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    Command Bolshoi - send in the clown

    I was going to be done for the day, but I decided to fit in a few more. 2007.8.26 JWP Korakuen Hall Command Bolshoi & Kaori Yoneyama vs Chisako Kanari & Sachiko Kanari A sister team? Siblings or not they are very aggressive, but seem to be new to the business as most of their offense was dropkicks. Maybe Manami Toyota trained them? Luckily Bolshoi and Yoneyama carry the load. Bolshoi pulled out another version of the tarantula. Seriously how many different versions can she do? Her and Yoneyama have good team work too. A real fun tag match! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft4_SsKWFvA One more before I am done for today. Seeing Hotta in the thumbmail made me not continue going from oldest to newest, so I will do the most new upload I can. 2006.9.3 Tokyo Kinema Club JWP Certified Tag Team Championship [Champion] Ran Yu-Yu & Toshie Uematsu vs [Challenger] Command Bolshoi KAZUKI This match has Bolshoi and KAZUKI talking about it in current time. That's a fun feature and I wish it was subtitled. The "Bolshoi Class" t-shirt is pretty cool. Ran Yu-Yu can keep up with Bolshoi in exchanging holds, so this is a great open to the match. Toshie is a wild women. This is an uptempo tag match that was very exciting. Lots of drama with the nearfalls and just great action. Rating - 7/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzLtWwnBW0w
  2. You mean the clown that Hotta punted? Over the last year or so I have barely tipped the iceberg of Command Bolshoi, but I have learned that she is easily a top 75 GWE candidate. She may be a top 50 or even a top 25 candidate. I want to find out. Yes, she's a clown who started as a flying comedy worker. However, she developed into a Rey Jr Kimura worker in her 27 year career. I have seen her damn good in 1993 and damn good in 2019, so the question is how fucking great is she? Thankfully a few years ago she started a youtube channel to upload her music. Somehow that turned her into the Buddy Rose of joshi and now that channel has over 300 matches of her's. I am going to start diving into this channel, because it's riddled with gems and someone needs to make her case. I have so much on my plate, so this may not be constant updates, but I'll work through it. 2018.11.10 ProWestlingEVE ~ SHE1 Command Bolshoi vs Jetta The first match uploaded is from EVE in England. It's not EVE's footage, but it's shot from the balcony. A very unique angle to watch wrestling from. With this being Jetta and Bolshoi this could be a technical match or a comedy match, but they went with the tricked out technical submission work and it fucking ruled. Bolshoi has so many tricks in her arsenal and we need to speak of her as one of the greatest technical wrestlers ever. 8 minutes of tricked out submissions leading to a tiny comedy spot and a strong finish. Well worth your time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYbti264pTU
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    Command Bolshoi - send in the clown

    Well I can't get enough Bolshoi and this match looked too tasty to wait on. 2005.9.18 JWP Korakuen Hall Command Bolshoi & Devil Masami vs Amazing Kong & Haruka Matsuo I never thought about Kong vs Bolshoi before, but what a fucking dream. There opening segment with each other is everything you could had hoped for and more! Bolshoi tags out and then we have Devil vs Kong, which same thing! We don't settle who has more power, which leads to Matsuo tagging in. She's all speed and quickness and Devil murders her. Luckily Kong helps her and she gets some great stuff in on Devil. There is some laughs at Matsuo is so clearly under matched vs Devil. One thing I loved about Bolshoi in tags is her taking out the opponent on the apron in order to ensure her stuff in the ring vs the legal opponent. Kong and Devil do dueling gorilla presses!!!! After a fun Kong-Bolshoi segment, Bolshoi does a flying rana from the top rope to the floor on Kong! This follows with Devil crowd brawling with Matsuo and Bolshoi and Kong crowd brawling. The wrestling is good today! After another fun Bolshoi-Kong sequence, Bolshoi does a super rana on Kong. This whole sequence with Kong gets better and better and better. I don't want to ruin it, but hot fucking damn this rules! I hope a singles match exists, because this is the best! The finishing sequence then rules! Watch this match! Rating - 7.75/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkzwR2Gcjbg
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    Command Bolshoi - send in the clown

    @Reel definitely, although she may be uploading her whole damn career here! @NotJayTabb some of the matches you should really go back to watch, but they will pop up in this thread if I get to them! NOTE - If I don't give a rating, that means it's below 7/10. It could be good like I say, but doesn't make my spreadsheet and I don't rate things that don't make it. Going through her channel is interesting, because it starts with all music and than that one EVE match. Then in continues on and on with music, until this match. Then it's mostly matches from there. 2004.9.12 JWP Korakuen Tournament Azumi Hyuga 10th Anniversary 6-person Tag Match Azumi Hyuga & Tsubasa Kuragaki & Erika Watanabe vs Command Bolshoi & Kayoko Haruyama & Kaori Yoneyama A nice little ceremony for Hyuga starts this off. On the Bolshoi watch party we learned Bolshoi has amazing chemistry with Tusbasa and that continues here with all of the cool Tusbasa throwing Bolshoi around as she turns them into submissions. We learn in this match, she also has unreal chemistry with Hyuga! I'm starting to think Bolshoi just works great with almost anyone. Some fun things early on are Bolshoi's team doing the demolition all reigning blows down on in a triple team and the rope walk by Bolshoi leading to her getting to the corner where Hyuga was, so she moon walks and then does the armdrag. We got a nice dive train after Tsubasa gorilla presses Bolshoi to the floor which ends with an amazing sommersault off the top rope by Hyuga. Hyuga is clearly designed to be the star here and she gets the win after a great closing segment with Kaori Yoneyama. Really both of those two need to be explored further, they rule! Rating - 7/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps4pWofXylQ Also, why not check out what was uploaded today too. 2009.2.8 Tokyo Kinema Club Command Bolshoi & Kayoko Haruyama & Ran Yu-Yu vs Kikyouto & Yumiko Hotta & Kyoko Kimura Aono weirdly gets left off the translation. So this starts as a wild brawl all over the place, before breaking down to the heels, Hotta's team, cheating and some heavy fists thrown. The first half Bolshoi is only in to give a slick armbar takedown. Finally, the last half is all Bolshoi. First she's destroyed by Hotta with chains, then a vicious head chair shot. The real highlight was the ending last few minutes which was all Boslhoi and Kimura. They work so well together and I want more! A fun and solid match here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrIziIoKpHw
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    Who is the greatest wrestler of the year?
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    Who is the greatest wrestler of the year?
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    Tomohiro Ishii

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    Brazo de Oro

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    2026 Nomination Thread

    Here it is, the thread you use to request a new nominee. If someone is not nominated and you want to consider voting for them, you will reply to this thread with two things. 1) A small paragraph (3-5 sentences) that lay out their basic case. 2) A list of three recommended matches (with links if possible). A new nomination thread will be created, if one doesn't exist, with that info provided. The matches will be added to the Google Docs of Recommended Matches. Enjoy.
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    Riki Choshu

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    Genichiro Tenryu

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    El Samurai

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    Go Shiozaki

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    Who is the greatest wrestler of the year?
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    Who is the greatest wrestler of this year?
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    Who is the greatest wrestler of the year?
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    The next Maybe Not Taue will be me doing my top 25 list for 2021. The year is almost over, who do you have as the greatest wrestler of 2021?
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    Dax Harwood

    joeg said: "The guy is the modern Bobby Eaton. He's been consistently great these last 5 years in TV tags and multi man tags and has had some all time great matches on PPV. I would consider him the best tag worker today and one of the best workers period." Recs: Revival vs DIY 8/20/16 and 11/19/16 FTF vs Young Bucks 11/7/20 vs Jungle Boy 1/21/21
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    Command Bolshoi

    Watching a ton of her to put together a watch list for the watch party this upcoming Saturday and damn she seems like such a no brainer choice. She debuts in 1992 and not only is a good comedy worker, but is good on the mat and a great flyer. As her career goes on she develops into one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time. It's really wild. Has great match up to 2019, when she retired. The fact she can be a Russian Clown who can do comedy, technical, flying, and pure bad assery is an impressive resume. She has the great matches to back it up to. I have no idea how you can leave her off your list, unless you just refuse to watch her.