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PTB Episode 233: Kevin Kelly, WWF 1999 Part Two

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In this new episode of the PTB Podcast Vintage Vault, Kevin Kelly returns to join Scott & Justin to talk about the WWF in the second half of 1999. Kevin delves into a plethora of topics including Chris Jericho, Kennel from Hell, Triple H, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle and much more.


They also spend some time talking about what is going with ROH, including an update on the Briscoe Brothers situation and the new changes to the PPV model!


So fire up this action packed episode and join Scott, Justin & Kevin for another edition of the PTB Podcast!








Twitter: Place2BePodcast


Also, the PTB Podcast is now available on the Stitcher Radio app! Visit www.stitcher.com for more information!

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Got around to listening to this today...


The Fuji story may or may not be true but they did something similar on Primetime when Earthquake fed Vince "Snake" burgers, implying they were eating Damian.


Also, there is no way they allow Jarrett's contract to expire and let him keep the IC belt. I don't think JR gave Jarrett a pocket veto. It's possible that creative and Ross were not on the same page and that is how the screw-up happened.

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Thanks for listening, Will.


I remember that snakeburger segment now! I miss the old PTW in front of that lame studio audience. Vince in the Zubaz is my main memory from those shows.


I agree, RE: Jarrett. I think JR mixed it up, whether by accident or going rogue on behalf of Austin. I don't think WWE brass knew though.

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