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  1. goodhelmet

    All Elite Wrestling

    We have discussed getting those lapsed fans. Putting Tony in a booth on TV with JR and Excalibur makes sense. AEW can't be deaf to the criticisms that Marvez has been receiving so i can see Marvez moving to the backstage role. With JR, you have the face and voice of wrestling at its biggest peak. With Tony, you have the voice of WCW on TNT for so many years. Excalibur is the darling voiceof the indys. That team would be the perfect mix of having your cake and eating it too.
  2. goodhelmet

    WWE TV 08/12 - 08/18 Poop every other day to stop global warming

    At no point has El-P ever been reprimanded for being a racist in his decade+ of posting here so lets be careful about labeling posters as such without actual specific proof. Thanks!
  3. goodhelmet

    WWE Summerslam 2019

    Most of the Takeover thread was complaining about Mauro. That is why the thread was longer.
  4. goodhelmet

    NXT Takeover: Toronto 2019

    I am pretty sure they are just going to follow the formula from the Austin-HHH 3 Stages of Hell... Regular match, garbage match then a cage/Hell in a Cell match.
  5. goodhelmet

    AEW on TNT

    Ok I am confused... so AEW IS running Boston proper???
  6. goodhelmet

    AEW on TNT

    Also, this was a small line in the Observer this week... I think this is a great move.
  7. goodhelmet

    AEW on TNT

    If that's the case, why have a pre-show in the first place? This was another criticism... what is the purpose of having a pre-show? If it's because that's just how things are done, not a very forward thinking or reasonable move. If it's to give a teaser of what's on the main show, it's a fail. If it's to warm up the crowd then why not make it dark and not air it? If it's to get people who are on the fence to buy your product then why put crap on the pre-show? I understand that Cornette gets a lot of play because he is the loudest voice but many of the criticisms are valid and trying to dismiss these as "small" issues is a mistake that every defunct promotion has made... including companies that Cornette has run. Nobody wants this promotion to succeed more than me but I won't ignore the bad while I am too busy singing the praises of the good.
  8. goodhelmet

    AEW on TNT

    No, the criticism levied towards the gimmicks (especially on the first 2 shows) was that it was stupid to put garbage on the pre-show if you are trying to attract fans who turned away from wrestling because of said garbage from other companies. The pre-show for DoN had a mixed reaction while the pre-show for Fyterfest was universally panned. It is ok to support a company and cheer for a company while simultaneously criticizing a company for doing stupid shit. The reason that the Librarians and Dark Order gimmicks have been panned over and over again is because they have been on every show. The Dark Order was pretty lame at All Out... fast forward to FFTF and they were still lame (not wrestling wise but gimmick wise). The Librarians were lame at All Out... fast forward to FFTF and they still feel lame. Hell, the main criticism isn't even with gimmicks themselves but the actual presentation.
  9. goodhelmet

    AEW on TNT

    Damn... how far outside of Boston do you have to be before you aren't advertising Boston as a location?
  10. goodhelmet

    AEW on TNT

    Week 2 - Boston Week 3 - Philly
  11. goodhelmet

    Triplemania XXVII Tonight!

    Half of Demon's head is soaked with blood. His blue mask is dark blue on one side.
  12. goodhelmet

    Triplemania XXVII Tonight!

    Fuuuuccckkkkk.... the hammer.
  13. goodhelmet

    Triplemania XXVII Tonight!

    I hope the top 2 matches deliver because I have not enjoyed this show so far.
  14. goodhelmet

    Triplemania XXVII Tonight!

    I hope the top 2 matches deliver because I have not enjoyed this show so far.
  15. goodhelmet

    Triplemania XXVII Tonight!

    So Killer Kross was the big surprise? Um ok