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  1. When the angle first started, I believed they were just going for the "Aaliyah has sympathy for this poor fucker", which is not bad. But specially last week they are making things muddled, like some sort of wacky misunderstanding. I'd prefer if they just played things straight, you know?
  2. True. Like, while Aaliyah is of legal age, the comparison she made was just bad. And like, even so, having the whole "exchanging messages with a teenager" angle when at least two of your wrestlers were in hot water precisely because of that seems very... spiteful. COVID hit hard, man. No masks on an enclosed space? That's no good.
  3. This ending was some wacky sinister shit.
  4. Dude lost his tan and clearly took some days off the gym. Good for him!
  5. Well, that's it for today. Roode is a big no-no for me.
  6. Look Drew's challenger better not be Roberto Rude. For real.
  7. Look they are lucky the Chiefs are basically squashing the Ravens cause this episode has not been good at all.
  8. What the fuck is Alexa doing on twitter She's defending Murphy flirting with Aaliyah by sayin "Oh I'm 29, my boyfriend is 38" This federation is full of morons.
  9. What the fuck are they doing with Aleister, man?
  10. Aleister's new theme kinda sucks
  11. With the IIconics being good and Dana putting her heart into everything she does, Lana might be the worst wrestler in the company by a very large margin.
  12. For sure. Dude's making bank without risking his health. I'd be envious of his position - and comedy acts usually have a good shelf life. Oh hey they are getting one step closer to seeing people exchange naked pics I am not comfortable with that.
  13. On the other hand, Gulak is making tons of money while participating in silly, light-hearted skits.
  14. I still don't get people saying Lee's gear makes him look overweight. It's really not bad.