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  1. KawadaSmile

    Current New Japan

    Yeah, just saw the uproxx article saying it was a baseless rumor and came back to edit/update the previous post
  2. KawadaSmile

    Current New Japan

    Gedo stepped down as NJPW's booker
  3. KawadaSmile

    NXT talk

    You guys just don't get it! Spartacus would be a killer rebranding! Also, some spoilers:
  4. KawadaSmile

    NXT talk

    Tonight's tapings sure have some fire ideas. I am liking the new names they've had for some new signees. Shaw being renamed Dexter Lumis and Punisher Martinez being Damien Priest are good names. Also, Garza Jr, now Angel Garza has a huge booty. Might get over in the same way Balor did.
  5. Yeah, I remember when Jack was featured in the Rumble and had segments interacting with the New Day. I had such high hopes for him at the moment. I still do, though. Dude is just absolutely incredible and charismatic. I just wanna see him go up against Cesaro...
  6. Man, Ziggler fucking sucks. Didn't miss that bum one bit
  7. It *can* work. Just look at Vince's feuds with basically anyone. The issue is that Shane isn't showing ass as much as his dad, and I doubt he will. I mean I get making the life of the person you are feuding with a living hell because you are the superior, but it wouldn't hurt to be ridiculed.
  8. While I'm not against the idea of Shane being this rich playboy piece of shit, not sure if Miz being 3-0 (or is it 4-0 now?) against him is the smartest idea. At this point you are risking making Miz, who's over as the babyface, look like a goober, and not get the desired result for the pay off.
  9. Man, this reminds me of that dreadful 2nd half of 2016 when RAW was all about Seth, KO and Jericho, while Roman and Rusev tried to get something out of it. It was painful.
  10. At least Jinder had presence when he was slotted in the main event. Seth... not so much. At least not as a face. Him being an actual chickenshit heel was something that he excelled at.
  11. That too. But even so, it's not like white supremacy is something new in pro wrestling either...
  12. Wait holy shit Hawkins and Ryder are still the tag team champions what even is this
  13. I guess so. Like, they probably will fill up all those seats, but to me the pressing question is how long they can keep having this business model until it starts biting them in the ass?
  14. Is it really that unexpected? Considering they've started promoting the show in their social media a week ago, and they just had a PPV... Have they even started to build towards it? They announced the matches, but there was little to no development other than that.