it's always kind of been that way but it seems like it happens WAY quicker than it used to.
  8. flyonthewall2983

    World Class Championship Wrestling on the WWE Network

    Anyone have an idea who Arman Hussian was? The H&H. Ltd stable is an interesting idea, two managers but I can certainly see why it didn't catch on.
  9. flyonthewall2983

    All Star Wrestling on the Network

    I stopped watching mid-way through that promo, I ought to catch the rest of it. Hennig flies like a bat out of hell out of the ring at one point.
  10. flyonthewall2983


    The Great Khali makes a brief appearance in the new extended version of Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life
  11. flyonthewall2983

    Who is more historically important?

    Cena over Hansen easily. Even though I'd always liked him, I huffed and puffed a little when he was about to break Flair's record. Not that it really matters anyway, but I think if there is anyone to be an equal to the kind of work Flair put in "back in the day" it's John. More than just his consistent in-ring work, his work behind the scenes and with Make-A-Wish and all the PR he has done and continues to do, he's been the perfect ambassador for WWE more than anyone else, even Hogan in his day. Angle over Goldberg, not so easily but a quick decision anyway. It continues to impress me how easy the transition it was for Kurt compared to other professional athletes, especially since by all accounts he never grew up a fan. He found his way through being endlessly self-deprecating, yet still every bit the Olympic champ when that bell rang. Goldberg was a lot of hype, fun to watch, but in the end a very limited guy who still did make the best of it. Bryan over Hardy. WrestleMania 30 was a special night for me, when I enjoyed the modern product in a way I didn't for a very long time and Daniel Bryan was a big part of that. The momentum he had going into New Orleans was huge and I really felt like I was seeing the next centerpiece guy take his place. Batista over Edge, simply for how I can look back on some of his angles with people and correlate it with his acting ability. I saw the thing where he turned on Rey Mysterio from about a decade ago, and there is some mighty thick pathos to it that you normally didn't see. Fast-forward to something like his performance in Blade Runner 2049, where he gives you a deep impression with little time in a great movie that's almost 3 hours.
  12. flyonthewall2983

    World Class Championship Wrestling on the WWE Network

    The way he tells it, he was discovered by helping out Kerry in wrestling practice (despite not even being a coach at his school). He knew Fritz because he was a fan, and he was eventually hired as a referee. He said they made a big deal out of him being the youngest-ever referee since all of them at that point were usually just retired guys.
  13. flyonthewall2983

    World Class Championship Wrestling on the WWE Network

    I know he's not a favorite of anyone here, but David Manning was on Ric Flair's podcast two times and it must have been the only time I ever sat through an episode. They became tight when Ric would come through Dallas as the world champion, and they had some funny stories about the old days.
  14. flyonthewall2983

    World Class Championship Wrestling on the WWE Network

    That's interesting since the Network's synopsis for the World Class documentary WWE did mentions Mark Lewin. In another instance I heard Roddy Piper's name mentioned as someone managed by Gary Hart.
  15. flyonthewall2983

    World Class Championship Wrestling on the WWE Network

    Jay Saldi played for the Cowboys from '76 until '82. Explains a lot as to why he got the job and why he left. Funny you should mention his references to outside people, during one match I saw he was talking about Hulk Hogan and Rocky III, I think because Bill mentioned something about Dizzy Hogan (Brutus). Did Ed Leslie ever work Dallas?