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    Dusty Rhodes

    Discuss here.
  2. Grimmas

    2026 Nomination Thread

    Here it is, the thread you use to request a new nominee. If someone is not nominated and you want to consider voting for them, you will reply to this thread with two things. 1) A small paragraph (3-5 sentences) that lay out their basic case. 2) A list of three recommended matches (with links if possible). A new nomination thread will be created, if one doesn't exist, with that info provided. The matches will be added to the Google Docs of Recommended Matches. Enjoy.
  3. Grimmas

    La Sombra/Andrade

    I said: "Was a huge break out star in CMLL, then NJPW, then NXT, then went to the WWE and it hurt him and now I can't wait to see what they do next. Has had some of the greatest matches in WWE history, as well as classics all over. A very clever worker who does things you don't expect, but completely makes sense. On the larger side, but can fly like anyone. Let's not forget his charisma! I guess it depends on the next five years, but a huge candidate!"
  4. Grimmas

    Io Shirai

    Discuss here.
  5. The thread which has been made to get ideas for 2026 has turned into a catch all thread. Therefore, I created a catch all thread.
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    CM Punk

    Discuss here.
  7. Grimmas

    Watch Parties

    CM Punk is happening now! Next week Matt Borne. Then Io Shirai! Also, we have a permanent link, that keeps the matches playing at all times from pervious watch parties and to watch the current one. https://cytu.be/r/GWE_WP
  8. Grimmas

    Watch Parties

    It's all happening here on discord: https://discord.gg/2tqvKBK2WA The first one will be on Saturday (17th) at 1 eastern, for a couple of hours. Watching some Jaguar Yokota. Join us if you want, either voice, chat, or just listening on while on mute.
  9. Grimmas

    Tully Blanchard

    Discuss here.
  10. Grimmas

    Current Lucha Talk

    GWE is over, we can now focus on current wrestling. Cubsfan puts up everything weekly on youtube, so there is no excuse to not watch a little. Here we are, current lucha talk. What did you watch? What are you looking forward to? News, rumours, etc...
  11. Grimmas

    CM Punk

    The CM Punk watch party is this Saturday and I haven't really watched him in a LONG time. I'm so excited to see what I think now and to watch it leading up to his return.
  12. Grimmas

    LA Park

    Discuss here.
  13. Grimmas

    Steve Corino

    Discuss here.
  14. Grimmas

    Wahoo McDaniel

    Discuss here.
  15. Grimmas

    Jonathan Gresham

    Discuss here. Clayton Jones said: "One of the best technicians in the world with a deceptively deep career. Works around his size exceptionally well. He's the type of wrestler that will make me tune into a show I had little to no interest in otherwise. He also only seems to get better with age and could still have some of his best stuff to come."
  16. Oh Hokuto and Jaguar are both #1 candidates and damn you are lucky there is so much out there for you to discover.
  17. You might not have enough thoughts for a match thread, a nominee thread, or a microscope, but you watched something and you want to say something! Also what are you excited about watching?
  18. Grimmas

    Harley Race

    Discuss here.
  19. Grimmas

    Low Ki

    Discuss here.
  20. Grimmas

    GWE Non-Thread Worthy Comments

    I hope not!
  21. Grimmas

    Watch Parties

    Here is a very short survey about the watch parties and your feedback would be great, even if you haven't attended. https://forms.gle/NE2TrQzAqAp5cpou9
  22. Grimmas

    Atsushi Onita

    Discuss here.
  23. Grimmas

    Atsushi Onita

    The watch party with Onita was SOOO much fun. Of course you get the blood and guts, but it's really the aura of Onita that makes him stand out. It's a spectacle and that is so rare in wrestling, he's special. Here is the playlist we used. (2) Atsushi Onita WP - YouTube