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  1. This match was such a letdown. You got the longest reigning NXT Champ vs a force of nature in Keith Lee, who's also a champion, in a "winner takes all" deal. Should've been something special, but alas. Adam Cole, when he appeared in the 2018 Royal Rumble, looked just slightly bigger than Rey Mysterio. He's facing up against a dude who's almost as large as Lesnar. One of the first moments of the match sees Cole control Lee with a terrible headlock for quite a while. NXT is dead set on having their main events follow EPIC STRUCTURES AND DRAMATIC MOMENTS, but it fails to see the most glaringly obvious of stories. Dickhead smaller heel vs huge face isn't a hard story to tell. They have done that before. Lesnar was out there selling to Daniel Bryan and it didn't look like shit because DB kicked him in the balls. Balor used the edge of a table to target Lesnar's weak point. Size difference matters. When Cole dodged a charging Lee, making him clash against the plexiglass, I thought the match was going that direction, but instead they just opted for having a straight wrestling match where the smaller opponent kicks out of a flurry of offense. At least the right man won. Happy for Lee!
  2. Welp. Happy for Lee but it seems mandatory that the NXT Title follows a specific structure, even if it means going against all rationality. Cole can have a 20 minute match against Lee and have it competitive, for sure. But there's a reason why Bryan lost after a single F-5 against Lesnar. A match with such a size disparity has been done much better, and I'm not sure if HHH and HBK can understand what made those matches work.
  3. Look, not even a minute into Cole/Lee and I can already understand why that match got so criticised. Cole is considerably smaller than even the smallest dudes in the main roster, and there he is controlling Lee with a weak-ass headlock. I hope the rest of the match isn't like that.
  4. Riddle now is scheduled to appear on Bubba the Love Sponge so shit's bad, really really bad.
  5. Well, Henry also hyped up Bianca and she is nowhere to be seen after losing to Charlotte, so let's be wary.
  6. I had an idea. What if Rey/Rollins is a blindfold match, like Jake Roberts vs Rick Martel?
  7. Word is that Vince sees Riddle as a "young Shawn Michaels". Regardless of the accuracy of that statement, that does mean that Riddle will get very fortunate with his push.
  8. I'm willing to bet this motherfucker is lying through his teeth and is only saying that to push Hydroxychloroquine Flair down our throats! god wouldn't be so generous
  9. After Jeff Hardy got his ear lobe twisted, they wanted to up the ante.
  10. "You're in the catering business" Oh shit MVP is just too good
  11. This is a weird mix of Legacy and Evolution and it's kinda cool. I like that they are featuring Garza and Andrade like that.
  12. Somehow I get the feeling that Black's the HIGHER POWER
  13. Rollins going after Dom is very good heeling but man is he uninteresting.