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  1. I'm really enjoying this thread and all these interesting tidbits about Jumbo. I've only seen the "big" matches of Jumbo's career from the 80's & 90's and I think only a handful of his 70's stuff. I really haven't watched him as in depth as someone who knew how highly regarded he was; especially compared to the 4 Pillars or even his contemporaries like Tenryu, Choshu or Fujinami. So now with all this extra insight and information I've been going back and watching/compiling a list of whatever I've been able to find online of Jumbo's career from start to finish and it's been so enjoyable and such a breath of fresh air to take me out of the modern product for a bit and reset by watching someone as great as Jumbo. Thank you again for all the information you've shared, it's been one of the best threads I've read on this board since I've joined.
  2. SPS

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    This is a great option, thank you for sharing.
  3. SPS

    Under-the-radar wrestling book recommendations

    That's quite a project! I'd love to read your translated version once you're done if you decide to share it. I really enjoy your added insight on some of the early Jumbo matches along with the AJPW and Japanese pro wrestling landscape of the era. It adds so much more when rewatching those older matches to have the underlying context.
  4. SPS

    RIP Guy Hauray

    What did Carpentier say to get suspended?
  5. SPS

    Dave Meltzer stuff

    "Briefly, a dud match is one without any redeeming social value. Five stars is for something stupendous. I may see eight or nine five star matches per year. A negative rating means not only was the match worthless, but obnoxiously bad. 0.5 is for a terrible match, but at least there was a high spot or something. 1 is a bad match, 1.5 is below average but tolerable; 2 average, 2.5 kind of good; 3 Quite good; 3.5 almost great; 4 excellent; 4.5 better than you can ask for."
  6. SPS

    John Tenta-Koji Kitao infamous shoot

    He front facelocked Verne Gagne brother Seriously though in Bret's book he gives a first hand account of Hogan and Dr D. getting into an inpromptu shoot wrestling match in a hotel and Hogan managed to hook Dr D and make him give up which sounds like BS but when you take into account how much Bret praises Dr D in his book and buries Hogan, I don;t know why he'd add it if it were untrue.
  7. I was was thinking about this today after watching this video about the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde talking about it's aspects and elements that ushered in styles and methods of story telling to the American cinema that continued to have influence going forward to present day. I also was reminiscing after listening to the Between The Sheets podcast from a few weeks back about the famous Dragon Gate 6 man from 'Mania weekend in 2006 and how influential it was for the amount of exposure to a wider audience of the state of the art Dragon Gate style and how the blow away 5 star match from the first real independent group to run on 'Mania weekend in a manner that mirrors what eventually became the big juggernaut the indy "Mania weekend supershow events came to become in recent years showcasing different protections styles, high end work rate matches and events that can be ahead of the curve of whats was to come in main stream pro wrestling. I thought this would be a fun topic to ask the folks here since this board has such a wide variety of people who have really in depth knowledge about a slew of promotions and matches internationally that go back to the start of pro wrestling as we know it. So what are matches from the history of wrestling that you personally look back and find elements or specific details that have emerged in the present day to become popular or commonplace that can be tied back to a specific match in your eyes? Can be good or bad and of course and it's all personal opinion/conjecture but my main interest is hearing some spirited opinion and thought to learn about some matches I might not know about or that I haven't been exposed to.
  8. SPS

    Dark Side of the Ring: Viceland docu-series

    This is what makes me not feel too much sympathy for Stossel; he's a hypocrite of the highest order. He claimed he thought it was bullshit wrestling and wrestlers were portraying themselves as something they were not for a payday and a living but as soon as he gets the chance to play lingering ear injury he's suddenly in agony until he collects a payday. Fair play to him because there were no saints among them but it's a weasel move reminiscent of a heel manager rather than upstanding reporter.
  9. Me too, just watched his tag against Choshu/Fujinami last night. I loved him in UWFi and hadn't got to see much of his NJPW stuff but he was fantastic everywhere. I'd love to have a career set of all his matches that made tape because he's fantastic.
  10. I agree with the overall work he did in making David look great and getting the spectacle over to the crowd but as a veteran the whole busted light tube accidentally almost cutting Arquette's throat was a pretty big blunder by Gage. Nick should've known better as a vet than to do that with someone as green as Arquette, especially after Gage almost bled to death at TOD that time hitting those tubes despite having worked spots with light tubes probably a hundred times by that point. Could've done something much safer and gotten as good or greater a response with the crowd heat Gage gets from those fans.
  11. SPS

    All Elite Wrestling

    What about The hardcore homo Angel? or Kaos? I'd take one of them over Janella any day.
  12. SPS

    The length of wrestling shows & overkill

    I like 90 mins to 2 hours for weekly stuff and 3 to 3 1/2 hours for major shows including pre-show. Then maybe 4 hours for a one time spectacular a year like Wrestle Kingdom or 'Mania. For smaller groups mentioned that I watch like MLW and NWA Powerrr 60 mins is plenty as I can squeeze them in among my other watching where if they were 2 hours I'd have to skip one or the other.
  13. SPS

    Sean Oliver's Kayfabe Podcast

    Sucks he isn't putting it on YouTube, I agree it would help greatly spread his reach and probably help downloads since few will check out a random podcast on Stitcher like I ended up doing to listen to it. Anyway my thoughts with the first episode were; Pros - I like that it's only an hour as any podcast that runs more than 90 mins is too long to add into my rotation with all the wrestling podcasts I follow currently - I enjoyed he still pushes the questions he wants to know and his straight forward opinions on things like he did on the KC releases with him pushing Conrad to talk about how difficult Flair was to podcast with or how he thinks most wrestlers are best to interview when they're having a cocktail and how Howard Stern sucks now. - I enjoyed him talking about his passion for the shoot interview and how it benefited talents who did them with his group like Dutch and his book sales picking up (I definitely was someone who bought both of Dutch's books after hearing him on Guest Booker). - I enjoyed how he pointed out how negative the online social media world is and how they need to make a beef between people like Sean/Conrad or how they like to take one small aspect and pretend it's the whole story like harping on the silly 'how big is Batista's dick?' question from 1 series KC did that wasn't even Sean's question but a fan's and ignore the big picture of all Sean and KC produced over the decade of great content. Cons - The opening bit with the little girl (daughter?) was off putting and out of place with the tone Sean has when he talks on the show so I hope they ax that and change it to a different open. - Sean sometime pauses for a long time when thinking through his comments which on screen is no big deal because you can see him but listening it;s dead air and made me think my stream froze a few times. Not to say it's completely avoidable but it was distracting at points so I imagine the more episodes he does the less it'll happen. - The pacing was a bit all over the place and he really didn't lay out the format much so if I hadn't read your review beforehand I'd have been a bit jumbled on what was going on by just listening without any foreknowledge of what was discussed ahead of time. I know it's only the first episode so not a big deal but hopefully he gets a steady format down in the episodes to come or at least give us a run down of what's to come in the opening so it's doesn't comes off as so all over the place getting from open to plugging the KC sales stuff to interview to closing thoughts and the Q&A's sprinkled randomly throughout. That works alright for the revamped YouShoots when they changed the formats a few years back but again it helps when you can see what's going on vs just listening. Overall I though it was pretty good with some rough edges to iron out. I love Sean though and will be tuning in either way and look forward to him having some more guests on and what he can do one he gets his podcasting legs under him. If KC starts producing their series again like he said they would after the break it'd be a great companion piece for the podcast to sometimes be a place to discuss previews or follow ups or behind the screens stuff going on at these shoots. Also seeing him answer Q&A himself personally would be great as I loved the Sean Q&A thread on his message board back in the day and his appearances on IYH Wrestling.
  14. SPS

    The Classic Arenas

    This is a cool thread, I always thought it'd be a fun project to make a set of all the best matches from within the most famous venues of wrestling around the globe; some buildings have held decades of legendary matches and I imagine there would be quite a spread of great matches from different groups in some buildings especially places like Korakuen Hall or The Arena in Philly.