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  1. ZThomas

    WWE TV 11/16 - 11/22 Bolsonarismo got fucked

    Rock teased the possibility up until the pandemic changed the landscape for all major live events . I believed that the it would've happened at this upcoming WrestleMania at SoFi Stadium it the pandemic never happened. I believe one or both of them teased it at the original press conference and San Francisco is a very meaningful place for their family so I can see Rock making that his last match. I don't see Rock doing that match in this current environment. I don't see Rock working in front of just a bunch of LED screens. I don't see him wrestling in front of anything less than 50,000 so it may be a while before we see it, With Roman finally as heel and him doing his best work character wise it would get dope to see them in a program but I want to see it in front of a live crowd. I feel the same way about Takers Farwell, I wish he got a chance to do it in a full fledged live crowd of thousands of people.
  2. ZThomas

    WWE TV 11/16 - 11/22 Bolsonarismo got fucked

    I forget that match even happened and I watched that WrestleMania. Roman talked it briefly on a podcast on the network and I completely forgot it happened till they showed clips as he was speaking about it. That was Romans first match back an you can tell he was trying to get back in the groove, he admitted he rushed back too soon just to make it on Mania which is kinda funny considering he left before Mania this year. Them being on opposite brands allows them the option of keeping them separate to some extent if they really want build for Mania. Both guys are completely different from where they were 2 years ago so I'm cool with it. My main concern is how they book it and how Drew comes out of it.
  3. ZThomas

    WWE TV 11/16 - 11/22 Bolsonarismo got fucked

    Selfishly I don't want her to leave wrestling for Hollywood but given that house shows seem to be done its possible for her to do both. Her passion for wrestling is probably bigger than mostly everyone on the roster so I don't see her leaving the business altogether anytime soon. She's related to Snoop ,Brandy, Ray j and Daz so its definitely in her to do great things outside of Wrestling. I felt the same about Becky when I heard she was working with Rocks agent, then hearing she was looking into outside projects before she got Pregnant.
  4. We'll I give her credit for being very outspoken about this since the beginning. She probably thinks they won't let her go because it'll look bad on them or either she wants to be outspoken just to get let go. They'll never use her right in a non wrestling role so I think if she was to leave she'd probably have a better non Wrestling role in AEW. AEW is alot better at using Legends and other non wrestlers on TV than WWE. Its crazy how WWE is past year and a half went from snatching talent from everywhere to keep them away from AEW, to letting people go because they feel that the pandemic would prevent AEW from having any momentum regardless of who the pick up from off their TV.
  5. ZThomas


    This is the first KUSHIDA match I've seen since being in NXT.
  6. With Becky gone is going to seem like Charlotte is extremely overpushed. Neither Sasha or Bayley are pushed as strong as her. Nicki Bella and Ronda are the only other Women in recent history that been pushed to the level of Charlotte or Becky. Charlotte is not as crisp at times but I think she has been an exceptional worker they past few years so I can tolerate it. She can pull off some really good matches. You cant really say that about other people mentioned, including HHH,. HHH has had some great matches but I don't think he was capable of doing it as many times as he should have considering hoe many times he was put into the position to. Corbin isnt multiple times World/Universal champ yet so cross him out.
  7. One of the charms about El Generico was that he protected it, he was always in gimmick when you saw him. I don't think Cornette the El Generico gimmick, he probably had that Vince McMahon thought process of the mask hindering his work because of no facial expressions which I've never understood because majority of masked wrestlers sell so much better with the rest of their body because they cant sell the face. Before everyone on the indies made a trend of everything being a wink and a nod to the audience, El Generico willing to keep kayfabe and allow fans to take him seriously on top of him being a very excellent worker.
  8. Really, I could see Hunter wanting to run with it after his NXT run but I dont see Vince signing off on that idea. He's been underdog since day one on the main roster. He's one of the more interesting heels they've had though but other that being associated with Owen's at times he hasn't really been highlighted too well. He could've really added some value to the IC title if they featured him like he should because he's entertaining.
  9. ZThomas

    WrestleMania 36

    I think Shayna is going to be one of the few that comes off better in this no audience environment.
  10. ZThomas

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020

    Its weird seeing Gable in Basketball shorts, last time I seen him he had Golden State inspired shorts today he has Laker inspired shorts. I dont like that he's going by Shorty G instead of using in as a nickname. Its like they want you to notice that he's "undersized"
  11. ZThomas

    WWE TV 12/23 - 12/29 Holiday Season is Here

    Dream should've been on the main roster over a year ago. If he had, he probably wouldn't be having these Takeover style matches judging by how toned down Ricochet is compared to his NXT run an of course even before then.
  12. ZThomas

    WWE TLC - The Language Crashes (the board)

    Because Vince believes he has the most heat, Corbin embraces the heat he has very well, and I like it. The King Corbin thing is corny but he is handling it well but these gang style beat down doesn't make make him a stronger heel. People coming to Roman's aid is too old school for Vince
  13. ZThomas

    WWE TLC - The Language Crashes (the board)

    What's the difference between now and the time HHH stopped Bryan's match and this was before his documented WWE injuries.
  14. ZThomas

    WWE TLC - The Language Crashes (the board)

    That's Vince's idea of heat and unfortunately Roman has been the victim of this type of heat probably more than anyone.
  15. ZThomas

    WWE TLC - The Language Crashes (the board)

    I noticed during Haberto vs Almas and Black vs Murphy they pointed out Almas only loss on RAW was from Hamberto. And both Black and Murphy was undefeated going into TLC since the draft. It would be nice if Vince was more Cognizant of how often guys lossed get away from 50/50 booking. I'm not ready for Zelina and Almas to split, I fear what they to for Zelina unless that transition her to strictly a wrestler. She's dope as a manager. Kofi , The New Day in general take some of the most unconventional bumps even in basic matches. Free fall bumps and sick dives. That was a good TLC outside of guys being incompasonated for way too long but that's a WWE trope for these type matches