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Joe and I return with a monster podcast wrapping up the Voices of Wrestling Match of the Year poll including our top 10, biggest surprises, biggest disappointments and more. We also discuss the latest with Daniel Bryan, our thoughts on the WWE Network and much more!



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The MOTY roundup was very good cap on an excellent project overall. I did enjoy the DG tag mentioned as both of you guys surprise match but thought that my style limitations in regards to a. lack of selling b. fairly random and blatant interference and c. too long for a spotfest hindered me voting for it in my top 10. I'm still amazed at some of the #1 overall votes and thought that added to the depth of the year overall even if I didn't think all of the matches that got #1 votes were necessarily good.


Daniel Bryan rant was extremely spirited but I couldn't disagree with anything Joe said and am glad that the Austin rise was mentioned. That is something that has been very interesting to track as I make my way through 1997. Even in Jan-March which is 6-8 months after KOTR 1996, Austin isn't getting huge pops when he comes out.

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