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    January: #1 - Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi (AJPW 01/20/97) ***** #2 - Volk Han vs Kiyoshi Tamura (RINGS 01/22/97) ****3/4 #3 - Megumi Kudo vs Shinobu Kandori (LLPW 01/05/97) ****1/4 #4 - Riki Choshu vs Shinya Hashimoto (NJPW Tokyo Dome 01/04/97) **** #5 - Cicloncito Ramirez vs Damiancito El Guerrero (CMLL 01/07/97) **** #6 - Jun Akiyama vs Akira Taue (AJPW 01/20/97) ***1/2 #7 - Hiroumi Yagi vs Tomoko Kuzumi (JWP 01/12/97) ***1/2 #8 - Mayumi Ozaki, Sugar Sato & Chikayo Nagashima vs Chigusa Nagayo, Sonoko Kato & Meiko Satomura (GAEA 01/19/97) ***1/4 #9 - PG-13 vs Flash Flanagan & Steven Dunn (USWA TV 01/18/97) *** #10 - Ultimo Dragon vs Dean Malenko (WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIV 01/21/97) *** #11 - Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sullivan (WCW Clash of the Champions XXXIV 01/21/97) #12 - Steven Regal vs Psicosis (WCW Saturday Night 01/18/97) #13 - Eddy Guerrero vs Syxx (NWO Souled Out 01/25/97) #14 - Jerry Lawler vs Shaquille Ali (USWA TV 01/25/97) #15 - Steven Regal vs Psicosis (WCW Saturday Night 01/11/97) #16 - Hulk Hogan vs The Giant (WCW Monday Nitro 01/27/97) #17 - Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich vs The Gangstas (ECW TV 01/18/97) #18 - Steve Austin vs Goldust (WWF Shotgun 01/18/97) #19 - Shoji Nakamaki & Seiji Yamakawa vs Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Great Kojika (BJPW 01/06/97) Overall thoughts: The year started off with a bang, with what is quite likely MOTY and another match coming awfully close to hitting that level too. Kudo vs Kandori was fantastic as well. I like that even if it has been in passing, we've seen at least a glimpse of most of the promotions and wrestlers right away, with a few exceptions of course. The NWO definitely doesn't feel like overkill yet. They're pushed hard and they're getting lots of TV time, but they are not so dominant that WCW feels stale or boring. The WWF seems to be moving in the right direction, but very slowly. The RAW the night after the Rumble was really strong.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mpEHziEVjQ
  3. Serious question. I was trying to think of a promotion that has ever been worse and was struggling. Relatively major league promotions (meaning some type of TV or at least plenty of available footage) would be the criteria for competition. I'd take WCW 2000, which was a horrible year of wrestling for the most part, over any 12-month period of TNA. This is totally non-trolling. I'm just trying to think of a wrestling company -- ever -- that was definitely worse than TNA has been for their entire existence.
  4. This isn’t complete, but we still get 22 minutes of footage with a healthy amount of action from each fall. I don’t think it’s clipped much. Fun seeing Dusty work the mat! The early part of this is Dusty working over Ric’s arm and going for quick pins while Flair tries to bridge out. Dusty is a competent mat wrestler. It’s wild seeing this because I’m used to the more character-driven flip-flop-fly-type action from these two where they stay vertical and Flair plays pinball for Dusty’s elbows. So seeing them do a chess match where they fight over a gutwrench suplex is something else. The crowd stays with them for this though, probably because they are in St. Louis and both guys are stars, so they can get away with it. I’m also impressed with how they pace this in such a classic way – lots of slow build with bursts of really fast action before they slow things down again. Athletically, Flair was at his peak in the early 80s, so every quick burst of action looks really good. I love the finish of each of the falls. The first fall finish puts Flair over both as a great wrestler and a cheating asshole, and it’s kind of a surprise to see Dusty take a pin from the champ in the first fall of a match, especially when it’s relatively clean. The second fall was Dusty’s retaliation and a decisive victory, coming back after Flair dominated the early part. They really do a great job putting over Flair’s resourcefulness in this one. He’s managed to be dominant before the third fall without even going for the leg, which makes it a bigger deal when he finally does. There’s a great sequence where Flair throws kicks at Dusty, which pisses him off enough to try to stand right up and fight him, but he collapses under the weight of his bad knee. Then Flair locks in the figure four and we get a time call of 30 minutes elapsed about 19 minutes into the clip, so not too much shaved at all. Pretty typical finishing stretch that was still fresh at the time, with Dusty putting Flair’s own figure four on him. Then Dusty goes for a press slam and his bad knee gives out, with Flair collapsing on top for the win. Great booking and surprisingly great action makes a great match. ****