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The Iron Sheik


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From DVDVR, his HOF speech transcribed:


"Tank you very much for all my intelligent wrestling fans round da vorld, especial Los Angeles, California, YEAH! (applause)


And all intelligent, my wrestling fans round da vorld know, I'm the first Middle Eastern 1968, I come to the America, 1969, University of Minnesota, and I vas a assistant coach for Olympic, Olympic coach, Mr. Alan Rice, and I went to the Olympic, Munich, Germany 1972, and I was the first Iranian. I come to the University of the San Diego, 1971 and at 180 pound, I come AAU champwhen, dat means AMATEUR! ATHLETE! UNION! YEAH! (applause)


Tank you.


Pleasure, Pleasure for me to again since 1971 Minnesota Wrestling Club, and my greatest wrestler, Brad Rhenigans, Dan Chandler, and also, the greatest one from Waterloo, Iowa, Dan Gable. And everybody know about Dan Gable. Dan Gable was like Kurt Angle, the real 190 pounds that time 1972 (camera cuts to a smiling. laughing Kurt Angle in the front row) Dan Gable and Kurt Angle, they know: new generation-Kurt Angle. But, old generation: Kosrow Vasiri, Iron Sheik, and DAN GABLE! YEAH! (louder applause, Kurt Angle stands up, pointing at Sheik as he applauds)


If you don't know about 190 pound DAN GABLE from Iowa, you can ask Mr. Kurt Angle, HE TELL YOU WHO'S DAN GABLE! YEAH! (applause)


So, my point is, I vas Minnesota Wrestling Club, 5 times AAU, and after dat, Mr. Gagne give me a job, I used to drive the truck, put on the ring, pick up the ring, YEAH!, and I was referee. I PAID MY DUE! Dat's because, I wanna say, I vas 180 pound, but I was so much fall in love with wrestling, from put on the ring, pick up the ring, 24 hours in de midvest, I drive from Minneapolis to Millvalkee, Chicago, I MADE IT TO DE HALL OF FAME! YEAH! (huge applause)


Tank you, tank you (blowing kisses, as the crowd chants "Sheik")


So, I wanna let you peepil know, 6 years, nobody beat Mr. Bob Backlund, the most famous arena in de vorld, Madison Square Garden, I put him in De Camel Clutch! Give me a Hell Yeah! (crowd roars) Yeah! Thank you, thank you. (crowd stands)


So, also, after dat, my boss Mr. Verne Gagne call me and tell me "Sheik, don't lose your belt to dat Hollywood blonde jabroni, Hulk Hogan." YEAH! (crowd cheers, camera shows Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and Steve Austin all laughing HYSTERICALLY) I said, I said to the my coach, "Mr. Gagne, I am the WWE champwhen, and Mr. McMahon Sr. make me to be the real WWE champwhen. The hand feed me, I can not cut that hand." Ya, Right? YEAH! (applause) So, I take to Mr. McMahon Sr., Jr., and Mr. Pat Patterson know, and I tell Mr. McMahon Sr. "My boss Mr. Gagne told me 'Break dat Hollywood blonde jabroni leg, take da belt to Minnesota" YEAH! But I tell Mr. Gagne "I'm sorry. Maybe you tink Hulk Hogan is a jabroni Hollywood blonde, BUT MY BOSS MR. MCMAHON IS NOT JABRONI. He is da real num-bear vun promoter in da vorld." God Blesh his soul, I love him forever...and I wanna say again, tanks again to de WWE to invite me to de California and God Blesh all my wrestling fans, and HAVE A GOOD DAY! YEAH! (standing ovation, the McMahon family is shown smiling and laughing as they applaud, the music cues up, but Sheik is still at the podium...the music fades)


So, I wanna say, again (audience laughs), I wanna say again, pleasure for me, I'm a father, I'm a grandfather, I'm a have a wife Carol, plus tree daughter, Marissa, Tanya, Richie (?), also, I'm de figure (?) Iron Sheik (he flexes his bicep as he says this) everybody know, and God Blesh all my wrestling fans, and everybody welcome to see you, and you guys, Have a good day! YEAH! (standing ovation, music plays, Gene Okerlund comes up to the podium, but Sheik interrupts again)


And a special tanks to Mr. Sgt. Slaughter and all WWE employee, God Blesh you guys, have a good time, Ya Allah, Ya Muhammad, Ya Ali, PEACE! YEAH!"

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Guest teke184

My favorite part of the HOF ceremony was each person's comments about Sheik and Volkoff's comments whenever they got up to speak.



Example- Heenan asked if anyone actually understood what either of them said.


Piper, OTOH, said "It's scaring me because I actually understood what they all said."

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Guest cawthon777

I finally got around to watching it a few minutes ago. ... Wow.


I loved the fact that he wouldn't sit down after his speech was seemingly over. And the best part is, the crowd ate it all up and didn't want him to sit down.

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