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    The XFL is returning?

    Brad Shepard 🤘🏻‏ @TheBradShepard EXCLUSIVE: Vince McMahon is looking to bring back the XFL and may announce it on January 25th, 2018. 4:38 PM - 15 Dec 2017 Kris Zellner said he heard this as well. WTF is even happening?
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    Greatest Match Ever Project

    Following in the vein for the GWE, the GME is here. It's going to be hosted on a new board. http://gweproject.freeforums.net/ Rules are similar. All laid out on the board. Join, discuss, have fun.
  3. Parv had this idea on the last AJ Excite Series and I thought it was pretty neat. So, here is a thread to list your 5 and 4 3/4 star matches. You can come back and edit as you discover more. It will be neat to see what people have as bench marks and what trends come out of this.
  4. The prematch video made this feud look insanely heated with JBL causing Eddie's mother to have a heart attack and Eddie being pissed off and vengeful. JBL cut a very racist promo against Mexicans before the match. This was so old school I can't believe it's 2004. Crowd is crazy for Eddie here chanting his name even before his music hits. I forgot how ho he was at the time. The match starts hot with Eddie going nuts on Bradshaw. Throwing him into tables and punching away and choking. Just a great shine sequence by Eddie. It gets to the point where JBL tries to leave the match, but Eddie chases him down and keeps the assault up. Eddie keeps chucking JBL out of the ring and into things and breaking the count, but finally JBL reverses a whip and tosses Eddie into the steps. The moment JBL goes on offense the crowd goes into Eddie chants. This is just a wild out of control brawl with great heat. JBL finally slows it down with a side headlock and the crowd is going crazy for Eddie. Really good stuff, as Eddie escapes gets in a hope spot, but JBL puts him back in the side headlock. Eddie makes a hot comeback with a series of armdrags, but his plancha is caught and he gets a fallaway slam on the floor. Eddie gets back dropped onto the table here too. After a few hot sequences JBL goes to the bearhug. After some big bumps on the back it makes a lot of sense. Great comeback by Eddie which ends when Eddie and while the referee is down JBL nails Eddie with a super vicious chair shot that BUSTS EDDIE OPEN HUGE!!! What a huge gusher. There is blood everywhere and JBL goes right to work on the cut. Even hits him with the steps. JBL with a huge lariat, but the referee is still down. Crowd is going nuts for Eddie still. A second referee runs down, but Eddie kicks out to a huge pop. Eddie ducks the second lariat and this referee gets wiped out. HUGE POWER BOMB by JBL for two! JBL smartly goes for the sleeper, but Eddie back suplexes him. The whole ring area is a bloody mess. Eddie Hulks up, but gets caught and JBL goes for a fallaway slam only to get DDT'ed. Eddie slowly gets to the corner and goes to the top but misses the Frog Splash. JBL throws a chair in the ring and while the referee removes it he goes at Eddie with the belt, but Eddie blocks it. He then nails JBL with the belt for the DQ. Fans boo that finish, but it's completely awesome. Eddie then unloads on JBL with punches while blood is everywhere. A gaggle of referees pull Eddie off, but even that's not enough as he nails him with the belt again and again. I think JBL is busted open too, but it may be Eddie's blood. Eddie now has a chair and just nails JBL to return the favour from earlier. Finally JBL is in the ring begging and bleeding as the blood Eddie nails another chair shot on JBL and follows it up with a Frog Splash. The referees pull JBL away to safety. JBL is most the way down the ramp, but Eddie goes after him again. Now Finlay, Arn etc. pull Eddie away as JBL crawls away. Eddie stands tall as he celebrates in the ring to huge cheers. What an epic war this was and a great way to get this feud to continue. Just an amazing **** 1/2 type affair.. If you don't remember this or just think of it for the blade job, watch again. Great stuff.
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    Current Lucha Talk

    GWE is over, we can now focus on current wrestling. Cubsfan puts up everything weekly on youtube, so there is no excuse to not watch a little. Here we are, current lucha talk. What did you watch? What are you looking forward to? News, rumours, etc...
  6. Stacey (Jimmy Redman) and I have started our trek through SHIMMER Women's Athletes history. Hope you join us. Volume 1 is up. SHIMMER HERstory is a podcast that reviews each and every SHIMMER show, volume by volume. On this first episode, not only does Stacey and Steven discuss the entire Volume 1 show, but they discuss the concept behind SHIMMER Women's Athletes and the state of women's wrestling in 2005. Join them on their journey from the very beginning. Watch SHIMMER at www.streamshimmer.com/
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    Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory

    There is this thread, if we want to merge those or just for a fun read of some reviews. https://forums.prowrestlingonly.com/topic/49485-beyond-wrestling-unchartered-territory-on-iwtv/
  8. This was a classic blood bath as Tajiri finally fights back against Corino and just destroys him. Tajiri is a sadistic monster wiping Corino's blood on his chest and killing him with kicks and putting him through tables. Corino (the heel) makes a few valiant comeback attempts, but he can't match Tajiri. I LOVE this match and have it at about ****1/4.
  9. Grimmas

    Beyond Wrestling: Unchartered Territory on IWTV

    This is the best two hour weekly show in wrestling in a LONG LONG time. Great matches. Stars from all over the world will show up. Angle advancement. Nothing is wasted, just a great show. I don't think the Discovery Open has been mentioned. On the first show two no names had an awesome match which Mick Moretti won (he's awesome, btw). Each week the winner faces another no name and the winner stays on the show. It's such a simple and great idea.
  10. The Pro-Wrestling Super Show is here to take you down the memory lane of WrestleMania with a WrestleMania Draft. Steven Graham and Tim Livingston are joined by JR Golberg, Matt Foy, and El Boricua as they draft out ten rounds worth of the best WrestleMania matches. A fun trip throh the years! Click on the link below to quickly vote for your favourite show! forms.gle/Jo1GSSrH4LVW8aTE8
  11. A highly praised match, that I don't think I have ever seen. However, after the last great AJ match (vs Joe) that I watched I need more 2005 AJ in my life. This match starts off hot with AJ diving out of the cage onto Abyss during his entrance. They then brawl through out the arena. Strange choice for a cage match, however it is the main event of a show where every match is in a cage, so they probably needed to change things up. Finally it looks like AJ is going to get into the ring and he gets the cage door slammed into his back and then viciously into his face. Way more vicious than I have ever seen. It might had been the great bump AJ took, but it looked brutal. AJ is busted open and then Abyss goes to work on the cut. This match feels more like a grudge match than any match the WWE has had in years. I miss this TNA. Before they lock themselves in the cage Abyss brings a chair, chain and a bag of thumbtacks. Abyss' destruction segment is fun with AJ being rammed into the turnbuckle which has the chain on it and just being tossed into the cage like a sack of potatoes. AJ's comeback starts by countering a gorilla press into a DDT, which looked great. His comeback is destroyed after a minute or so with an INSANE Black Hole Slam! That gets two and now the thumb tacks are brought out by Abyss. He goes for another Black Hole Slam, but AJ counters. He tries to power bomb him into the tacks, but ti's countered into a Styles Clash right onto the tacks. Surprisingly that is not the finish. AJ goes to the top of the cage, but Abyss chucks the referee into the cage knocking AJ down to hang outside. Abyss goes to the top with the chain and hangs AJ. He chokes him, but AJ counters and sunset flip power bombs Abyss into the tacks for three. This was really good, but not on the level of Joe-AJ. It felt like it went a few minutes too long at the end and the crowd brawling at the beginning could had been short. None the less, great stuff. ****1/2
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    AstroBoy's 2019 MOTY tracker

    My MOTY so far, the most old school ECW style brawl I've seen in over a decade. Not stupid, everything made sense.
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    Anyone not signed is on the wire.
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    This was discussed in 2018, but never happened. I figure new year, new thread? -SirEdgar -superkix -Grimmas all have shown interest before, but would anybody be on board? We were thinking of using current talent to do booking whether with current promotions or draft out to different promotions. We could do territory days or 90s or a mix where we each draft our promotion and they could be any from whatever time period. Anybody on board?
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    WWE/NXT 2010s MOTD List

    Sasha and Bayley from Brooklyn is my pick still.
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    Project19 Waiver Wire

    Since I posted this way late, yeah, no problem. We should be good going forward though.
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    Project19 Waiver Wire

    Are you in Project19 and you want to sign a free agent? Well this is the place for you. Below is the list of the current Wavier Wire list. The way this works is you are allowed to claim one person per 24 hours. If you make that claim, the wrestler is yours after 24 hours unless someone higher up on the waiver wire makes a claim. After successfully making a claim you move to the bottom of the list. World Wrestling Entertainment New Japan Pro Wrestling North Shore Pro Wrestling Ring of Honor Universal Wrestling Federation PROGRESS World Championship Wrestling Extreme Championship Wrestling International Wrestling Council
  18. I hope you enjoy! Becky Lynch debuts so it's the best show ever.
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    Sorry, fell way behind. Will try to get caught up over the next few days.
  20. Volume 3 is here! https://soundcloud.com/prowrestlingonly/shimmer-herstory-volume-3
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    Secret Santo 2018-2019

    @cad sorry I was so late getting to this. My #2 match of 2018:
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    Interest in a Puerto Rico watch project?

    I would be interested, I'm having trouble fitting that set in.
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    International Wrestling Council (PROJECT19)

    IWC Festival de Lucha January 31, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA The Globe Theatre JoJo welcomes us to Festival de Lucha here live in the Globe Theatre. We have a loaded care this evening, so let's get straight to the action. 1. IWC Title Tournament First Round Match: [Técnico] "Speedball" Mike Bailey vs [Rudo] Templario Leonard F. Chikarsson is very excited for this high flying affair, while Mike Quackenbush is interested in seeing the up and coming Templario here in IWC. This is a sprint spot fest with a lot of high flying by both and some amazing kicks by Bailey. A shooting Star Double Knee finishes Templario off in an exciting finish. Winner: Mike Bailey @ 7:06. We head to the back to UltraMantis Black who is very happy to be joined by Sasha Banks after her actions of attacking Bayley at First Strike and advancing to the second round of the IWC Title Tournament. She doesn't want to talk about Bayley, who is yesterday's news. She will not be associated with that loser. She will face the winner of Jordynne Grace and Kairi Hojo in the second round. Both have great reputations, but neither compare to "The Boss". JoJo is in the ring and it is now time for the IWC Lightning Title match. The Champion Deonna Purazzo comes to the ring with the members of Los Maestros. Her opponent is randomly drawn to be ... El Hijo del LA Park 2. IWC Lightning Title Match: [Técnico Challenger] El Hijo del LA Park vs [Rudo Champion] Deonna Purazzo UltraMantis Black joins the announce booth to replace Quackenbush. This wasn't much of a match, as Purazzo grounded Park for the easy defense of the title. Park got some high spots in, but couldn't escape the Fujiwara Armbar. Winner: IWC Lightning Champion Deonna Purazzo @ 4:54 to retain the title. A video package is shown recapping the exploits of The Briscoe Brothers and their banning from The Globe Theater. It ends with a promo from The Briscoes challenging Bandido and any other illegal to a match at IWC Second Strike on February 23. 3. Debut Match: [Técnico] Kraneo vs [Rudo] Darkness Crabtree As a change of pace, we now have an utterly bizarre contest. Kraneo is a huge dancing man, while Darkness Crabtree seems to be an utterly gentleman, who even has trouble getting into the ring. Kraneo dominates early, until Crabtree grabs some pills and swallows them. He unleashes a flurry of offense that is astonishing for a senior citizen. However the pills wear off quickly and Kraneo squahes him for the victory. Winner: Kraneo @ 6:37. We get hype for next week where we will get three IWC Title Tournament matches including: Mercedes Martinez vs Rey Fénix, Daniel Makabe vs Atlantis, and Jordynne Grace vs Kairi Hojo. 4. IWC Title Tournament First Round Match: [Técnico] LA Park vs [Rudo] Rey Hechicero Hechicero makes an exciting entrance carrying fireballs along with Los Maestros, while LA Park gets the biggest ovation while he is accompanied by his son. This had a big time feel as we get the mat master vs the wild dancing skeleton. It starts off as a regular match, until Maestros attack Park outside of the ring. A wild brawl erupts with the Park family and Los Maestros outside of the ring, including Park throwing chairs and anything he can grab at Hechicero. After they get back in the ring Hechicero ties up Park in a submission, but he gets to the ropes. A spear out of nowhere gives Park the win. Winner: LA Park @ 19:19.