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WWF 1994


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Another random year that had lots of good matches because of Bret and Owen being in the top spots and the Clique working with each other and being motivated. Drug-induced booking at the 1994 Royal Rumble! Bob Backlund turns heel! Vince is acquitted of all steroid distribution charges! Wrestlemania X has two great matches! Lots of stuff here.


One of my favorite memories of the year that often gets overlooked when discussing this time period is Marty Jannetty and 1-2-3 Kid's huge upset over the Quebecers on RAW for the tag titles, in what I recall being an excellent match as well. And of course, I'll continue and continue (and continue) pimping Bret/Kid from RAW as a great match, one of the best of the year.

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Since we're discussing the year, what did everyone here think of these PPV matches, if you have in fact seen them?


The Rumble

Bret v Owen (Wrestlemania X)

Shawn v Razor (Wrestlemania X)

Bret v Diesel (King of the Ring '94)

Bret v Owen (Summerslam '94)

Bret v Backlund (Survivor Series '94)


Any other standouts that you liked from the year? I'm also a big fan of the Action Zone tag featuring the Clique, along with the Bret/Owen Ironman handheld.

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Guest Bruiser Chong

The Rumble: Loved it at the time and for many years thereafter. Too many dull spots in retrospect, and the co-winner thing pissed me off even then. Still a fun Rumble with some great chunks and arguably the first major sign that Diesel could be more than Shawn's lackey.


Bret v Owen (Wrestlemania X): Maybe it's because I've never bended over backwards to analyze every facet of a match, but this never stood out as the timeless classic it's been pimped as since. A great match that helped build Owen's credibility, but a little overrated.


Shawn v Razor (Wrestlemania X): Loved it then and still do. The spots aren't as insane as they seemed back then, but it still holds up better than most ladder matches from the WWF.


Bret v Diesel (King of the Ring '94): Better than their RR '95 match, but because their Survivor Series match came with a satisfying finish, I've always preferred that one among the bunch, with this one sandwiched in between.


Bret v Owen (Summerslam '94): Too much time spent hanging onto the cage. I never saw why this was considered better than their WM X match.


Bret v Backlund (Survivor Series '94): A little too old school for me, but that finish was one of the more creative ones I remember seeing from the entire New Generation era.

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