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    Mayu Iwatani

    Makai Club #1 said: "Mayu Iwatani is one of the modern Joshi wrestlers that can really hold a candle to some of the older names. What may hold her back is the lack of powerful or innovative offence that you'd get from an Aja Kong or Manami Toyota but her selling and bumping is at a high level. Her small frame and uncanny ability to get slammed on her neck and survive make her a terrific underdog who can garner crowd sympathy, who can turn that into heat for a big comeback at the end of the match. I'd almost compare her to Rey Mysterio in how perfect she is for that role. You can't imagine her as a heel because she is so rootable. Mayu has had plenty of great matches against a lot of different opponents ranging from Meiko Satomura, Takumi Iroha and the Io Shirai series, of course. Plus Mayu is a really good tag team wrestler as well as being a strong singles wrestler. While they are usually short term teams, Mayu had great success with Io Shirai in Thunder Rock, Arisa Hoshiki and Saki Kashima (who isn't very good). And if being able to make small card trios matches worth watching is your thing, Mayu is the one for that also. " Matches Recommended: Vs Io Shirai - Stardom Year End Climax 2016 22/12/2016 Vs Takumi Iroha 2020 (Both the 08/02/2020 & 18/10/2020 matches) Vs Momo Watanabe - Stardom True Fight 23/10/2018
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    Dump Matsumoto

    Discuss here.
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    2026 Nomination Thread

  4. Grimmas

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Here it is, the thread you use to request a new nominee. If someone is not nominated and you want to consider voting for them, you will reply to this thread with two things. 1) A small paragraph (3-5 sentences) that lay out their basic case. 2) A list of three recommended matches (with links if possible). A new nomination thread will be created, if one doesn't exist, with that info provided. The matches will be added to the Google Docs of Recommended Matches. Enjoy.
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    Jetlag said: "One of the most unique juniors of the last 2 decades. An incredibly athletic wrestler, whose love for new generation era WWF and knack for technical moves makes him stand out. He can do it all, from Bret Hart worshipping technical wrestling, to garbage brawling, to highflying, to working hard hitting puro epics, to being an excellent Anderson bros style heel. Has some of the best broadways of the modern era under his belt, against a variety of unique opponents, and yet to disappoint in any setting. I think a deep dive of him is well worthwhile considering he has worked an incredible number of different places in the last 20 years." Matches: 2/3 Falls: GENTARO vs. Masamune, VKF 9/23/2008 GENTARO vs. Spark Aoki, Secret Base 1/10/2011 Tanomusaku Toba & MIKAMI vs. GENTARO & YOSHIYA (DDT 11/30/2001) Quote
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    Pedro Morales

    NotJayTabb said: "It was highlighted in tonight's watch party that Pedro doesn't have a nomination, which is nuts when you consider we have a bunch of fun 80s Pedro performances, especially because Baron Mikel Scicluna is nominated, and he was never fun. I don't know how much footage there is of him in his prime, but his 80s stuff and his status as a former WWF champion suggests he's worth investigating. 80s Pedro is still great as a fired-up babyface, his comebacks are amazingly fun and his backbreaker gets huge height, look great. " Recs W/ Davey Boy Smith & Danny Spivey vs Beefcake, Valentine & Valiant (WWF Prime Time 16/6/86) Vs Barry O (WWF Prime Time 7/7/86) Vs The Iron Sheik (WWF Prime Time 23/6/86)
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    Dump Matsumoto

    I'm not against watching that stuff and I will (i'm doing joshi chrono, so I will get to it). Thanks for the recs, I do appreciate it. However, covering someone's full prime is not taking top 10 of their career spread out over time. That's not a direct comparison, that's a whole different beast. I'm sorry but earlier, in the Petit Prince thread, you said there was 17 matches of their whole career left on tape. You are more than okay ranking them. Maybe you weren't clear, but your original post did not seem like hey there is great post prime to check out at all. Nobody really took it that way, maybe you have to be more clear in your posts if that was your intention? I don't want to derail the thread any further. Dump fucking rules and this is a disservice to her.
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    Dump Matsumoto

    If someone has a full career where they absolutely rule and then retire and come out of retirement 15 years later. Should we care about that comeback? That's really the question posed and that could be a discussion. However, so many are just seeing Dump for the first time and would love for them to explore that prime first. You can just keep in your mind she wasn't good on the comeback 15 years after she retired.
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    Harley Race

    Discuss here.
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    Questions for the GWE Podcast

    These are all such amazing questions!! Thanks everyone. Some may have to go to episode two, time pending. I appreciate it and keep them coming.
  11. I'll be recording episode 1 in a few weeks and plan to put this out monthly. I would like to spend a portion of the show answering questions. The questions can be GWE related or not, but I'll answer them. You can post them here.
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    Masked Superstar/Demolition Ax

    His work making Darsow look like a bad ass killer and turning in one of the best tag teams of the 1980s is so fucking impressive. Just a master of ring psychology. Add that to being able to change gimmicks and styles around it (Ax and Superstar are nowhere near the same). I love Eadie. I hopefully can find a spot for him near the bottom, but we'll see.
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    Questions for the GWE Podcast

    thanks you all and keep them coming. I'll get to these on the podcast.
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    Dump Matsumoto

    I don't know why we are talking about someone's comeback 5 years after their retirement, when their whole case is based on their prime. What a fucking prime it is too! She is the most evil heel in the history of wrestling. Her matches are not just matches, they are mythical special events that have to be seen to be believed. There is an aura in her matches that few can accomplish. She's not just stabby stabby either, there are many instances where she shoes she can really wrestle. However, she's such a presence is that even important? Watch any Dump match (during her initial career) they are special. She is special. Easy top 25 worker.
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    Yoshinari Ogawa

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    Watch Parties

    The Dump Matsumoto watch party starts at 12 noon, so in 50 minutes. This one will be special. Voice chat on the discord, but watch and text chat here: https://sync-tube.de/rooms/NvdKvl2jJ Playlist: 1. Dump & Bull Nakano vs. Itsuki Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno 08/22/85 2. Dump vs. Yukari Omori 03/20/86 3. Dump vs. Chigusa Nagayo 04/05/86 4. Dump vs. Bull Nakano 05/26X/86 5. Dump vs. Itsuki Yamazaki 08/21/86 6. Dump & Bull Nakano vs. Chigusa Nagayo & Kazue Nagahori 08/23/86
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    Watch Parties

    It's all happening here on discord: https://discord.gg/2tqvKBK2WA The first one will be on Saturday (17th) at 1 eastern, for a couple of hours. Watching some Jaguar Yokota. Join us if you want, either voice, chat, or just listening on while on mute.
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    Jay Briscoe

    Discuss here.
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    Cien Caras said: "I’m surprised he hasn’t been nominated. Or maybe I’m not, yes he’s a bit shit and I can’t erase slow-motion clotheslines from WCW from my memory. However as someone who lets the YouTube algorithm determine what I watch, Konnan shows up in a lot of matches I have watched recently, most of which I watched many years ago but I can’t deny they are all awesome. I’m talking early 90s EMLL boom and the theatre of the first few years of AAA, amazing brawls against and alongside admittedly all-timers such as Perro Aguayo, Cien Caras, Mascara Ano 2000, Pirata Morgan, Faraon etc. And I will stand by the fact that the feud with Jake Roberts was awesome. When I keep watching matches involving Konnan and he’s at the height of his superstardom, he should be discussed especially when the imposter Konnan Big has been nominated. Let’s arriba la raza, and get bowdy bowdy and rowdy rowdy." Match Recs: Konnan vs Jake Roberts Tijuana hair match Konnan vs Perro Aguayo mask v hair match EMLL 1991 Konnan/Perro Aguayo/Rayo de Jalisco Jr vs Cien Caras/Mascara Ano 2000/Sangre Chicana
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    Shinya Hashimoto

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    Kiyoshi Tamura vs Negro Casas

    Any shoot worker vs any non shoot worker means the non shoot worker wins for me. Put it against Negro Casas who is challenging for #1 on the list, then it's not even a second thought.
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    Le Petit Prince

    Thank you. I will grapple with if 17 matches is enough to rank someone. Appreciated.
  23. Grimmas

    Le Petit Prince

    Jetlag said: "If there is one French worker that absolutely everyone should check out, it's the Little Prince. An absolutely mindblowing athletic worker, who did stuff in his matches nobody in the world now could pull off half as cleanly. Makes the most agile luchadores look flat footed. What's more important is that he was also a tremendous babyface who always sells and works hard to have competitive matches. Looks great from the 1960s up to the 80s. Apparently he also had some TV matches in Britain that I'd love to see pop up in the next 5 years."
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    CM Punk

    Discuss here.