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Not sure if this is where I should post this but are there any good puro podcasts on itunes? Mainly focusing on the current product. I'm starting to watching NJPW again starting in Oct from last year and would like to be queued in on everything

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Japanese Audio Wrestling - a spin off from the Live Audio Wrestling/Review A Wai podcasts. Fun show by two guys who live in Japan and typically attend the big New Japan shows. However they seem to convene weeks after those shows.


Others behind the Observer paywall:

Dave Meltzer has expanded his coverage of New Japan this year such as with yesterday's review of the New Japan iPPV.


Adam Summer & Mike Sempervive have the Big Audio Nightmare. A site institution that has been hampered by real life responsibilities - work and kids so shows and have been less and less recently as well as their own Puro watching


Alan4L & Joe Gagne's shows have recently attempted to fill the void that Big Audio Nightmare. Both together watch pretty much every promotion of name in Japan.

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I currently listen to the first two, what is the name of the last one you listed?

"Alan & Joe's Little Puro Dream!" seems to be the title. Just one of the streams of shows Alan does on the site.


Links to the first two episodes. With the second being a free show:




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Posted today:

Chris Charlton and WH Park are live from Japan with another edition of Japanese Audio Wrestling discussing:


**The retirement of Kenta Kobashi for Pro Wrestling NOAH


**How Kobashi will be remembered and the highlights of his career


**The current state of Pro Wrestling NOAH


**Thoughts on the recent NJPW Dontaku show in Fukuoka


**A preview of the Best of the Super Juniors tournament and lots more



Download link:





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