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Lucha Libre Weekly 3/10/92 (Vol. 1, Issue 3) recap


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We go back in time a week because this is one of the issues I just got from Kurt.


- Cover story: “El Pirata Morgan Wins Scalp From Masakre Again,” referring to a match on 2/28 at Arena Mexico. This was the second time that Masakre (of Los Intocables del Ring and formerly of Los Infernales) worked a hair match against a member of Los Nuevos Infernales (Morgan, MS-1, and Satanico) since he was kicked out of the group on October 16th, as he had won MS-1’s hair on December 15th. Morgan had previously won his hair on April 10, 1988. Anyway, the match was described as a ridiculously bloody brawl with the crimson flowing onto referee Javier “El Gato” Montini, the wrestlers’ seconds (Pierroth Jr. for Masakre and and Bestia Salvaje for Morgan), and the ringside fans. Morgan even did the spot where he bites and then spits the blood out. “So much for worrying about AIDS, I guess.” Morgan got the deciding submission in the third fall with a Scorpion Deathlock. “It was a great third fall and a good match, made even better by Pierroth Jr.’s facials (if you can believe that since he wears a mask) and by Montini’s histrionics[…]All in all, I give the match ***1/4.”


- Sims then reviews the TV show this aired on in reverse order:


4. Konnan el Barbaro, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., & Perro Aguayo defeated Sangre Chicana, Cien Caras, & Máscara Año 2000 in two straight falls. Rayo pinned Chucho with a German Suplex to win the first fall in 2:09 and Rudos lost the deciding fall for excessive rudoness in 17:19, the longest fall Steve can remember seeing on Galavision. Rudos laid out the technicos to set up the next week’s rematch. No real insight into the match but Steve gave it ***1/2.


3. Octagon, Mascara Sagrada, & Lizmark defeated Jerry Estrada, Emilio Charles Jr., & Pierroth Jr. in three falls. Steve thought this was the best match on the show Lots of heat for Lizmark (NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion) and Estrada (CMLL World Light Heavyweight Champion) facing off. Estrada and Pierroth bled after being posted, the latter possibly being hardway. “Overall, a super match.” ***3/4


2. Kato Kung Lee I, Angel Azteca, & Blue Demon Jr. vs Bestia Salvaje, Blue Panther, & Javier Cruz didn’t air on TV.


1. Espectrito & Pequeño Pierroth defeated Mascarita Sagrada and Octagoncito in three falls. “It was well-worked, and nothing was wrong with it, but my grade reflects the heavy amount of rudo offense in this match and the light amount of technico offense. Still, there is no doubting that Mascarita Sagrada and Octagoncito are two magnificent workers.” **3/4




- Re: the debut of Los Ku Klux Klan: “They defeated Talisman Jr., Guerrero Samurai II, & Joe Mercado in two straight no-selling falls that had the rudos portray the embodiment of pure evil (with that gimmick they should.)”


- Other new names in the company are Ciclon Azul, Remolino Negro, Manos de Oro II, Rams, MS-2, and MS-3 “(who may or may not be related to Pablo Fuentes Reyna, MS-1). By the way, the ‘MS’ gimmick refers to the anti-terrorist unit of the national armed forces.”


- For some reason, Aaron Grundy (Mike Shaw) did an interview with Super Luchas where he made a point to say he was heavier than Salomon Grundy even though it was blatantly not true.


- Ultimo Dragoncito is debuting soon.


- A lucha libre museum (Antonio Peña’s brainchild) will be opening in the Mexico City suburb of Coyoacan.


- Octagon and Atlantis’s movie just finished shooting and it will come out in the spring.


- Boxer Mantecus Luna applied for a license in Mexico city but the commission turned him down because he never won a match and was a boring fighter. They suggested he go into lucha libre and fight with Los Brazo and Pierroth Jr.


- The first annual CMLL board meeting will be on 3/15 in Monterrey, “one of the most valuable ‘open territories’ in Mexico. No doubt CMLL head Antonio Peña will be ‘winning friends and influencing people in Monterrey that weekend. Considering the huge number of wrestlers (now over 165) in Peña’s employ, a satellite circuit sounds like a real smart idea. And with the TV exposure his guys get, it shouldn’t be too hard to get them over and start drawing crowds and making money, if Peña is so inclined…”


UWA News


- On 1/31, there was a show celebrating the 40th anniversary of the opening of Arena Aficion in Pachuca headlined by El Signo retaining the UWA World Light Heavyweight Championship over Solar I.


- After being “humiliated” by being pinned twice by Tamba el Elefante Volador in a trios match on 2/21, Mike Lozansky el Tiger Canadiense challenged him to a hair match the following week. Tamba accepted and added that he’d retire if he lost. Lozansky won a bloody match in three falls and Tamba said he would retire at the end of the current tour. Both matches aired on TV.


- Speaking of which, the UWA is renegotiating its TV contract with Imevision. They started with a trial period from 11/24/91 to 2/29/92 (about 13 weeks). Both sides want to keep going but the issues being negotiated are which arena to tape at and how long the deal should be for. The UWA wants to stop taping at El Toreo, instead shooting at Arena Netzahualcoyotl, which Steve thinks has its advantages, like being a smaller, more intimate building where the heat comes across better.


- The “Canadian” trio of Buffalo (Bad News) Allen, “DNS Funas” (Doug Furnas) and “Phil Liason” (Phil LaFleur/Phil LaFon/Danny Kroffat) debut on 3/8 in the Toreo main event against Las Panteras Rosas (Villanos I/IV/V). Furnas and LaFon had their names spelled a variety of ways.


- 3/8 at Arena Naucalpan saw a hair match between Bello Greco and Tarasco III “(who seems to be always on top is this arena” as the climax to their feud. No result yet.


- 3/7 at Arena Isabel in Cuernavaca had Mil Mascaras, Villano III, & El Colosso vs The American Eagles I & II (“Nightmare”/”Nitro” Danny Davis and “Dirty White Boy” Tony Anthony of all people) and a partner to be announced.


- On 3/5 La Pista Arena Revolucion The American Eagles main evented against Mascaras & Enrique Vera. On the same day at Arena Toluca, the main was Rambo & El Engendro vs Solar I & Villano III.


- The promotion was lacking many of its top stars that week thanks to a Universal tour in Japan. Overseas were Dos Caras, Los Nuevos Misioneros de la Muerte, El Signo, El Hijo del Santo, Silver King, El Texano, La Ola Lila, Transformer (Kendo), Dr. Wagner Jr., “and others.”


- Lozansky will be back on 3/15 and probably turn face because he’s catching on in a Vampiro-esque way (the reasoning, not as a draw).


- Mil Mascaras is sticking around to help draw until the Universal crew comes back from Japan. Even with the shortage, Negro Casas and all four Villanos (I, III, IV, & V) will be doing a tour of Monterrey.


- Mexico’s most prolific trainer Diablo Velasco did a two part interview with Super Luchas. Among other things, he talked about how proud he was of Alfonso Dantes (his first student) and Ringo Mendoza, who he mentioned a lot. He never mentioned Perro Aguayo for some reason, though. Velasco noted that while he retired in 1956, he did special matches in Guadalajara every so often, most recently on 11/2, making him one of the few wrestlers to work in seven decades.


Late News:


- The “Canadians” lost their Toreo debut against the “dream team” of Canek, Mil Mascaras, & Villano III by DQ in the third fall when Allen unmasked Villano III. The spelling of LaFon’s name is “Lasaon” this time. “Said to be a real good match.” Elsewhere on the card, Villano I, Super Raton, and Super Pinochio defeated The American Eagles and Kahos in two straight falls [This might be my new favorite weird trios match] and Monkey Magic Wakita (Super Delfin) worked as Momotaro in the opener.


- In the main event of the 3/8 Arena Mexico show, Cien Caras defeated Saloman Grundy in three falls to retain the CMLL World Heavyweight Title using many rudo techniques. “It was said not to be a good match.” Also on the card, Volador and Misterioso defeated Los Destructores (Tony Arce and Vulcano) to win the National Parejas Titles “in what was said to be an excellent match.” [i must get a copy of this show.]

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The match was described as a ridiculously bloody brawl with the crimson flowing onto referee Javier “El Gato” Montini, the wrestlers’ seconds (Pierroth Jr. for Masakre and and Bestia Salvaje for Morgan), and the ringside fans.

I'm adding this to my list of stuff to try to pick up sooner rather than later, along with Santo's rudo turn and the Satanico/Koshinaka hair match.

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