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  1. Yeah, when they first started with the Alexa/Bray alliance, it was actually decent. She was pulling off some stuff like looking hypnotized or under a supernatural influence, and most important, it was the development of a storyline. Now, she apparently gets +20 to all her stats under pink lights much like Bray got his boost under red lights. Asuka, who was built for years as a world beater is now scared of maybe the lightest of the lightweights in the division, and she can't handle her offense. I get the idea, but it's so poorly executed. It also highlights one of the worst things regarding Alexa's run. She's often the smallest person in the match and many, many times, she's booked to have the upper hand going against her opponents straight up. Nia had to sell her offense and that's less than ideal. But truth be told, RAW has been an absolute black hole of ideas. NOTHING progresses, or it does so at a snail's pace. It's the worst kind of program you could have. SmackDown doesn't even seem to be under the same company umbrella at times, such is the difference in creative.
  2. would you say it's like maven eliminating the undertaker from the royal rumble?
  3. I don't know whose idea it was to turn Alexa Bliss into a 15 year old's edgy deviant art OC DBZ character but holy shit that suuuuuuucks
  4. God, this Jeff/Elias feud kinda sucks
  5. Styles sometimes has flashes of his peak days.
  6. Randy Orton is no more. Only La Vibora exists. Also Asuka being afraid of Alexa is... bad writing.
  7. Lesnar vs Lashley would absolutely bang. Two huge piles of muscles slamming the shit out of each other? Please. Not so sure about the heel/face dynamics on him vs Owens, though. I don't see that working unless it's a monster heel Brock vs family man KO.
  8. Hey fellas Brees' noodle arms were quite the issue yesterday
  9. KawadaSmile

    WM37, WM38, and WM39 dates/locations confirmed by WWE

    Reptilucha is Luchasaurus' next gimmick change. Being an evil being from the underground set to conquer the surface via human disguise is much more interesting than "huuuh i'm 65 million years old huuuh" and it would get good heat because people believe in that much like people believed the undertaker was dead all along
  10. KawadaSmile

    WM37, WM38, and WM39 dates/locations confirmed by WWE

    Triple H with the Satin special
  11. Roman vs Pierce would be nice as a novelty match but at least there was a reason for the bait and switch. Also, Bryan booking himself to have all those wonderful matches is some great stuff.
  12. Yeah, the Dusty Rhodes Classic was made out of appreciation for him, so I don't think even the fellas at AEW mind it that much.
  13. Dana and Mandy are so good together. Great, even!
  14. Plot twist: he's vegan!!! (Not really but given the direction of his character, it would fit)